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Dean’s ABA Week 1/12/18

Dean had a break through week this past week. He did his ring stacker toy all by himself and can continue to do all by himself with me at home. He has acquired a ring stacking skill! I am so proud of him that I even took him out for ice cream. I am just so proud of him in general. He never really gets mad and is mostly a happy little guy. He’s not letting a thing like autism hold him back from having a good time like any other child. I’m sick of hearing “I’m so sorry” when I tell someone he has autism. I want to hear anything else but that. I’m not sorry. He wouldn’t be my boy without it. All it is is a challenge. He isn’t dying and I’d rather him have a life long condition than have cancer. Is that a horrible thing to say for people who have kids with cancer? I’m sorry but its the truth.

1/8/18 – Ann

Make-up session for last Thursday. Dean sat briefly for different toy activities. Seeing some toe walking. Liking textured puzzle, books, and stacking blocks.

1/9/18 – Joyce

Very good session! Dean independently placed ring on stacker right after being frustrated. Progress with books, eye contact. Using many toys.

1/9/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Looking for prompting to complete toys. Great doing ring stacker. Great eye contact when playing bubbles.

1/11/18 – Ann

Dean had a great day! Did ring stacker independently many times. Also starting to do more to put in puzzle pieces, pull handle on see & say, and stack blocks.

1/12/18 – Ann

Dean did great again this morning. Really watching my mouth when I spoke – “buh, buh” for bubbles. “mmm” when eating. First time put all the balls on hit-a-ball toy. Tried to put block on stacking boxes.

This week was full of progress, which makes every week before worth it. I know he won’t always have great weeks, but this was a great one. My life has big changes coming up ahead and some of it is scary but it is all good. I’m hoping to get my dream job as an Operations Specialist I, so I can work with the Data Analysts. I want to be a Data Analyst as my career. This would get me one step closer and being able to support my family financially would be great. My interview is today! Wish me luck!

With Love,