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The Final Verdict: Prell

For Prell Shampoo


What it is: A rich, stripping shampoo that will take out your unwanted color fast and take out the buildup from stylers.

Key Ingredients: I see two sulfates and added fragrance. This is way too harsh, now that I am satisfied with my darker hair color (I died it jet black and it was too Gothic. Now, it is just a dark brown.) I might be going lighter to a golden chestnut brown, which is more of my natural color anyway. I kind of want to go back to it…I miss the old me. I am also going to be donating my hair to Locks of Love in honor of Becky. A close friend of mine who is battling lung tumors, who never smoked a day in her life besides the occasional pot. Please pray for Becky. I am doing these changes through the next month. So, stay tuned for that as well.

How it feels/smells/looks: It is a gooey, gel-like green jello shampoo. It lathers up like crazy with nice foamy bubbles and it smells very pleasant. Now that I am done with it, I will be trying something a bit more gentle to get the buildup out of my hair. I am leaning towards another Lush or Sephora haul. What do you guys think?

Why I like it: I really liked the product, because it did break down the color in my hair that I was unsatisfied with and for that, I am very grateful that this product did work. Now that I am done with it, it would be much too harsh for what I need it to do. If you are looking for something to be really stripping then Prell is the answer to your prayers. The fat that it is also really cheap like a couple of bucks is great as well when you are looking for this type of shampoo.