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Chapter Six: Forgotten History (Part 2)

His eyes glanced at his crystal and were surprised to find it a murky purple color. It had never carried that color before and as his feelings turned more purple, the color in the crystal turned clearer and brighter, until the whole thing sparkled like an amethyst, the stone of hope. His eyes met hers with a wry grin.

“I think my feelings have changed. Wait, rewind that. I think I possess feelings now…with you.”

Jess could not help but laugh a little at this. Belle of the ball? More like the one who felt like the dress was suffocating and she could not wait to get out of that horrid party.

“Nah, I was the one who complained about it most of the time.”

She said jokingly. As she saw him glance over at his crystal, her eyes also trailed over to it, before returning to meet his gaze. The stone was different than it used to be, was it not? It appeared to be…clearer…pure. A smile smoothly slid onto her lips and she added.

“Oh, really?”

She was still sort of in awe of the change of the crystal.


She said good, because she felt the same way, that she was having more feelings for him the more time she spent with him.

“You’re misunderstanding me.”

Felix said a bit agitated by the difference in the stone.

“It’s purple. It’s never purple. Purple symbolizes hope. I am experiencing hope.”

He looked up at her, eyes brimming with…golden liquid. Could it be tears?

“Hope that we will be able to be together. I have never hoped before, because I thought it was futile. Fate controls everything, but falling in love with you, has changed some of my core beliefs. Now, I question Fate. I question Fate, because of you.”

He smiled and ducked his head a little to look at the stone. The positivity that radiated from him was a positive sign that he was happy with the change. Jess was not sure what to say. So, perhaps, their fate could change after all? Felix had hope now, and Jess believed that things could work out a little more than she did before. Maybe, it was just being in his presence and getting to know him, and realizing she did not want to lose him. Ever. Her eyes fell to the stone once more, as she thought of something to say, but did not say it. She wanted to believe that they would always be together, that things would work out, but she still was not completely sure. Although she desperately wanted this, she wondered if fate could really change.

“I wish I could convince you about us, but I cannot. I may not know the future, Jessica or what it has in store for us. All I know is that I have never loved another person more than how I love you now. Our love will get us through this of that I am sure.”

Felix smiled stiffly at her, trying to convey a confidence which he did not feel. He could not force the spirit or attitude to go with the words in which he had spoken. He had hope, but hope could not guarantee them a life together. It only gave them temporary satisfaction and the push to try to change their reality. He gazed at the ocean once more, noticing how that storm had died off suddenly out of nowhere. It was probably caused by some paranormal creature, he thought. Felix returned his attention back to Jess, wondering not for the first time, if she regretted getting involved with complicated.

Jess nodded, knowing this. Nobody really knew what their future would be, who it would be with, or how it could be guaranteed an option for them to change it. And even if people could change it, what if their fate was of one they regretted? What if their fragile hopes were twisted and configured into some opposite fragment which could never be opposed again? Shaking these worries off, Jess sighed softly.

“It will.”

She said, also hoping their love would get them through this. She had never loved anybody before, as well, and as long as she was with him, she was more secure about what their future might hold.

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Chapter Five: The Makeup (Part 2)

Her eyes fell on the blood that was trickling down his hand from the thorns in the rose. She was not going to say that she actually got tired of being alone after a while, but instead she crossed her arms and frowned slightly. Why could he not be alone? It was odd. In a sense, though, she was never really alone either.

“Yeah… It’s awesome.”

She replied blankly. Felix nodded slightly before dropping the blood slickened rose from his fingers. It hit the pavement, splattering it with droplets of sunlit blood. He licked his fingers healing the self-inflicted wound.

“Maybe we could be alone together some time to get away from mortal company.”

Felix said offhandedly. His heart still bleed from the last wound she had inflicted, but since then, he had it steal plated against her, returning it to its unfeeling state.

“But I really must cause that innocent’s ruin. She still believes that the world is all rainbows and butterflies. It’s annoying and irritating.”

Jess looked down and watched the rose fall from his fingers, then glanced back up at him at the suggestion.


She said, hesitantly. She knew their last meeting had been anything but pleasant, and she was more cautious around him now. Actually she had always been cautious, but now, she was even more so.

“Oh. What fun her life must be.”

She muttered sarcastically. Felix stood up and shuffled his feet as he stuffs his hands in his pockets in order to hold himself off from hugging her.

“Sickening, actually.”

Felix’s accent became thick and husky as he whispered in her ear.

“She’s no you.”

Before she could react, he was several feet ahead of her and walked away. Jess watched him as he treaded closer to her, raising her eyebrows at his words. She had to stop herself from swaying closer, feeling the short distance between them and missing it as he walked away again.

“Right, because I’m so sure I am different than any of your other play toys.”

She muttered sarcastically. Felix kept on walking and glared at the shrubbery. His reputation would always precede him. A long line of jilted lovers had ensured that. Irritated, Jess’s eyes narrowed automatically at his back, and she turned and crossed her arms, beginning to walk away. Sighing, Jess turned back around and watched his retreating figure. Knowing she would probably regret continuing a conversation with Felix later, she decided to go ahead and say.

“I want to know something.”

She did not know if he would turn around or walk away. Felix paused, neither turning around nor walking away. His back stiffened ready for a verbal as well as physical attack that could be fast approaching. He cleared his throat before venturing into speech.

“Yes, Sweetness.”

He smiled a little before letting it drop, remembering how fast she dropped him. Jess rolled her eyes at the sweetness remark.

“Why are you so…”

She trailed off, biting her lip. Aggravating? Annoying? Why was he so irritating that he could both annoy her like no one else and want her to be with him? She did not want to say this, but instead, decided to ask him something else that had been bugging her a lot, ever since the library.

“Why are you so mad?”

In an instant, he was in front of her. His eyes were alive with fire.

“What anger? The anger I had before you or after the talk in the library?”

He tried to calm down, but the heat waves coming off of him was a good indicator that he was not in control of his anger. He stared into her eyes. His nostrils flared with disgust…or was it regret? It slipped out of his expression just as easily as it had appeared. Almost involuntarily, she took a step back out of instinct. She shook her head slightly, out of confusion, because she really did not know why he was angry with her. It did not make any sense.

“The anger right now.”

She muttered, eyes narrowing.

“You have no reason to be angry. All I said was I can protect myself, and somehow this offends you?”

As irritated as he felt but for different reasons, she shot a glare at him, tired of the charade. Felix clenched his fists as she glared at him.

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Chapter Three: Falling Hard (Part 2)

“Don’t hate me.”

He said, before his wings disappeared and they both entered into free fall. Jess gaped, realizing that his wings had disappeared before they began falling. The world around her seemed to quicken around them as they fell. As they neared the ground, she closed her mouth before they crashed into the water. The water surrounded them in a warm embrace and Felix enjoyed the moment of weightlessness and the fact that they both could not die from the fall. She was already dead and he was immortal. He broke the surface of the pool, kicking up with his legs and waited for Jess to resurface. He had never asked her about her death…he wondered what it felt like to live and die, since he will never experience either. When the water engulfed her from the fall, Jess saw bubbles everywhere from the impact they made from the giant splash as the weight of their bodies took in the water. After a moment, she resurfaced and looked at him.

“Well that was fun.”

She commented. Who knew, she thought.

“The thrills of being my girl.”

He winked at her and blinked…did he really just say that? Wow, he thought. He was getting cocky in his old age. He swam over to the ladder and pulled himself up and out, before offering her his hand that snaked with shadows. Jess paused, wondering if he actually meant to say that. Whatever, he was joking anyway, she decided. But still, she hesitated slightly before she took his hand and let him help her out of the water. She looked up at the big slide, which looked kind of fun. Glancing at the slide and then down at her, he said.

“I think you need a buddy to go down that big slide little lady.”

Felix smirked at her before taking off at a sprint.

“Beat you to the top.”

He called over his shoulder actually laughing. He realized that Jess had made him laugh more in the short time he has known her than in all of his existence. Jess grinned a little and ran towards the slide, but got there a split second after Felix. She could have run faster and her competitiveness almost forced her to, but for once, she wanted to enjoy this and not rush.

“Hm. You made it first.”

She said wryly, looking at him and then at the slide. It looked like two people could fit in that big thing.

“Dead Ladies, first.”

He motioned for her to go in front of him with a stupid happy grin on his face. He felt like an idiot, but it was addicting: being nice to her and feeling feelings besides cold and hard. Jess smirked slightly.

“How kind of you.”

She said jokingly, before she went ahead and got on the slide. Not waiting for him, she laughed a little and waved before she started to slide down it.

“See ya!”

Felix hopped in after her, hoping to catch up to her in time in order to…do what? Kiss her? No…He could not do that…Could he? He knew humans sort of do that thing, but did he really want to be that type of guy? He realized that he did not care. He just wanted to kiss Jess. After going all the way down the slide, Jess fell in the water and stayed down there a minute, coming back up when she heard the splash telling her that Felix was off the slide and in the water. She looked at him.

“Have fun?”

She grinned slightly.

“Depends on what your version of fun is.”

He replied with a sight wry grin. The truth was he really was having fun with an ex-human no less. Something he never would have thought possible after Brooklynn…but she could not really count as human seeing how she was not. Jess raised an eyebrow slightly, but shrugged.

“I don’t know, what’s your version of fun?”

She asked hesitantly. She did not think it mattered what her version of fun was. She had to keep her eyes on his face and not at the water running down him, which was surprisingly distracting.


Felix replied simply, drying off with a towel before dangling his legs into the pool observing her. She was fun to him. He had never had as much fun as the short amount of time that he has spent with her. Since he did not get an afterlife, she was his heaven.