September Semester RESULTS

Another semester has come and gone. This time my wrap up is coming to you rather late. I got caught up in the new semester and haven’t had the time to sit down and write this one. This was my 2nd term at SNHU and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this college. This term was less stressful, but more rewarding. The 1st term was just so much pressure. The 2nd term went by a lot smoother with less stressing by me. I think the only time that I panicked was the second to last week when I needed to write all of my body paragraphs, because I couldn’t stop at just three. I ended up going one page over on my History 200 class. All of my IT papers I was able to keep at the maximum of 2 pages.

HIS 200: Applied History

I was able to achieve a perfect score in this class. 1,000/1,000 point. I got a perfect A and I am so excited about it! There is nothing like maintaining a 4.0 in college. It feels even better than getting pretty close to it in high school. I had two big projects for this class. One was a writing plan and the other was the actual essay. I wish we spent more time on writing the essay rather than the plan. I feel like I could have benefited from one more week crafting the essay and one less week on the writing plan. I really enjoyed this class a lot and the only annoying part was having discussions twice a week instead of once. It was really hard to keep up with.

IT 140: Introduction to Scripting

I got 1,000/1,000 in this class as well. So, I ended the term with a 4.0. At Pine Manor College, I ended my time there with a 3.97. Now, I have a child and working full time AND I am doing even better?! It doesn’t make sense! I am super proud of myself. There were 4 reflection papers and honestly, I wrote most of them on the fly on Saturday. The most challenging aspect of this class were the challenge questions every week. Even the project were MUCH easier than the challenges. The challenges were horrible! Some of them, I really had to research online to see how I would attempt to answer them. I found a really helpful Youtube channel that were run by IT teachers at SNHU and they broke down the project and challenges and answered them. It was a gold mine.

Here’s to the next semester being just as great!

With Love,