40 Days of Blogging, My Life

Update Thursday

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Well, I signed the papers to buy a new car yesterday. Pictures to come soon! I get to drive my baby home on Wednesday at the latest. I bought insurance for my car today and I am getting my permit tomorrow. I have Good Friday off and I’m going to be celebrating Easter with my boyfriend and dad. It will be fun. I’m making a roast! I’m looking at all of the recipes on Pinterest to see what I want to do. I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn’t get home from the dealer until 8pm and I was too tired to take a shower never mind blog. I bought McD’s to be lazy and it was yummy.

I am still on my beauty ban, except for necessities and my monthly Birchbox. I went through a lot of stuff in March and I am hoping to go through just as much stuff in April. I have a big stockpile of reviews, so I might be uploading a few more reviews on Update Thursdays if I have nothing really to report that I could just tag along to the end of a review. Let me know what you guys hope to see next on my blog. I might replace Update Thursday temporarily with my Beauty Stash Series. We will see.

With Love,