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Summertime Treat

For Starbucks VIA Instant Refreshers in Strawberry Lemonade


What it is:

A naturally flavored instant beverage with green coffee extract.

Key Ingredients:

Cane sugar,white grape juice powder, green coffee bean extract, stevia leaf extract

How it looks/smells/tastes:

The lemonade has a pink hue to it and smells of strawberries. It tastes like a weak strawberry lemonade with some coffee undertones. I am glad that I cannot taste the “lavender”. Floral beverages are gross.

Why I like it:

I like the non-jittery energy boost from this drink. I dilute it in 32 oz of water and ice cubes. I drink it throughout the day at work and i don’t feel the afternoon slump or sluggishness. I enjoy the taste, but I want to try other flavors. After a week of these, I’m bored. I dislike the hibiscus flavor, so hopefully they make these in other flavors.

With Love <3