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Plan With Me: Week 2

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Here I am again with last week’s spread. Some sudden things did come up like remembering a hairdressing appointment for my dad and having to get my blood work done for the second part of the maternal blood screen. Those two were the only things that came up though. I also got paid this week, so that meant that a few bills needed to get paid as well.

plan with me

So, I used the side column this week for my cleaning schedule and things that I need to keep in mind to buy. I also reminded myself that it is week 16-17 of my pregnancy this week. I turn 17 on Saturday. I work a regular job during the week, so I like to add some decoration to fill up space. I remind myself in the mornings when I have to get up earlier or later. I keep track of my nightly routines as well. I like to remind myself in the middle of the week to stay hydrated, which is really important to me and my health.

plan with me

I have Thursdays meals outlined. The extra space on the bottom I like to have for my dinners and anything that suddenly comes up that I need to do like write a letter or get gas for the car. Things like that I like to have the extra room for. Friday is payday, so it is just filled with all of the bills that I need to check off as I pay them. Saturday is a blogging day and I need to get a few errands done. Sunday, I have more things that I need to take car of in the morning, blogging, and probably going out to eat or seeing a movie.

What were you up to last week?

With Love,