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September Haul

I have a ton of pictures of items that I have bought over the past month and more. I pick up an item here and an item there and before you know it I still have items from May that I have yet to show on my blog. I picked up a few things in September and I’ll mix in a couple of older items as well. I’m going to make a separate post of things that Dean has been getting. I buy Dean way more stuff than myself. I am going to limit myself to showing 5 items in this post. I might make my October haul post early, because I still have quite a few items to still show. Maybe,  I’ll do a separate clothing haul for September as well. I bought Dean a coat, boots, and a hat with gloves. I didn’t take pictures of those things though. They aren’t that exciting. Maybe, I’ll show a picture of him wearing all four items.

Olay Age Defying Eye Cream

I picked this up a while ago when it was on sale for $5 at Walmart before making the decision to go cruelty free. I’m not sure if Olay is cruelty free or not, but I will be using this eye cream once I run out of some. It seems like a basic bitch eye cream. Nothing really fancy to it. I only need my eye cream to moisturize my eye area during the day. I do eye treatments at night when it can really sink in.

Harvest Snaps


Dean and I have been enjoying these snacks together. It is healthy for you and gives that satisfying crunch of a potato chip. I like the spicier mixes since it hides the flavor of the beans better. I really enjoyed the tomato basil, but Dean and I didn’t really like the Caesar. I should probably finish those up soon so they don’t go stale. I will be repurchasing a few more spicy flavors. Also, it is $1.50 a bag. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

Glade Cozy Autumn Cuddle Candle


I have to say, although I just bought this candle a few weeks ago, I am almost done with it. I love the Fall scent of this candle and I couldn’t stop burning it. I am in love with the scent of spiced pumpkin. I need to make a Marshall’s run or something. All of my candles are almost out and while these Glade candles are amazing, they are expensive at almost a $1 an ounce. If I don’t head  to Marshall’s soon like tomorrow, I might have to buy another Glade candle to get me through.

Cardamom & Coffee Exfoliating Bar Soap


I don’t usually enjoy bar soap, but I really liked this one. My dad stole it from me and has been using it. I think he likes it more than me, but I really enjoyed how moisturized my skin felt after using this. I found it at Marshall’s and would buy it again if I can find it.

Halls Defense Drops


I religiously use these every Winter/Flu season and I hardly ever get sick. I think these drops are a good reason why. I take one every day to get my daily supply of Vitamin C that fights against colds and free radicals. I will continue to repurchase this, because I really do believe that they help. I’ve been doing this for two years and I only ever got a sore throat last Winter. I used to ALWAYS get sick and now, I hardly do. The only thing that I have changed (besides getting pregnant and having a baby) are these Halls drops. I don’t believe in coincidences.

I realized while writing this post that I bought a TON of stuff for Dean over the past month or so. I will for sure be doing one or two Dean hauls and a clothing haul. I’m going to spread them out a bit though. You can see another haul post next weekend and probably every weekend in the month of October. It’s a dreary rainy day here.

With Love,


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Dean Food Haul

Hey guys!


I am back with a Dean food haul. I had to refill his snacks and a couple of meal items to his stash. Yes, he has his own cabinet of food and snacks. He doesn’t just eat baby geared food. He eats fruits and veggies. He is having an avocado this week and trying jello for the first time. I poured the mixture into ice cube trays, so the jello would be cubed. And its technically flavored gelatin, since it has protein in it and regular jello doesn’t. It makes it easier for Dean to hold onto a cube and feed himself jello. Any who, here are the treats that I bought him at Big Y this month.


Gerber lil’ Beanies with Cheddar & Broccoli

Dean ate these up already! I love that these are healthy and made with protein packed beans and healthy broccoli. Dean is a snacker/grazer, so I really strive to find healthy snacks for him that he likes. I was buying the Cheeto version of this product and I won’t repurchase. Corn flour is just empty calories. These have white beans and a previous can that I bought was made with whole wheat. I will stick with the good calories of whole wheat and beans rather than the corn and rice flour. Dean doesn’t taste the difference.


Gerber Graduates Lil’ Biscuits in Vanilla Wheat

Again, these are cookies made with whole grain and filled with essential vitamins and minerals. He already had one today and loved it. He ate every last bit, even the bit that fell on himself. He gets a cookie a day, but these and other ones that I buy have a healthy aspect to it. They are also very low in sugar, 1 gram or less. I can feel good about giving him a treat during the day and these aren’t messy either. He has banana cookies made with real bananas that are really messy and I only let him have it in high chair or in the tub before a bath. In the bath, is also where I let him enjoy a few licks of a lolly pop.


Gerber 2nd Foods Beef & Beef Gravy

Dean doesn’t like to eat meat all that much, but I bought him turkey hot dogs that he loved by Gerber. I’m hoping that he will like to eat some beef that is easy for him to eat. Minced meat is also great to add in Mac N Cheese and other foods. I might try my hand at some ravioli. I can also use it as spread on a piece of toast for Dean. He loves his toast. I can see a lot of potential uses for this product. Hopefully, he likes it.


Gerber Lil’ Meals Spagetti Rings in Meat Sauce

Dean loves spagetti rings, so I had to grab him another little meal of this. It lasts for four or five meals and he really enjoys it. I love how healthy these little meals are and they are super quick to heat up. They are easy meals for when we are eating something that isn’t safe for Dean to have. This is a repurchase. When Chef B is on sale, I buy a few cans of that instead of this, but Gerber is definitely the healthier choice.

Tippy Toes Puffed Snacks Cereal in Strawberry Apple & Blueberry

Dean has recently gotten into cereal eating, so I decided to buy some more and this brand was two for three dollars. He only has a third of a bottle left of the Gerber cereal, so he will be trying this one soon. Dean eats a lot of whole grains and cereal. I’m trying to get him into oatmeal, but he doesn’t really like it. A couple of flavors will keep him interested. He is really into feeding himself, so easy to eat food is a must.

Well, that is it for this Dean haul! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what your little one is enjoying. Dean is 13 1/2 months old for reference.

With Love ❤


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#Sunshine Voxbox*

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I recently received my Sunshine Voxbox from Influenster and I thought that I would share it with all of you. I got so many things in this box and I couldn’t believe that the value of this free box was 39 USD! That is a lot of stuff for free! I am so excited to be trying out all of these products and I hope you enjoy the reviews to come and all the Influenster related posts that come with being a brand ambassador. I will be uploading a post soon with my unboxing video, because those can be fun to do. Lol. As a disclosure, I recieved everything in this post from Influenster for testing purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Sunshine Voxbox 002Sunshine Voxbox 007Sunshine Voxbox 008

The bright yellow box was so pretty! I absolutely loved it!

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer in Aloe Soothe, 6.5 for 6.49 USD


I am excited to give this a try! I have been interested in spray lotions for a while and this will give me a sense if I like them or not. I like that they are quick and easy for when you are tired/lazy/in a hurry. I like the convenience factor. I’m not sure that I would use this all of the time, because I do like to use regular lotion in the mornings, but on the nights when I just want to go to bed, I think this would be great for that. I’ll let you guys know for sure though at a later date.

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Clothes, 25 ct for 6.99 USD

cleansing clothesSunshine Voxbox 006

You can never have too many cleansing clothes. Even though I just bought a huge packet, I like having the option to choose between different kinds depending on my mood. I like how these have witch hazel, which is great at fighting acne. I tend to have minor flareups, so II’m hoping that this will help to keep it under control. I just wish it had a plastic lid, so I could bring them to work with me for an afternoon refresher. I also love that it comes with 9 USD worth of coupons.

Bark Thins, 4.99 USD

Sunshine Voxbox 005

I didn’t get my free Bark Thins, yet. I will though. I’m looking forward to it.

Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds, 1.5 oz for 1.59 USD

Blue Diamond

I am looking forward to trying this out. There will probably be a review uploaded later this week about it, because I cannot wait to eat them. Also, one of my tasks is to review it anyways on a different social media platform, so I thought might as well post it here as well for all of you to enjoy. I really like nuts and spices. I’m hoping that these will be really good.

Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-In Smoothing Creme Enhanced with Avocado and Olive Oil, 4 fl oz for 6.99 USD

Smoothing Creme

I am excited to try something to smooth out my frizzy hair. Since I have cut it short, it has started to do some strange things that make me miss my long mermaid hair. I want to grow my hair out long again, but I need something to control the frizzies! I’ll let you know if this helps at all. Get ready for some first impressions in the next few weeks.

Sinful Colors in Ocean Side, 0.5 fl oz for 1.99 USD

nail polish

This color is a bit more teal in real life, but still just as dark. It doesn’t say summer to be, more like Fall or the end of summer. I wish I got a brighter color for summer, but I love the formula. It glides on smoothly and you can get away with one coat. I did two coats, because I like my nails to last and be perfect. I will probably move on to a brighter color next week.

That is everything in my box! I hope you enjoyed this and are ready for more posts about this box to come!

With Love,