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Heya Aspiring Gurus!

My post is late again! And I swear, it won’t get the last. lol. I HAVE MY CAR! Yup, I have Pearl in the driveway right now and yes, I named her Pearl after her color: iridescent pearl. I am going to have a post tomorrow or Sunday dedicated to her. I have a lot of posts going up this weekend, so here is the breakdown: Birchbox unboxing video, Birchbox haul, Pearl post, Entertainment Monthly, and my thoughts on the January Ipsy Bag. I’m hoping to get the both Birchbox posts done and the movie post tomorrow. The car post and the Ipsy review will be Sunday. So, lots to read this weekend to make up for all of the craziness this week. I’m also looking for a lease or rent to buy home that I want to move into by the end of the summer. I am going to two showings this weekend. There is so much going on in my life right now, but I love that I am so busy with so much stuff to do. I’m organizing my closet for Spring and I’ll probably post before and after photos.

I also wanted to see how you guys felt about some upcoming changes on my blog. Yes, the time has come where I think that I can finally check out on my own and move away from wordpress. With my growing success and platform, I have decided to move to my own little real estate on the internet. My own url and I will be designing my own blog as well. I think this is a month to three months ahead. I will be moving and I hope you all will join me and subscribe to my new site. I will let you all know when I will be moving and I will stop posting on this site. I will not be deleting this site. I am going to be keeping it up. I’m not disappearing from WordPress. I will still be reading all of your posts and discovering new bloggeristas to follow. I am going to be adding a store to my blog as well. I make the cutest things like this,



that I am sure people will love to buy.

Let me know your thoughts and concerns!

With Love,