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Decked Out: December Birchbox

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is day 27 of my 40 days of blogging for Lent and I have to say that I am so excited to be catching up to these posts! I am so behind, it is not even funny anymore. So, without further ado, I am just going to be getting into it, because I know that these posts tend to be kinda long and I really don’t have that much to say. I talk so much sometimes it is hard for me to shut up, then other times, I have nothing to say whatsoever and I am at a lose for words. This is that kinda time for me, so… I won’t be judging the boxes like I did with the bags for Ipsy. I am just going to be doing the products, because boxes are boxes. Let’s face the facts. Some I would display, use for gifts, and storage. That’s life for ya.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (24-Hour Miracle Cream), 5 ml for 0.37 USD

eye creamEye cream

This is decent sized for using under the eyes and for the sensitive eye lid area. Since the sample is so tiny, I just use it for my eyes at night, so they get all the moisture that it needs. I do not think that I would buy this. I would rather buy a moisturizer specially for the eyes, but this is a nice fix and the little tube will probably last a month or two of consistent eye use.

Folle de Joie eau de parfum, 0.06 fl oz for 1.96 USD


Yes, this stuff is very expensive. Almost 100 USD for 3.4 ounces of this perfume. That being said, I do enjoy this perfume and I plan to wear for the rest of March layered with my very pre-teeny cotton candy perfume to adult it up a bit. It is floral but powdery with a hint of sweetness to it that I think will pair perfectly with the cotton candy perfume that I am trying to use up. I just tried it and the cotton candy amps up the sweetness, but the powdery musk gets stronger and isn’t overwhelmed by the sweetness. I am definitely wearing this all month long. It will be my March signature scent.

RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer – RUFFIAN Red, 0.17 oz for 10 USD

Nail polish

I actually gave this away as part of a gift, so I cannot say anything about the formula. I like how this came in a little box, so it is easy to make it part of a present. Dani, have you tried this out yet? Can you comment on the formula?

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Sugar, 2.25 g for 9.41 USD

Lip stainLip stainLip stain

This is a beautiful pinky nude lip stain that is a my lip color but better look. It leaves lips looking dewy and moisturized. Since my lips are super pigmented, the swatch on my hand looks darker than the actual product on my lips. I don’t know why but my upper lip is always cast in a shadow. It must be my bad bathroom lighting. I use this all of the time and I think it’s half used. I was so surprised that this is almost half of a full sized lip stain. Crazy!

Davines Replumping Shampoo, 12 ml for 1.22 USD


This is enough for two or three times and I have only used it once. I like the volume that this creates, but it left my hair noticeably sticky on day two when I tried to do something with it. I will keep this for those days that I need extra omph for a style and don’t mind washing my hair for the third time in a week. I usually only wash my hair twice a week.

Davines Replumping Conditioner, 12 ml for 2.04 USD


I love the way my hair smells with this in it; however, I do not find this to be a very moisturizing conditioner. I wouldn’t repurchase this, even though it feels my fine hair to appear fuller than it actually is. I’d rather have soft and frizz free hair. My hair will turn into a frizz ball at the slightest change in temp. So, very moisturizing shampoo is a must for one of those wash days a week.

Davines Replumping Superactive, 50 ml for 19.75 USD


This is half of the full size and I only used it three times. It is already a third time. That would mean that this bottle is enough for nine uses. A full sized bottle would be 18 uses. I do not think that that is enough uses for the price, but this makes my hair so amazingly thick WITHOUT using the matching shampoo and conditioner. If I cannot find anything similar to this, I will probably shell out the money to buy this for those special occasions or hairstyles that need mega volume.

The total value off this box was 44.97 USD. That is over four times the price of what I paid for the box, which is simply amazing! I love a great deal and Birchbox seems to be just that. I think I would give this box 3 stars for just starting out. The amount of product you get is great. I couldn’t judge the nail polish and the moisturizer sample was extremely tiny. Otherwise, this could have gotten more stars from me. What did you think of the December box?

With Love,