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Amber Blush

For Bath & Body Works Amberblush Eau De Toilette

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What it is: An eau de toilette purse spray in the scent Amberblush.

Key Ingredients: alcohol denat., water, fragrance, citral, limonene, and linalool.

How it smells: It definitely smells like I think the stone Amber would. It is strong, sweet, and musky. I think it smells like white musk and a mix of citrus oil and cotton candy. It is a beachy scent and it has a grown up sweetness to it. I wish they still made this scent or would bring it back. I don’t understand why this was not a popular enough scent to bring back.

Why I like it: I love this scent and how it lasts all day long. This lasts all day using two sprays over a sweet vanilla body spray base. I always layer a body spray or lotion that complements the scent underneath my perfume. This is the first perfume in a while that I have finished, since it just takes so damn long to do so.

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