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Chapter Six: Forgotten History

Felix landed lightly on the ground with Jessica. He smiled darkly into her eyes as his lips touched hers with passion. He broke the kiss and wandered over near a rock to sit down. He sat down facing the ocean. The salty air hit his face, messing up his dark locks as a piece falls into his eyes, giving him a dark, youthful, rebel persona. He glanced at Jess and sighed deeply.

“I used to love being near the ocean, when I was younger. It was so deep and mysterious. It wasn’t traveled much and it was filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams.”

Looking at him, Jess smiled against his lips and kissed him back a moment, enjoying the compelling feeling she seemed to always have with him, before they separated once more. She followed him to the rock, watching the ocean splash against the shore and then slide back down a while and then turning her head to look at him, in time to see his hair fall into his eyes. She was tempted to reach out and brush it out of his face, but restrained as she listened to him speak. She nodded slightly, understanding this slightly. Except, for her, what she always went out to watch was the sky, because it seemed to cast off her emotions and yet be so peaceful all at once, something she never was.

“Ever find any of those treasures?”

She asked curiously. Felix gazed out to the sea as the blue of it reflected into his irises. He thought back on those times and shrugged his shoulders.

“I was always very vain. Unless you count seducing mermaids and sirens and redirecting pirates away from the loot of gold underfoot, then no, I never found any treasure, because there was nothing there of any real value. I’m timeless. Trinkets are useless, unless you either value them or have someone to give them to.”

Silent for a long while, Jess looked back over at the waves that moved simultaneously through the ocean. She nodded slowly, unsure how she felt about the whole seducing mermaids and sirens. Well, that was a twist, wasn’t it? Generally it was the mermaids and sirens who seduced the sailors or pirates, but apparently this was a whole new story she had no recognition of until now.

“Hmm. Interesting.”

She murmured, absentmindedly playing with the sand between her fingers. Felix smirked lightly at her.

“Although, you are so much finer than a fish, Sweetness.”

He lightly teased her, before getting serious.

“What era are you from, Jess? I never really asked you that and I just realized that I have never really asked you about your past or where you come from.”

He tilted his head to look at her better and wondered, if they have ever crossed paths back when she was only a mere mortal to be toyed and played with. His smirk turned into a thoughtful muteness of expression.

“Oh, well thanks.”

Jess replied with a roll of her eyes, before she glanced at him and hesitated.

“The age question? Love that one.”

Really, she did not. She got asked that way too much, but that was probably to be expected. Most people that asked her that, though, she had to lie and say the age she was before being changed into a vampire.

“1600’s. The dresses then were so fun.”

She mumbled sarcastically. Wearing dresses in the first place, period was something to dread, but wearing dresses from that era? Ten times worse. Noel laughed softly, before tucking a wayward strand of her hair away from her face.

“I would have loved to see that. I bet you were the belle of the ball.”

He winked at her, loving the lightness of the moment.

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Chapter Five: The Makeup

Having grown bored of the dreary atmosphere that seemed to follow her constant pacing, Jessica decided to wander around an area unfamiliar to her, a hat now on her head, even though it was barely even chilly outdoors. As she was walking along, her gaze found an achingly, somewhat well-known figure in the short distance and it only took her a mere moment to realize that it was Felix, and with him was some strange girl. Her eyes immediately narrowed at the sight, a pang of jealousy thrown at her. But she forced these feelings aside and glanced away. Felix felt her presence long before he spotted her in the corner of his sight. The hole where his heart should be rang dull with pain. He twirled another rose in his hand unknowingly changing its color from bright yellow to black, matching the mood of his thoughts. Even though she glanced away briefly, her eyes still caught the rose changing color before she did this.

A small sigh escaped her lips, but she did not look at him again as she continued walking, forcing herself not to shoot a death glare at the girl he was with. That was more challenging than she anticipated. The rose dropped from his nimble fingers as she passes. It turned to ashes before it even hit the ground. In that same moment, in one fluid move, he stood up as if to follow her, but his feet moved no farther as he traced her being with his eyes, trying to remain neutral…unchanging…as he watched her. His fingers flexed so that he clenched them into fists, so that they would not reach towards her. Something made Jess stop treading and turn around to face him, maybe a little farther than she would have hoped. Her eyes found the girl again at first before studying Felix’s expression. His facade showed no signs he wanted her to leave nor did he want to particularly speak with her. Her lips twisted into a smirk, and she did not know what made her say it, but she asked.

“A friend of yours?”

Really, it did not sound like a question at all. Jess watched the girl leave, raising an eyebrow. It appeared the girl was either intimidated by Jessica, a little annoyed, or awkward. She was not sure which, but did it really matter? She came to a realization. Oh, great. Now I’m alone with Felix. Fun, she thought sarcastically. Felix shrugged as Cleo got up.

“It is good to know that you will jump ship at the first sign of trouble.”

Felix glanced at Jess.

“Not a friend of mine. A friend of mine would never abandon me like that, even if I had the plague and I’ve had the plague before so I know what I am talking about. Plus, she could never understand me. She’s too simple. Too naive. Too unassuming. Too innocent, but she would be a pleasure to corrupt.”

Felix’s lips twisted into a sinister grin. Jess stared at him, her expression showing nothing of the emotions she was feeling as she crossed her arms.


She said slowly, unsure what else to say to his little speech. She let out a small sigh, but paused slightly at him saying corrupting Cleo would be fun. Her eyes immediately narrowed into a glare.

“Right. Of course.”

That was all she said, through gritted teeth. Felix enjoyed the emotions coming from Jess as he hurt her the way she hurt him.

“So, how do you like being alone?”

He asked innocently.

“Are you enjoying your strength and your ability to need nor want anyone who wishes to help?”

Felix manifested another rose. Jess rolled her eyes at him, still frowning.

“Being alone is awesome. I enjoy it immensely.”

She replied, raising her eyebrow as though challenging him to say different.

“I see you have trouble being alone.”

“I am never left alone.”

He said softly as he twirled the rose the color of Gawd between his nimble fingers. The thorns tore into his flesh, but he paid them no mind as trickles of golden blood flow over his hands and black stripes soon follow. His blood was black-gold. His two sides manifested. The darkness and the light. He looked up at Jess calmly.

“I’m glad you are enjoying your solitude. It sounds pleasing to be without mortal company for however long it pleases you.”

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Chapter Four: The Fallout

Walking in with Jess at his side, he said.

“Where to begin?”

He glanced around the place. Jess shrugged, her eyes skimming across the rows of shelves full of books.

“I don’t know… Over there?”

She pointed to the left side of the library, on the shelf labeled fiction.

Felix started to walk towards that way, when his phone beeped off. He flipped it open, scanning the text message and grumbled something about a mad student coming to the academy. Jess followed over there and heard him say this, although she was not sure what he was talking about.


She asked hesitantly, raising an eyebrow slightly. He handed her the phone, trying to hide the burns on his hands as he did so. His text read: Gunner is now on campus. He’s looking for you……and out for blood. He ran his hand through his hair messing it up.

“It’s from a friend or foe. Someone’s messing with me. There is no way that Gunner would be here of all places.”

She saw the burn on his hands, but did not think he would want her to comment on it. Looking down at the phone, her eyes scanned the text. She did not like the sound of this and did not know who this Gunner was, but apparently, he was a bad guy.

“Uh, who’s Gunner?”

She asked, and then paused slightly.

“It doesn’t sound like he likes you very much, if he wants your blood.”

Felix chuckled and shoved his hands in his front pockets.

“He does not want my blood. He wants the answer to life’s question…actually to his own personal question and let’s just say that I’ve led him on a wild goose chase. Now that he knows I’m back on the earth plane, I knew he would find me to get those answers, but he should really just ask the right question. Sith cannot lie but we can omit parts of the truth if you leave enough wiggle room. Gunner hasn’t learned that yet…nor would I call him dangerous but he is…in his own way.”

“Hm. Interesting. So basically he’s chasing you around with a question? And he couldn’t bother anyone else, why?”

Jess asked, raising an eyebrow. She was not really sure how Gunner was dangerous in his own way, but she was not sure if she wanted to find out; although she probably would end him spotting him sometime since he was on campus now. She could not help smirking a little when he said a Sith cannot lie.

“So… Can’t lie? Well that could be fun.”

She added jokingly. Felix ran his fingers along the old spines in the library. The corner of his mouth tilted up in amusement as he listens to Jess chatter about truths and lies. Her humor was refreshing, especially since he has not felt true emotion in all of his life.

“Well, essentially yes and he cannot bother anyone else. No one else knows the answer…but I do and I intend to keep that to myself. No, I cannot lie outright…what is the fun in that?”

He asked her with humor in his tone. Jess nodded slightly, walking to the other shelf and looking through the books lining across it. There were so many of them, so many magical tales just waiting to be opened so they could play through them again.

“Nobody, huh? Guess you’re just the one who knows all the answers.”

She mused, smirking a little. She shrugged to his last comment.

“It probably wouldn’t be very fun…”

“No seriously.”

Felix turned to her and took her slender hand in his larger one.

“What is it like to lie? How was it to eat? The things that you are capable of…were capable of doing, fascinates me. Seeing as how I can never do those things…ever.”

He smiled slightly down at her, as if it were painful to do so as the library door banged open and strutted in the manliest man that one has ever seen. Gunner walks in leisurely taking his time, flicking the brim of his hat lightly not looking up at anyone, but seemed just as well to beg others of their attention. Jess hesitated slightly before she opened her mouth to respond, but immediately closed it again wordlessly, as the door opened and in came the guy she guessed was Gunner. She almost gaped a little at seeing him for herself. Speak of the devil, she thought, and then looked back at Felix.