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The Retail Diaries: Day 15

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I had an interesting day at work yesterday. I had to get up early to get to work on time. I had to be there for 9:15am. OMG! LOL. Anyways, I got to work and worked the register like I normally do. Two hours into work, I get moved from my register to in front of the store (inside of course, it was a bit chilly out!) to try to get people to sign up for my store’s rewards program. Needless to say, I did it for 30 minutes and got to go on break with no sign ups in hand. I only had two potential sign ups and one walked right out the door after asking him. I had a nice sandwich at break and worked my register again. I was on number 6 in case you were wondering. Yes, the devil’s number, I know. I actually got one sign up at the register and I got two people to purchase smart/replacement plans. I had a really amazing day, amid people being somewhat rude. I had one lady, who complained about the buy one, get on 50% was misleading, because she couldn’t get a second shoe at 50%. The shoe was already on sale. The buy one, get on 50% off is only for regularly marked shoes. Another young girl complained about the makeup being 50% off. It was not. The makeup was buy one, get n 50% off. People just do not read the signs. I love the people who once you ask them, if that is it for their purchase and if they have any coupons, and they say no. That suddenly they now have coupons after you totalled up their order and they want to add a coupon and an additional purchase. I cannot add anything on and they get upset at me, because they never head of that before. They never did it at my store then. UGH! Other than that, I had a good day. It was a holiday, so I got paid time and a half, plus I got paid an additional 75 cents and hour, because I sold a one year and two-year smart plan. I made a lot of money yesterday. I signed up for Ipsy. Hopefully, I will get a bag soon and be off the waitlist. I’m sorry about not blogging on Sunday. I ended up at the ER, because of an intestinal blockage. I was given morphine for pain and a prescription to get things moving. I need to go back to the doctors and reevaluate my maintainance drugs. I have IBD, which is Irritable Bowel Disease. I can get physical abnormalities that can only be fixed by medication. I actually had “stool” blocked up in my intestines that was making me ill and put me in the hospital. If I hadn’t gotten to the hospital sooner, I could have torn my intestines and needed to have surgery. IT is definitely not a light matter. Anyways, on a lighter note, I received my Snapple sample today. It came with four teas, so I cannot wait to try them and give you all my impressions of it. Until my next post!

With Love,