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The End Of My 5 Year Hiatus

I am going to University. I can finally say it, even though it is a British thing. I am going to Southern New Hampshire University. Well….not going per say, but attending the COCE online university. But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start at the beginning. I attended three years at Pine Manor College in Boston, MA. I was a double major in English and Biology and had tons of grants and scholarships. I was a straight A student for most classes (DAMN YOU ORGANIC CHEMISTRY! My only B+) and had a fun time in my classes getting to know my professors. I was building confidence. About a month into the summer, I knew that I was never going back. My childhood home was foreclosed on. I needed to get a job to move into an apartment with my dad. I started at Kmart in September and moved out in January.

We lived in that shit hole apartment for three years. After a year, I got a job at my current insurance company MAPFRE in the Remittance department as a rep I. On my 23rd birthday, I found out that I was pregnant and my fiance left me. We were doing the long distance thing, since I left college. He lived in Boston. My high school sweetheart and all. That December, I got a promotion to Senior Rep and had a baby boy.

I came back from Maternity Leave and decided that I needed to get my shit together, so I worked for about a year and got my associate degree in Information Technology from The Institutes which is an Insurance based accelerated college program supported by my work. Still have yet to hang up the degree yet. Anyways, in Feb of 2017, I left Remittance for my current job as Senior Rep in the paper processing claims unit. I am really doing great at my current job, learning new stuff, working part of the time from home, and being a SME (Subject Matter Expert) again.

Last September though, I decided that I needed to get my degree to become someone and get a better living wage to support my autistic son and his needs. So, I heard the radio and tv talk about SNHU. I decided to go on the website and send in my inquiry. Jessica got in touch with me quickly and soon enough, I was filling out a FASA and waiting for my transcripts to arrive. I was originally going for a BA in Environmental Science, but my work would not support that degree. They reimburse through Edcore up to $5,250 a year and going through Edcore gives you a 10% discount on Tuition at qualifying institutions. Mine is one of them.

So, I switched to a BS in Data Analytics, since my end goal is to be a Statistician. I will probably pursue a Masters for it, once I am getting a good salary to pay for it. In the mean time, I got my Degree Audit and had to fight a bit to get one of my college composition courses recognized for what it was. That was all settled in February, when SNHU was finally satisfied with the original syllabus from 2012.

SNHU made it a breeze to apply and start college again. The financial aid team is great and I am signed up for 5 semesters (I was one semester late for the 2018-2019 school year). Generally, there are 6 online semesters. They are 8 weeks long each and you can take up to two classes. I am very happy with my financial aid package and between that and work, I am looking at contributing about $200 a year myself. Mainly interest and fees for the student loans. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

There is so much more to say, but I am ending this blog post here. I will talk about my adviser and orientation and everything in the next blog post. If you have any specific questions or requests, please comment them down below and I will answer them. I am very happy that I chose SNHU. They call me often to see how I am doing. They are invested in me as a person and not just a paycheck. It is really refreshing. Oh, and in case you where wondering, I will be finishing in the Spring of 2020.

With Love,


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My Free Erin Condren Covers

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Erin Condren was recently having an October/Halloween sale, where if you bought one cover, you got the second cover for free. I had a free cover code expiring at the end of September, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get two covers for free and only pay 9.95 USD to ship them. Each of these custom covers retail for 10.95 USD, so I got a steal for the price. They also included a sticker and a post card, which were a nice touch.


The first cover that I bought is a holiday themed one. It was cute and I like the saying on it. I used my first and middle name on the cover. “Selena” is more of a nickname for this blog, sorry to shatter the image. I like the hot pink against the chalkboard background.


I thought that this one would be fun for summer and to incorporate the whole family. I keep everyone’s schedules and appointments, so it is only natural to have a family cover. It will be fun to use during the summer months or whenever I want it to feel like summer. Again, I love the hot pink background. I’ve been really feeling the pink lately.


I might be having a sticker haul later this month from Erin Condren as well, since I do have a coupon for it. I love the interchangeable covers. I can have a cover for every season and mood.

With Love,


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ECLP: Week #1

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was so excited today that I was able to plan my first official week in my Erin Condren Life Planner! I used a ton of stickers, which is just the way that I like to plan. I am looking forward to ordering a small 20 USD haul from Erin Condren to get more stickers. I really like the Do-It-All Dots and the blank event stickers. I might buy the sticker book, but I am not sure that it is actually worth it. You know? Or should I go with an Etsy haul for 20 USD and save the Erin coupon for later (it doesn’t expire)? Let me know your thoughts. I have a hard time deciding.

week 1week 1

Okay, so I will go from the left to the right. I covered up the “Thankful Thoughts” and put in important reminders of the week like my doctor appointment and Danielle coming over. Underneath that I decided to do meal┬átracking for the week like all of the suppers that I am making. I didn’t really decide for the week yet. I usually go buy what I feel that day and what we have on hand. I also decorated underneath the boxes and down the side to separate the week from the extra space to write. I just love washi. I have the week’s work scheduled and a little to do list for after work for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For Friday, I have my blog list out. I only know one post that I’m doing. I’ll just write the rest in as I go along. I’m trying to stay ahead of ┬áJulamorous. I already have the first week completed, so I am working on the second and third. There are five weeks in the month this year. I then have my little chores like exercising, laundry, and taking care of my pets. In the last box, I have the shows I want to watch, getting in some reading time, and watching the Fireworks. They always start at a different time!

For Saturday, I just decorated it for spending the day with my best friend at my place. It is pretty low key. We gossip, eat lunch, and watch a movie. We don’t really care what we do as long as we are together. We get so little time! Our schedules are so busy, but since Dani is out of school, we might be able to squeeze in more visits with each other. And you better visit me at home Dani after the baby is born! It would be nice to have you come over while I’m stuck on bedrest.

Sunday is a busier day for me, because I have a lot to do. I go grocery shopping early in the morning and I like to walk the dogs after lunch. I have to do my workout that is pregnancy safe. Basically, I can do almost any workout as long as I do a short one (20 minutes) and cut down the amount of reps to 5-10. I cannot get out of breath or really sweat. That would be overdoing it. I also do my blogging on Sunday and like Friday, I will add more posts as I get the ideas for them. I also plan for the following week on Sunday and make a special meal and dessert. I also make sure to have at least two pamper night a week. Making special time for me is very important in pregnancy.

Well, that is it until Wednesday, the start of Julamorous! I have a Happy rest of your Sunday and a Good Monday!

With Love,