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January Empties

Remember when I said that I would be doing a new format for my empty series? Well, here it is, the moment you all have been waiting for. I decided to show my empties in group photos and flat lays to be able to store more pictures of my products rather than have everything in a single photo. It makes more sens to me this way, since I am a reviewing channel and have been deleting a ton of photos to make room for more photos. I hope you all like this new format. Give me a like if you do!


drink1. International Delight Coffee Creamer

2. Boston’s Best Jamacian Me Crazy

3. Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate

4. Nestle Mini Marshmallows Hot Chocolate



5. Act II

6. 7. 8. Gerber Lil’ Beanies

Body Care:

body care

9. Nivea Shower Sample

10. Aveeno Daily Nourishment Body Lotion

11. Equate Moisture Care Cocoa Divine Body Lotion

12. 13. Softsoap Body Scrub Coconut Butter

14. Nickelodeon 3 in 1

Skin Care:


15. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

16. Clarisonic Mia

17. Makeup Forever HD Serum

18. Drunk Elephant Serum Sample

19. Olay Face Cream Sample

Hair Care:

hair care

20. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray

21. Rusk Texture Dry Finish Spray

22. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Defining Paste



23. OPI Nicole Selena Gomez Mi Fantisma Nail Polish

24. B&BW Strawberry Lip Gloss

25. Vincent Longo Eye Shadow Trio

26. Mica Loose Eye Shadow

27. Dangerous Cologne

28. Laneige Cushion Foundation Sample

Toiletry Items:


29. Tom’s Simply White Toothpaste

30. Hello Toothpaste

31. Power Stick Deodorant

32. Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges


33. Lofa

34. Equate Kids Toothbrushes

35. Equate Ultra Thin Pads

36. Hair Comb

37. Dial Hand Soap in Raspberry Limeaide

38. Equate Cotton Rounds

Household Items:


39. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

40. B&BW Balsam Candle

41. Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup

42. Sharpie Highlighter

43. 44. 45. Papermate Ink Joy Pens

WOW! That was a ton of stuff that I used up in January. I don’t think I have ever used that much up before. I will be posting my update post on my Project 200 Pan soon after this one, which will show you how many out of this 45 I will be counting towards my 2018 challenge. I might be adjusting the challenge and make it harder. I guess, it all depends upon how much of this stuff I am using up.

With Love,


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Nestle Hot Chocolate

For Nestle Mini Marshmallows Hot Chocolate


I really enjoyed this hot chocolate and I still have another box of it as well. It is the best tasting hot chocolate and it doesn’t have a weird artificial sweetener aftertaste. The marshmallows dissolve after a few seconds, so there is no real benefit of having them in there really. I will repurchase this again and over and over. That is how good this hot chocolate is. There isn’t anything more I can say about it, except it’s the best I’ve found at the supermarket.

With Love ❤

Selena Hannah

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Chocolate Nesquik

For Nestle Nesquik in Chocolate

My nail look from the past week.
My current nail look for Manicure Monday.

What it is: An infused chocolate drink mix targeted towards children.

Key Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, salt, spice, artificial flavors, vitamins, minerals, soy, milk, wheat

How it smells/tastes/looks: It smells like rich powdered hot chocolate mix and you could probably use it as hot chocolate mix as well, even though it is meant to be a breakfast drink. It looks like regular chocolate milk and tastes like it too. I personally like powdered versus syrup, because I think powdered is less in calories and easier to mix together with cold milk.

Why I like it: I like that it doesn’t take much effort in the morning to make and that it does offer some type of nutrition that regular chocolate milk does not. I would buy a small container of this for me and my future son to share. I wouldn’t drink this all of the time, pregnant or not. It is a nice alternative to breakfast when you are just not up to having anything to eat. This would be better than nothing, that is for sure.

With Love,