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The Final Verdict: Avon

For Avon Moisture Therapy Hand Cream


What is it: A soothing oatmeal hand cream for dry, itchy skin with moisturizing properties.

Key Ingredients: Well, there are the obvious moisturizing ingredients like palm oil, oatmeal, soybean oil, and lanolin oil. As always with the good comes the bad like cetearyl  alcohol and methylparaben.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks: This hand cream is between a lotion and cream in terms of thickness. It isn’t as thick as a real cream, but it is not thin and watery like a lotion. It is a white, unscented cream that leaves a sticky residue. This leaves an oily film on the skin that does not absorb and is more annoying than moisturizing. This might be a better cream to use at night with gloves.

Why I Like It: This is an average hand cream with an average performance. I would not buy it again, but for the money, these are very cost effective. I might try a different kind by Avon, but I really do not buy Avon that often. Maybe when there is a free shipping promotion or when Dani is going to order, I will purchase a new Avon hand cream. Until then, I have two  more hand creams to go through. I didn’t care for the sticky, oily feeling left on my hands. I want my hand cream to fully absorb into my hands, since I am constantly typing or writing. I cannot have slippery fingers!

As always, someone has to photobomb, because it wouldn’t be a product picture without it. Happy Sample Wednesday!

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