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January Series Part 3

The Walking Dead Season 2


I know I have been spamming my blog with a lot of series reviews this month, but I have been doing a lot of watching and rewatching preparing for the new season that is coming up. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since I stopped going to school and I haven’t been much in the mood for reading. I probably should try to read, but for now, I am just enjoying watching a lot of Netflix. I am also thinking about getting Hulu simply for Paw Patrol, because my son would die without it. I won’t be getting cable when I move. I will just be keeping the WIFI. Season 2 was really good, what I remember of it. Again, people die. No one that was my favorite died though, so I was fine with the major deaths in this season. I will probably be reviewing all of the seasons up until 8. Season 9 is the current season and is not on Netflix. Hopefully, it comes on during the summer, so I can watch it before 10 starts! 4 out of 5 stars for this season. Some of the elements were redundant and it wasn’t as good as the first season.

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January Series Part 2

Cloak and Dagger Season 1


This was a terrific season 1 for this show and I don’t know how it is going to get better. I enjoyed the fact that they wrapped up the whole story line at the end of the series, but also left room for another season to pick up from. I give this a strong 5 out of 5. I am very invested in this show and I am looking forward to the next season. I hope to continue to see plot line stories that end every season, because it ties everything up so nicely. I have never seen a show do this before and it is very refreshing. I don’t like to say too much about what happens in the show, because I don’t want to give the plot away. People do die and I have to say that it is one of the darker shows that I have seen from Freeform. They seem to be maturing their content a bit, which is nice.

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December Read

Yes, you actually read that right. I was able to finish up a book in the month of December. I am still unsure of a blogging schedule for the new year, but I am thinking 2 posts a week at most. I just don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to it and I’m at the point that I also want to time to live my life. My blog has come a long way, since I first started it five years ago now. Might even be going on 6. The years just kinda blur together. But 2019 holds a big year of changes for me. I’m gonna be moving with March being the earliest, but I start really apartment hunting at the end of Jan/Feb. I’ll have saved enough by then. I’m gonna be on my own for the first time ever with my son, which is both thrilling and terrifying. I am so ready and excited though! I’m gonna start dating again and putting myself out there. I’m gonna start building a life for myself and my son. I can be myself whoever that is, again. So, I really can’t wait for 2019.

Runaway (Airhead, #3)Runaway by Meg Cabot

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It was a solid end to the series, but I’m still a bit disappointed by it. The first book was great. The second book was still good, but not amazing. The third is just kinda meh to me. This trilogy could have just been a book and a sequel. Half the book was just sitting, hanging around her ex boyfriend’s house being a “hostage”. It could have been so much better. It was a bit of a letdown. I “read” this on audible and I have to say that the narrator was also pretty terrible. I am happy to finally close the door to this series. Maybe, I am just too old for YA books now that I am in my mid to late twenties with a child of my own. I still thought the book was okay, but nothing like the first one. I wish that I would have finished this in my younger years rather than getting around to it now. I probably would have enjoyed it more.
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Well, that is the book that I managed to finish reading in December. I think I can get through one or more books in January. I am going to start walking for my hour of lunch. It’s part of a New Years Resolution to get back to the best version of myself. I always felt the best about myself when I was exercising and keeping my body fit. I also loved myself with really long hair, so I’m also focused on growing it out and not bleaching it anymore. I’m only allowing myself to have highlights in the future. I think I’m finally at peace with my dark blonde hair. Plus, with highlights, I can still add fun colors now and again.

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April Reads

I do not believe that I will be reading anymore books this month, so I am going to be posting this a little bit early. I will probably have three books read next month, because of this. The one book that I managed to read this month was very long and I read it for an hour most nights in April. It is the first book that I gave 5 out of 5 stars in a long time. This was a book off of my own bookshelf. I am one book behind so far on how many books that I want to read this year off of my actual bookshelf. That is why I already have my May book picked out: both of which are from my book shelf. I am hoping to squeeze in another ebook in May as well.
Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know what to say. This has probably been the best book that I have read this year. I love the POV of a man. It is so original in a female dominating YA Romance voice. It is unique and I loved seeing the world in the eyes of a 16 or 17 year old boy. I love the pace of the book. It kept the plot moving forward at an even pace. At some points, we are picking daisies and I’m enjoying that pace. When the action starts, it really goes fast. This book hooked me in from the very first chapter. I am invested in the stories and the characters. I want to know what happens next. This author really knows how to build a world and give the reader something tangible to hold onto (the Civil War) while adding in mystical elements. I went into this book not really knowing what it was about. I never would have guessed witches! It was so unexpected to me as an unassuming reader who didn’t read any spoilers. There are so many surprises in this book to me. I highly enjoyed it and I recommend it. I might read the next book on Audible. I want to hear that Southern drawl.

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I am very happy to have read this book this month and I will be getting more books in this trilogy. I might “read” them on audible. Yes, I have decided to subscribe to Audible. I plan on signing up in May. $14.99 for an audio book isn’t that bad and I pay 10 to 12 on a paperback anyway. I figure that I deserve it, since I no longer subscribe to any beauty subscriptions. I am also hoping that it will motivate me to exercise for 15 minutes every night. I want to get fit and healthy again. I would only allow myself to “read” when I am exercising or doing laundry or cleaning or whatever. I want the book to last the whole month for that price.

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Project 200 Pan: Intro

I have so many posts to write and share that I feel like I won’t be caught up until March. I haven’t posted a product review in FOREVER and my blog used to be all about the reviews. I want to get back to that, but for right now, I have so many posts to write for the new year. Once everything calms down, get ready for a storm of reviews. LOL. I’m going to try to sprinkle some in when I can, but gosh, inspiration can be a bad thing as well. I was feeling so uninspired in 2017 and now, I am full of ideas and projects.

My Project 200 Pan is to hit pan and use up 200 assorted beauty products including but not limited to makeup, body, skin, and hair care. Basically anything beauty related and I will count foil packets and perfume samples. 5 of them will be counted as 1 item. I am counting full size and deluxe as well in this project. I am counting every time I hit pan in a powder product as 1 as well. So, if I pan an eye shadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc it will count and if I finish it, I will be counting it again.

I will be doing my empty posts as well. These Project Pan posts will be more about counting the items and adding up the monetary amount and keep me accountable every month. I hope you all enjoy these posts this year.

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Entertainment Monthly: October

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was all over this month with my taste in movies, which is very similar to my taste in books. I am only going to be highlighting only five movies a month, because listing everything every month would makes these posts really long and totally boring after awhile. To keep things fresh, I believe that five is a very good number to stick to, don’t you? Well, let me get on with it, but before I do, I would just like to say that I appreciate every one of my viewers and subscribers. I am proud to say that I am now at 180 subscribers, which is almost unbelievable. I never dreamed to ever be this successful at my blog and I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you. Oh! And to answer the question that a few of you have been asking me, I am interested in doing guest posts on your blogs. It would be fun you could do one on mine and I could do one on yours. Just let me know when.

Fun Size

Fun Size

This was a totally cute movie that made me laugh, but was also a little bit too mature considering who produced it. I really enjoyed it, though I won’t be rushing to watch it any time soon. It was just a movie I wanted to watch and then did one day on Netflix. I don’t really care for Victoria Justice, but Spidy and her red-headed best friend made the show worth watching. I would recommend watching it for a few laughs and a warm story.

*** stars

The Starving Games


OMG! This was so funny! I love parodies and this one did not disappoint on The Hunger Games (and also other films, but largely just that show). This movie had so many great actors in it including a couple of people from Pretty Little Liars (Noel & Mike). The jokes were hilarious and I invite everyone to watch it. You would love it Danielle. It makes fun of the whole concept of the movie, while proving a sadistic point. There is always a point to parodies and its our job to decipher them for ourselves…or search Google. One of the best parodies that I have watched in a long time.

**** stars

That Awkward Moment


I really disliked this movie. I only watched this movie, because it had Zac Efron in it and it was so not worth watching. I could not even finish this movie that is how boring it was and I also found it very sexist. The feminist in me roared to life, watching this movie and I could not blame her for it. Has anyone else watched this movie? What did you think of it? Is my reaction to this movie unjustly deserved? I just hated it and I don’t see how anyone could like it. A total bomb for Zac.

* star

All Cheerleaders Die

All Cheerleaders Die

I was really amused by this movie and I was disappointed about the ending. I thought that it would be all about girl power and all that. I just that is just the joy of a horror movie. I really liked this movie. Danielle has been all into horror movies lately, so I thought that I would try them out and I have to admit, this one wasn’t really all that bad. It has gotten me inspired to watch more horror films. The ones that I can watch anyways without any nightmares. This was a nice one and I wish there was a sequel in the works.

** stars

The Fault In Our Stars


I loved this movie so much! I cried my eyes out. It was so amazing! Movies hardly ever move me to tears and this one was just breath taking. I didn’t think that this one was going to be as great as it was. It was a touching movie with a predictable ending. I just wish that it hadn’t ended so cliched. If any movie deserved a happy ending, it was this one. It makes me wish that I would have read the book, but it was nice to watch a movie without nit picking every scene. It was refreshing not to know what was coming. A must watch if you could only watch one of my recommendations.

***** stars

What have you been watching this past month? Anything worth me watching as well? I would love some recommendations from my readers.

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