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Guilty Confession & Contest!

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

As the title of this post suggests, I have a confession to make. I, Selena Hannah, have just purchased the new 18 month Erin Condren Ready-to-Ship Life Planner for 55 USD, which included 10 USD shipping (3 to 5 days). I really want it quick, so I chose a more expensive option. I bought it within the first 15 minutes of it launching and it will be shipped out to me on the 11th, which is the earliest date. Who else stalked the website to be one of the firsts? I used a 10 USD off referral link to pay for the shipping. I didn’t add anything extra to my order, because it made the shipping lag by TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS?! Yeah, that’s what I thought. Since I will be receiving a free coupon for a personalized cover, I thought that I would wait to buy the dashboard, personalized stickers, do it all dots, and the sticker book. I also heard that you receive another 10 USD off coupon with your first order, so I probably will split the orders into two, if that saves me any money. As long as it doesn’t cost me extra, I will do it, because the more orders you make, the more Erin Condren will send you coupons. I know that your 5th order will give you 25 USD off.

Anyways, I am SUPER excited about my new planner and I will do an unboxing as soon as I get my hands on it. I will be doing a planner series on my blog, where I will show you my weekly spreads, stickers, and more. I am also having a monthly planner decorating contest, if there is enough on an interest in it. Each month will have one week were you guys, my viewers get to choose a theme for the stickers and spread for that chosen week.

So, this contest will run until Jun 23rd. You can enter by posting a comment choosing a theme. The prize for this contest is a post swap, where I will host you on my blog and you will host me on yours (if you have one). You have until May 30th to leave a comment on the post where I announce the winner (or contact me via email) and if you fail to do so within the time frame, I will assume that you will forfeit the prize of the exchanged blog posts. The prize will become null and void.

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and Good Luck!

With Love,