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The Ocean Scrub

For Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub


The face mask is the same size as the Ocean Salt that I bought. I never used this on my body. I only used this on my face and I used it like a mask. I applied this to wet skin and let it sit for 10 minutes to really work on my acne and hydrate my skin with that avocado oil. I then massaged it off with water. It stung y face a tiny bit, but left my face feeling really soft and smooth. By the next morning, any acne would be greatly diminished. I need to repurchase this product, but I probably won’t until the unboxing day sale and stock up on a bunch of stuff. I am also keeping this clean, empty black pot, because when you bring back 5 black pots to Lush, they will give you a free, fresh face mask.

With Love ❤


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Haul: LUSH Times

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I did it again! I ordered a few things from Lush  for my birthday online and I am just now uploading this post about what I bought. I have tried most of these items, so I can also give you a first impressions mini review of them as well. So, if you are a fellow Lushie, you will definitely enjoy this. I love Lush so much that I am already planning my wish list for the next time that I shop there. I’m planning to use some of my tax rebate money on some new lovelies.

Butterball, 3.7 oz – 4.95 USD

butterballbath bomb

This bath bomb may not look exciting, but it is supposed to be very moisturizing and soothing. I have actually tried this bath bomb and it fizzed away in my tub. It took about 5 minutes for half of the bomb to fizz completely out (dissolve). It left the water smelling heavenly and the texture of the water was a bit oily. I loved it, because my skin was definitely soaking up the extra moisture. The skin on my body tends to be a bit dry, so this was a nice treatment to add to my bath. I just patted my body dry and my skin felt supple and lovely. I can get a second bath out of this, so it is 2.48 USD a bath. It is nice to treat yourself for your birthday, not an everyday occurrence. It smells more herbal and warm musk than vanilla. It smells like a Lush shop. All of you who have visited Lush will know what I mean by this. It smells fantastic! I’m almost having a smorgasm with all of these yummy goodies. [Smorgasm: the act of having an orgasm from lovely smelling products.] Add that to your vocabulary! 🙂

The Comforter, 7.1 – 10.99 USD

bubble barthe comforter

This bubble bar smells like a sweet candy shop that sells lots of fluffy cotton candy. The scent is totally girly and so is the bar with its swirls of pink and white. A total princess product, this will supposedly color your water petal pink and you can get five to eight uses out of this one bar. To use this, you crumble it under warm running water to create lavish bubbles and the pretty pink bath water. I love bubble baths and this one smells like cotton candy/bubble gum. It it works as great as it smells, I will be sold on this one. I can never imagine this to ever be sickly sweet. The sweetness is perfectly balanced with the black currant. I look forward to using this squishy, sweet, bubble making bar.

Banana Moon Soap, sample – Free

banana moon soaplush soap

The yellow custard soap smells authentically of a ripe banana, make that overly ripe. It has that sweetness to it that makes this banana scent enjoyable instead of overwhelming. I can see little particles in the soap reads description that I assume are bits of banana, but do not quote me on that. It looks like I will get one shower out of the deal, so I will look forward to using this and letting you guys know my first impression of this soap.

Tea Tree Water Toner Water, 3.3 fl oz – 6.95 USD

tea tree toner water

I needed a new toner and since I wasn’t loving the price of my Body Shop Vitamin C Spray Toner at 18 USD a bottle, I decided to try the Lush Tea Tree Water which has the added benefit of fighting breakouts. I use this every morning and love the smell. It smells herbal and distinctively tea tree. I can smell the grapefruit tartness, but not really the juniper. I think it works to keep me more matte during the day. I use four sprays on my face and let dry. Then, I spray onto a cotton ball and dab my problem areas to get them extra clean and medicated with tea tree. I think this will become a day time toner Holy Grail and it really makes me want to try the rose water version that Lush makes for a calming night time toner.

Ocean Salt, 4.2 oz – 21.95 USD

ocean saltblue and white scrub

I needed to buy a new scrub for my face and I really wanted to try Ocean Salt. Many reviews say that it is too rough for the face, but I love a good scrub and I do not find this too rough on my skin. I take a small dab and apply it in circular motions on my damp face. I gently scrub until all the salt has dissolved and its only a creamy consistency. I rinse it off and pat my face dry. It leaves my face more moisturized and shrinks acne overnight (I use this at night.). I really love this and will definitely repurchase if it keeps on delivering. It smells like a salted margarita, which is my favorite drink. I love the kick of lime and grapefruit in it. The best part? When you rinse it off and get some in your mouth, it tastes just like ocean water. laughs

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, 8.5 oz – 11.95 USD

sweetie pieshower jelly

This smells exactly like the comforter bubble bar! I love the smell and cannot wait to lather this jelly on my skin. I have lathered this since I last wrote that. It isn’t extremely foaming, but it creates a creme lather that smells heavenly. I just take a pinch and scrub it in my mitten hands (bought these hemp scrubby mitts at The Body Shop for natural exfoliation) to create the lather. It is dark purple in color with bits of glitter in it. I love glitter, so I am sure that this will be really fun to use in the shower. It is a big size too, so it should last me a long time or just as long as a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel.

Roots Hair Treatment, 7.9 oz – 19.95 USD

rootshair mask

I am hoping that this can replace my Wen hair mask, because it smells better, is more natural, and you get more bang for your buck. Lush is double the amount of product for half of the cost of a Wen hair treatment. If this performs well, I will have a Holy Grail hair mask that is affordable at last. It has the same thick texture as Wen that coats the hair evenly without using a lot of the mixture, because it is so thick that it covers more surface area that is my hair. I love that this is volumizing as well.


With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo