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Makeup Collection June 2019: Eyes

I am starting off my makeup collection with all of my eye products. This is everything in use and in storage. This is every single piece of eye makeup that I own. I enjoy makeup and collecting pieces of makeup. Skincare and makeup is my passion and what I love wearing, buying, and reviewing. I enjoy blogging about all of this in my free time. As far as makeup is concerned, I will not be going out and buying any this year. I already made my birthday purchase and I tend to only indulge then. Black Friday, is usually for skincare, body care, and perfume if needed. I usually like to indulge in food at Christmas, so I like to buy gingerbread houses and things like that. Any makeup that comes to me this year will be from my FitFabFun box. So, I really want to make some progress in six months with some of these items being used up.


IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

I have only one mascara and it is currently being used. I will be needing a mascara to replace this one, however, both my mom and my best friend has said that they have some mascara that they don’t want. So, I don’t think that I’ll need to go out and buy one. If I do need to buy some, I would buy the Sephora Lashes to Go kit that is $25 for 5 minis and a coupon to redeem a full size. That sounds like a hell of a deal. That’s like 3 years of mascara, since you can have a tube open for 6 months.


I have three glitter eye shadows. One is a balm and the other two are the Stila Glitter & Glows. I would like to use these up this year. I have already hit pan in two of them. I want to use up 1 by the end of the year for sure. These are very easy to throw on. I just apply with the wand and I’m done. This is one and done liquid glitter eye shadows. I tend to want to do quick looks in the morning before work. These glitters might be a little fancy for work, but who doesn’t need a little glitter in their life?!


I only have one quad and one trio. The quad is all shimmers and the formula is very pigmented and wet feeling. I really love it. The cream and brown is great for a simple eye look. The rusty red would be good for the Fall and the blue is bright for Spring or Summer. The trio has two mattes and one shimmer in the middle. This is perfect for a basic eye look for work. I’m going into the office 5 times a week soon. I am sure that I will start seeing progress on my eye shadows then. Both of these can be very quick, easy, and work appropriate.


These are my two priming eye products. One is the Urban Decay Eye primer that I use with powder eye shadow that I want to last all day. The Dr. Brandt is an under eye primer for correcting dark circles that you use over your eye cream. I see it more as a makeup product than as a skin care one.


These are all my eye shadow palettes. The oldest is my Smashbox palette that I have thirteen eye shadows remaining in it. I need to start putting them in my projects, but it is a bulky palette. I need to make room for it. There are 6 mattes and 7 shimmer/metallic shades in there. It is very basic for work and all the colors are very blendable. I have already hit pan in two eye shadows. For my project pan. I might rotate all my eye shadows in every week to get progress and use out of all my eye shadows. That could be super fun. The ELF palette was a free gift with purchase and again, this would be a really good palette for work appropriate looks. It has 4 matte shades and 6 shimmer/metallic shades. I’m excited to use the pink and rose gold shade. There is a nice base shade and I like the champagne shimmer. I probably won’t get much use out of the darker shades, but I won’t mind chucking this palette after I finish the first 6 shades. I am super excited about my Ciate palette that I just bought for my birthday. It has 3 pressed glitters, 4 mattes, and 2 metallics/shimmer shades. I think it is a beautiful palette for work and for going out as well. I am itching to play with this palette and make some pretty looks.


I have 4 eye liners that I cannot use in my waterline. I want to use these up, so that I can buy some gel eye liners to put in my waterline and tight line. I can use the silver and the nude as an inner corner highlight. The blue and grey, I need to find other uses for. Maybe, I’ll use them as an eye shadow or to line my bottom lashes. I only use eye liner in my waterline. My hooded eyes are too hooded to use eyeliner as it was intended. My line always ends up wonky.


I have 6 cream eye shadows. I am currently trying to use up a nude eye shadow stick. The other stick is in rose gold. I have a cream moss green neutral shade and a metallic purple that I need to apply sheer to use it up. I have a moussey white gold jelly eye shadow color that is beautiful. The last potted one is a gold metallic shade that is very neutral to wear. I love the ease of cream eye shadows, but I also love standard eye shadow as well. It really depends what I’m in the mood for.


I have two single shadows. One is a peachy pink and the other is a blue in a stick format with a sponge applicator. I’d like to use both of these up and get them out of my collection. We shall see. I want to get use out of all of my eye shadows, because as I write this post, I seriously want to use everything.


Lastly, I have two duos and they are all shimmers. The green eye shadow, I am not interested in using. I love the gold though. Once I use the gold up, I will be decluttering the green color. It is too dark for my hooded eyes. The purple and frosted white are both beautiful colors to wear together. I use the purple on the lid and the white as an inner corner highlight.

The more I think about it, the more I do want to cycle through my eye shadow products and get use out of all of them. I will work out a way by my Summer project pan. I am thinking of introducing 4 products: one for each week whether a palette or a single. I could then use one a week and one the next update choose 4 more. I’ll comment on if I declutter a shade or hit pan/used one up, but will comment very little otherwise since I’m not using any of these consistently enough to show progress on them. Hopefully, I can move some stuff up before the end of the year.

With Love,


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Sephora Play! September

I am not going to lie. I was a bit disappointed with what I got in this Sephora Play. Nothing really wowed me. I did get some exciting brands, but not the items that I would have wanted from that brand. I will still use everything that I got, but I hope next month will bring an exciting product or two. The theme was Fall Into Beauty and I have to say, I really love the bag this month and I’ll be using it for my monthly beauty bag for this upcoming month at least.

The red polka dots on the Play! Card are very reminiscent of Minnie Mouse for me. How can you not love that bright silky hot pink bag though? It’s an ultra girly color with such a cute saying on the front.

My free perfume sample had two perfumes from Clean in it. I wish I could have gotten a foil sample instead, which Sephora will now be doing in addition to the perfume sample. You will either get perfume or a foil packet. I am personally all for the foil packet. I have too much perfume to begin with without having all these samples around.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black 0.25 ml for $11

This is half of the full size making this a generous sample and I am excited to try this out. Everyone loves this eyeliner. I just wish I could have gotten a full color instead of black. I have too many blacks and I tend to use colored ones more often than black. I don’t even use eye liners that often either. I have a different liquid black eyeliner that I should use up first, but I look forward to the day that I can try this one out. I can practice my cat eye or just line my waterline. It will be used eventually.

DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask 1.5 fl oz for $6.75


I will have to wait until I use up my Lush hair masks, but this one does sound promising. My hair has been getting curlier since I’ve stopped coloring it a year ago. Gosh, I cannot believe that it’s been a year and 4 months since I bleached my hair. Now, it is a brassy mess and blonde is too much upkeep for me right now. I intend on chopping off most of the blonde. Once I’m all my natural hair color, I will see what I want to do with it. I’m thinking temporary washout color for when I need a boost. I’ll probably will get to trying this out next year. I think I still have like 6 uses out of each Lush hair mask that I have remaining that will go bad if I don’t use them. I use them GENEROUSLY and they still lasted like two years.

Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb 10 ml for $7.60

I was so excited about this until I looked at the back and saw just how little product would be in there. I still want to try this out immediately. My skin has been flaking like crazy these past few days, because I left a face mask with sulfur on for too long and it dried out my skin bad. It could have been from my retinal moisturizer, but I only used that twice every other night and I didn’t show any signs of sensitivity. I’ll be only using that mask on my nose for now or use it for only 10 minutes on the T-zone. I’m hoping this moisturizes my flaky skin and that it stops peeling soon.

Benefit Gimme Brow #3 1 g for $8

This is a third of the full size, so between this one and the other one I have, I have a full size gimme brow. I don’t really do my eye brows, but I have been because I have it. I don’t need to buy a brow product. I have naturally thick brows. I need to get them reshaped, but otherwise than that, they are in really good shape. I will use this up after I finish my opened tube. I don’t care for this product, because I really don’t need it. Only waxing will shape my brows. I have too much eye brow rather than too little.

Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in Happy 0.09 oz for $21

This is almost a full size and totally worth the $10 price tag for the box. I was scared at first that it was going to be super pigmented, but it is very buildable. You can do a sheer wash of color or full on glam demonstrated by my swatches. It is such a pretty color and I will be pulling it out for the holidays. I might even wear it at work since it’s such a friendly formula. It has a semi matte look and feels comfortable on the lips. I always put a balm underneath my lip sticks, so it may not be as comfortable if you don’t prep with a balm before hand. I love the subtle metallic finish. It is more of a shimmery effect than a metallic one. I find metallic colors to be unflattering for the most part.

The value of my September box is $54.35!! I think this is one of the highest valued boxes, but I feel meh about it. I would give this box 2 stars. I’m really only excited for the lip stick, but I gave another star for the value of this box. Sephora Play is a worthwhile subscription to me. I get beauty treats every month for $10 and build up my makeup collection for cheap. If I had a daughter, I would get this for her. It’s great for beginners or for the beauty adventurer that loves to try out everything without breaking the bank.

With Love,


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Sparkling Grape

For Stila Lip Glaze in Sparkling Grape

I hate that I couldn’t use up every last drop and there is still gloss stuck in the tube. I felt like you had to click the pen a lot to get enough out to coat your lips. It left my lips feeling sticky instead of the glossy, slippery feeling that I like my glosses to be. I don’t like a sticky gloss. I prefer ones that are smooth. I feel like I could feel the grittiness of the glitter on my lips and it only gave my lips a hint of purple. I would no repurchase and I do not recommend unless you enjoy a sticky, gritty lip gloss. I’m glad I used my Birchbox points on this.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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$200 Before 2018 Update #2

It is that time again. Another month has passed and I have gone through a few products. I’ve been trying to be better at finishing more stuff up and I put a few beauty things in my 14 Before Fall project pan. After this post, I’m going to do my makeup today. It is supposed to be scattered showers and thunderstorms. No chance of swimming in the pool today. Sunday is looking like a better day, so I will probably end up wiping any makeup away before I go into the pool tomorrow afternoon.

To recap, I was able to use up a total of 3 products out of 20, totaling $27.40 out of $200. The following items are everything that I have used up in May. June’s update will be coming soon, since I didn’t manage to put up this update until July 1st.


This is what I managed to use up in May at a glance. I know it isn’t as many things, but I promised myself that I would do better in June. Now, I’m promising myself that I’ll do better in July. I want to make a big dent on my samples, but even those take time to use up. I’m concentrating more on enjoying my products than using them up as quickly as possible. As long as I have more than one makeup empty a month, I’m happy.

Foundation Sample = $1


I really enjoyed this foundation sample and I am thinking about buying this foundation. It was a perfect color match for me and made my skin look perfected. I need to remember this next time I am in the market for buying a foundation. Probably by the end of the summer to be honest.

Perfume Sample = $1


I wasn’t a fan of this rather manly scent. It is Versace Eros Eau De Toilette spray. I would not buy the full size. It is not the scent for me, but happy to have it out of the way.

CoverGirl Clean Professional Loose Powder 105 Translucent Fair = $5.84

I wrote a review on this that is already up on the blog, but I really liked this powder. I would repurchase in an actually shade instead of translucent.

Nicole By OPI Roughles NI 453 On What Grounds? around $8

I loved this polish when I had it and now, I have moved onto the pink version of this. I haven’t painted my nails in forever. I never seem to have much time to do them. I will be doing them this weekend though. I also will be doing my toes. I’m almost done with the pink as well. I prefer the blue though and I’m sad that it’s gone. I’m done to 48 polishes with this one and hopefully, by the next update it will be down to 47.

Two Lip Products = $22 + $5 = $27

The Stila Lip Glaze in Sparkling Grape is $22. I cannot believe that I spent $22 on a lip gloss! Then again, I want to spend $32 on a lip oil from YSL. It is what it is and I didn’t really like either of these products. The lip stick was nice but not my color. The lip gloss was too sticky for my liking. I’m glad to have both of these items out of my collection.

Well, in the Month of May I got through 3 products and the grand total is $42.84. So, combining the previous numbers with this month’s numbers, I have gone through 6 out of 20 items and used up $70.24 out of $200. I am almost half way through both of my goals! This is super exciting! I might actually be able to finish this challenge before the end of the year. At the end of the year, I will be comparing how much makeup I used up compared to how much makeup I bought that year. As long as I have more going out than coming in, I will be happy. I might even do this challenge again next year!

With Love ❤


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I Did It Again To Your Heart

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I got my Birchbox order yesterday and I am dying to show all of you guys what I bought. I have only used one thing so far that I bought, because I wanted to have an unbiased haul post. I got a really great deal on all of these things and Birchbox was so generous to give me not one but TWO sample pouches with my 35 dollar purchase. Since I bought over 70 USD worth of stuff with only spending 10 USD out of pocket, I think they added one for each 35 USD spent, which I did not see coming. It was generous of them. I love Birchbox and the people who work their are amazing! Anyways, the haul, what you all came here for, right?

Yes to cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes, 30 ct for 5.99 USD

face wipes

I am running out of wipes and needed some more. These were cheaper than buying it at Walmart, so I decided to pick some up. I have and love the Yes To Grapefruit Exfoliating Towelettes, so I wanted to try these ones. I like to use a basic wipes to wipe off my base and then go in with my Glam Glow to deeply penetrate my skin. I am interested in seeing how these work out. You can buy them in bulk at Amazon for cheap, so if I like them, I’ll be buying like a 6 pack on Amazon that’ll last me half the year. I heard that this burns some people’s skin, but my face isn’t THAT sensitive. We will see. Oh! These also smell like fresh cucumbers and that makes me hungry.

Stila Lip Glaze in Sparkling Grape, 0.05 fl oz for 8 USD


I love these pen lip gloss sticks! They are so easy and so juicy looking on the lips. This one smells like sweet apricots and it packs a bunch of color. It appears berry purple on the lips with a hint of shimmer. Because this one has a big color payoff, I whip out my compact to apply using a mirror to evenly distribute the color. It does not feel gooey or sticky. It feels smooth on the lips and just a tad grainy from the shimmer/glitter. I am a fan and I will be buying more of these, but I have so many balms/glosses that I shouldn’t have even bought this one. Next time I shop Birchbox, I’m sure one will find a way into my cart.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel, 3.3 fl oz for 26 USD


I bought this, because I really liked the sample of wipes that I received from Birchbox. This is also very similar to Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment, but a lot less expensive. It is 45 USD for 1.7 oz of the OHINT gel, while PC is very affordable. I just hope that it works just as well. I don’t see why it wouldn’t though, since they contain very similar ingredients and the texture is identical. I’m hoping that this will further diminish my acne marks and get rid of my acne all together. Fingers crossed!

Treatment gel


Spornette Styling Brushes Little Wonder #111 for 8 USD


I needed another little brush for teasing and updos, since the one I bought from Kmart ended up ripping my hair out. This is made with real boar bristles and some other type of rubber bristles. It does not pull or tug and it perfect for what I want. It is also great for smoothing the hair. It doesn’t snag my hair if I take the brush out midstroke, which is how you brush if you’re getting your hair ready for a pony tail or something. I’m really into styling my hair and copying styles in magazines. I’ve gotten quite good at it. I’ll probably post a few pictures in the coming weeks on how to recreate some looks.

Two Sample Packets:


Mighty Leaf in Chocolate Mint Truffle, Bombay Chai, and Organic Spring Jasmine, 3 packets for 1.99 USD


I’m giving my dad the Chai one since he enjoys black tea and got excited by my tea samples. lol. I will write a little review for any tea that I buy. I think a pack of 15 teas is pricey at 10 USD, but if it is tasty, then I just might have to buy some next time as a treat to myself. I am excited to try the chocolate one the most. Has anyone tried these teas before?

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in All Of Me, 0.01 oz for 0.20 USD


There seems to be a lot of product for 20 cents, so I’m happy. It is in a pretty pink nude color and smells a bit perfumey which is weird. It has a cute pink gem on the cap that gives it a girly touch. I am quite happy with this sample since it seems to be a decent size.

Tocca Creme Da Mano Hand Cream in Cleopatra, 1 fl oz for 5 USD

hand cream

This smells heavenly! I would totally buy this. It is a thick cream, but it sinks in quickly. It smells like fresh cut grapefruit with the soothing scent of cucumbers. I cannot stop smelling my hands! This is my new hand cream! Next time I buy, this is in my cart for sure! It is 10 USD for 2 oz and in my opinion so worth it. An ounce lasts me a month or so. I might just buy the 38 USD kit that you get 4 or 5 full sized hand creams in this line. I just love it. You need to smell this to know.

And yeah, I’m not that innocent.

With Love,


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I’ve Been Naughty

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I’ve been a little naughty today on my day off of work. First, I went and bought my Monster Jam tickets online today for June for Father’s Day. He’s so excited to be going again and I have to say that I am too. It’s growing on me. What can I say? So, I will be having pictures of the event coming soon and I’ll make sure to get a couple of pictures for myself as well. I then have Birchbox points burning a whole in my pocket, so I had to spend them. I paid 10.79 USD out of pocket for 62.99 USD worth of stuff! I had 30 USD in Birchbox points, a coupon for 20% [takeoff20] that took off 9.60 USD, free shipping worth 5 USD, and a free sample gift package with purchase of 35 USD or more worth 10 USD. I had so many great deals. I won’t tell you what I bough though. It will be an upcoming haul post. I will tell you three of the brands though: Stila, Paula’s Choice, and Yes To. These are all brands that I have tried before and loved. I’ve never tried what I bought though, so fingers crossed! I will be back tomorrow with my Perfume Collection post. Have a Good Friday for those celebrating like me and have a Happy Friday for everyone else.

No meat until Saturday and making a big roast. My bf says hi. lol. He says he’s gonna die of starvation before the lamb roast on Sunday. He’s so dramatic. Yay for sleep over parties. Love Ya!

With Love,