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Chapter Four: The Fallout

Walking in with Jess at his side, he said.

“Where to begin?”

He glanced around the place. Jess shrugged, her eyes skimming across the rows of shelves full of books.

“I don’t know… Over there?”

She pointed to the left side of the library, on the shelf labeled fiction.

Felix started to walk towards that way, when his phone beeped off. He flipped it open, scanning the text message and grumbled something about a mad student coming to the academy. Jess followed over there and heard him say this, although she was not sure what he was talking about.


She asked hesitantly, raising an eyebrow slightly. He handed her the phone, trying to hide the burns on his hands as he did so. His text read: Gunner is now on campus. He’s looking for you……and out for blood. He ran his hand through his hair messing it up.

“It’s from a friend or foe. Someone’s messing with me. There is no way that Gunner would be here of all places.”

She saw the burn on his hands, but did not think he would want her to comment on it. Looking down at the phone, her eyes scanned the text. She did not like the sound of this and did not know who this Gunner was, but apparently, he was a bad guy.

“Uh, who’s Gunner?”

She asked, and then paused slightly.

“It doesn’t sound like he likes you very much, if he wants your blood.”

Felix chuckled and shoved his hands in his front pockets.

“He does not want my blood. He wants the answer to life’s question…actually to his own personal question and let’s just say that I’ve led him on a wild goose chase. Now that he knows I’m back on the earth plane, I knew he would find me to get those answers, but he should really just ask the right question. Sith cannot lie but we can omit parts of the truth if you leave enough wiggle room. Gunner hasn’t learned that yet…nor would I call him dangerous but he is…in his own way.”

“Hm. Interesting. So basically he’s chasing you around with a question? And he couldn’t bother anyone else, why?”

Jess asked, raising an eyebrow. She was not really sure how Gunner was dangerous in his own way, but she was not sure if she wanted to find out; although she probably would end him spotting him sometime since he was on campus now. She could not help smirking a little when he said a Sith cannot lie.

“So… Can’t lie? Well that could be fun.”

She added jokingly. Felix ran his fingers along the old spines in the library. The corner of his mouth tilted up in amusement as he listens to Jess chatter about truths and lies. Her humor was refreshing, especially since he has not felt true emotion in all of his life.

“Well, essentially yes and he cannot bother anyone else. No one else knows the answer…but I do and I intend to keep that to myself. No, I cannot lie outright…what is the fun in that?”

He asked her with humor in his tone. Jess nodded slightly, walking to the other shelf and looking through the books lining across it. There were so many of them, so many magical tales just waiting to be opened so they could play through them again.

“Nobody, huh? Guess you’re just the one who knows all the answers.”

She mused, smirking a little. She shrugged to his last comment.

“It probably wouldn’t be very fun…”

“No seriously.”

Felix turned to her and took her slender hand in his larger one.

“What is it like to lie? How was it to eat? The things that you are capable of…were capable of doing, fascinates me. Seeing as how I can never do those things…ever.”

He smiled slightly down at her, as if it were painful to do so as the library door banged open and strutted in the manliest man that one has ever seen. Gunner walks in leisurely taking his time, flicking the brim of his hat lightly not looking up at anyone, but seemed just as well to beg others of their attention. Jess hesitated slightly before she opened her mouth to respond, but immediately closed it again wordlessly, as the door opened and in came the guy she guessed was Gunner. She almost gaped a little at seeing him for herself. Speak of the devil, she thought, and then looked back at Felix.

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Chapter Two: Past Loves (Part 3)

Felix nodded as his eyes looked at the sparkling girl across the room so filled with energy and light as well as life. He observed her, momentarily forgetting about Jess as he studied the girl with brown hair and flashing emerald irises. Felix returned his attention to Jess with a sneer.

“The witch has arrived.”

Jess could not help but smirk slightly, but did not look behind her to see who this witch was he was talking about. She did not have to. From the tone of his voice, it sounded as though he was not quite fond of her, though.


She said, a bit sarcastically. She had never particularly favored witches much, whether the girl actually was one or not was a different matter. Felix took more of the other girl’s energy and returned the smirk.

“You have no idea.”

He toyed with the other girl menacingly. A darkness Jess may not have known existed started to bubble to the surface of Felix’s attitude, even though his eyes stay locked onto her.

“As you see, I don’t get out much and when I do, trouble always wants to play.”

Jess saw something was wrong, but did not really want to ask, since she was not sure she wanted to know.


She mumbled, slowly. She did not know what was going on, but did not think he would tell her anyway so she shrugged it off. Felix does not give Brooklynn a second glance as he smirked at Jess.

“You’re pretty, when you’re confused about something. Maybe I should confuse you more often than not.”

Jess blinked. How the heck am I pretty when I’m confused, she thought. That did not really make sense to her.

“That’s…weird, but okay.”

She replied hesitantly. She did not like being confused, though, or people who withheld information from her, so that might be a problem. Felix felt a bit amused from the emotions coming off of the boy who just came in. He was slightly surprised to see him sit with Brook. He smiled sheepishly at Jess.

“We used to be engaged. Guess I’m still a little bitter about it.”

Jess blinked. Engaged? As in, married? What, she thought.

“Oh, okay.”

She mumbled, tapping her fingers against the table absentmindedly.


She was a little surprised to hear this, but it really was not any of her business. So, she pretended to act like that was normal and did not bother her, which is should not, did not. Felix cocked his head to the side and laid his hand lightly on top of hers on the table top.

“I wish I knew what you are thinking.”

He sighed and left his hand on top of hers, lightly massaging it with his fingertips and the pad of his thumb.

“Any who, it wasn’t much of an engagement before I found out that my beloved was a liar and a betrayer.”

He grimaced lightly. Jess glanced down at his hand on hers, just this simple touch warming her hand. For some reason, she could not comprehend. It was probably just because her skin was cold all the time, or at least that was what she told herself. I bet you do wish that you knew what I’m thinking, she thought. But you should be careful what you wish for.

“Oh. So it didn’t end well, I’m guessing.”

She wondered how the girl was a betrayer and a liar, though. Felix chuckled to himself.

“You could say that. I thought I was marrying a pretty mortal girl with clean family values; instead her family was a bunch of vampires and an adopted werecat brother. It wasn’t any of that though. She said she was mortal and when I kissed her at the altar, I knew she wasn’t. She claimed not to know what I was talking about.”

He wrinkled his nose in distaste. Jess nodded slowly.


She said finally, unsure how to respond to that. It did sound complicated. Too complicated to get involved in, she thought. She did not do complicated, but at the same time, her entire life was complicated. Not that she would ever mention anything else about this to anybody. Felix just nodded as his eyes never lose contact with hers.

“Do you ever feel? Or is your heart as cold as your touch is?”

He was not being a smartarse or trying to be mean, but it came out kind of cold-like. He hoped she would not take it as such, but hopes were futile. Anyways, he was starting to question her emotions, because it seemed like she lacks many and vamps are usually filled to the brim with them. He personally blamed it on the blood lust. Her eyes narrowed slightly. Well that was a pleasant topic to get into, was it not, she thought. She sighed. It was not exactly a conversation she wanted to get into, but she shrugged slightly.

“I can feel, but thanks for asking.”

She said this last part rather sarcastically.


Just everything felt…, she thought. She always felt cold. But not when someone touched her, it felt scorching hot. Not that she had much experience with that.

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Chapter Two: Past Loves (Part 2)

“Mind sharing the tale?”

She asked him.

“Maybe, I shouldn’t. There is a reason why you are still talking to me and maybe that is it. But I am not in the habit of taking away free will, so I shall tell the tale.”

Felix cleared his voice and rolled his shoulders back.

“I am made from the dreams and nightmares of humankind. Made in their image, I walk the Otherworld, created to keep my kind locked up, but in time the veil between the two worlds started to thin and we slipped out. We have the grace of angels and the curse of Satan. I pity any Sith who fall in love with any human.”

Felix continued to speak.

“What am I?”

His eyes darkened to black once more. Jess stared at him a long moment, realization kicking in.


It was all she could seem to manage to say at the moment and looked at the table, because she was not sure where exactly to look now. So, that is what he is, she thought and sighed softly. Awkward silence ensued soon after this. Felix waited for her to say it out loud. He wanted to hear her say it. He needed to know the word laced with her tone and voice. If she said it, he would know how she felt about his species. How did he feel about hers? They were similar in a few ways, but mostly different. He did not hate vampires and he did not like them, but Jess defied his expectations of her and that intrigued him. Jess was different. Not just a vampire, but something special…something he could destroy, if he was not careful.


Jess said quietly. Well, at least now she knew what that actually meant, since before she was just guessing. They did have a little bit in common, but still several differences. She looked at him and saw his eyes were completely black and suddenly wondered if anyone else noticed this. Probably not, she thought. So many people were unobservant, but she was not used to seeing this. Felix nodded slightly. Her spoken word echoed in his mind as he quickly scanned over the context. She did not sound scared or fearful or happy or excited…She sounded…relieved… Was she expecting something worse? Or was she hoping that I would be a vampire just a little different from her, he thought. Felix guessed that he would never know as he threw listless glances at the menu and slapped it down, waiting for a waitress as he drew a bit of emotion from the girl that just entered.

“Aye. But enough about me. How about you? Any legends I should know? Anything special or different in your specie strand?”

Jess thought a moment. Well, there was that reform school that was meant for vampires, which hardly anyone knew about, but she decided not to say that. Then, about the line of vampires in her family, how they were generally stronger or somehow different in a way that she was not aware of yet; she did not think this was worth mentioning. So, she shook her head.

“I don’t think so.”

She mumbled.

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Chapter Two: Past Loves

Jess walked into the pizza parlor with him and they were soon seated at a booth. Well. This’ll be an interesting meal, she thought with a small smirk, her eyes scanning the parlor quickly. Felix sat on the edge of the booth as he looked around the crowded place, trying to find the right human to draw off of. The two guys ready to brawl in the corner looked promising and he flexed his fingers, glancing at them before returning Jessica’s smirk.

“Do you eat or drink much by the way of human food?”

Jess had been thinking when he asked this and only half paying attention, before she crossed her arms and replayed the question in her head. She usually drank more than ate, because it was the only thing she could really taste of the human world. Well, besides humans themselves, which she did not make a habit of drinking from, but still.

“Usually I just drink human stuff.”

She noticed him looking around and added.

“Find anyone yet?”

Startled, he glanced at her with a raised brow.


He had not noticed that she noticed his scoping. I really need to get with it, he thought. He had let his guard down with this girl. It was about time to bring it back up again. Shoot, she realized he had not told her anything about that, she had just assumed. Making up something, she nonchalantly replied.

“You were looking around so much; I just assumed you were looking for someone.”

It was kind of funny, though, seeing his reaction.


His brow scrunched and wrinkled, before smoothing out on the plane of his forehead.

“Actually, no. She is not here.”

He imagines her reaction to his words and watched her face, as his powers tendrils out to the arguing men. He felt and tasted their anger and yearned for it. He slowly drained them of their anger, letting the feeling burn into his mind as his brain became energized at the emotional feast.

“Huh. Lucky her.”

Jess could not keep the sarcasm out of her words and would not accept that tingle of jealousy that she suddenly felt. I cannot be jealous, she told herself. Because if she were, then that would mean she felt something for Felix, which she could not, would not. Felix found himself pleased by her jealousy, but decided he would release the edge off of it. So, he drained most of the feeling, letting it sit inside of himself making him feel all warm and…emotional. The only time he felt emotion was during his feeding sessions, but they were not his feelings. They were feelings stolen from others, but he still felt lucky to feel anything at all. Jess suddenly felt as if some weird weight were lifted off her shoulders and could not really explain the feeling. It was odd. She sighed softly and looked around the place, wondering when a waiter or waitress would come take their order.

“Uhm. So. You like the school?”

She asked, though for some reason figured he did not. He cocked his head to the side and coughed out a snide remark.

“Yeah. I love the place. The scenery is beautiful and the people fabulous.”

He dropped the snarky attitude and considered her question pensively, before looking at her. I mean, really looking at her.

“But the people part is looking up even though this place…”

He gestured around.

“Earth, you call it. Is a smog filled dump. Otherworld is so much more vivid and colorful…”

He trailed off. His tongue had slipped and Jess, if she was smart, would know what he was. It was not actually a secret though. Jess glanced at him, a little surprised by the last thing he mentioned. She thought, Wait, what? She did not say something for a long moment. Until finally, she shrugged nonchalantly, acting as if she had heard this all before and met a bunch of people like that.

“Right. Humans are annoying and fickle, and they litter a lot.”

She mumbled.

“I’m sure the Otherworld is much more interesting.”

Felix actually laughed…at her ignorance…a real laugh.

“You don’t know what Otherworld is?”

Jess frowned slightly, hating how oblivious she felt and slowly shook her head.

“Not really…”

He nodded with a smile, inclining his head.

“That sounds about right.”

He drummed his fingers on the table and watched her with creepy-like fascination.

“I’ve never met an ex-human who hasn’t heard the tale before.”

“Well. I haven’t really…”

She cleared her throat. Have not really been around people or listened to others. Have not really had the opportunity or time to hear about it or read about it. But she was not about to say that. She did not even know what to think of the way he was looking at her and had to look down at the table.

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Rude Beginnings: Part 5

In fact, he became pensive and his eyes glazed over with hidden meaning. When Jess came back up for air, he stirred his fingers in the water and broached the topic.

“What is your take on the whole Romeo Juliet thing?”

Such eloquent words, he thought. Jess stared at him when she came up for air out of the water, a little confused at his question.

“What do you mean?”

She questioned, and then shrugged slightly.

“You mean that most people are sad that they didn’t get the ending they assumed it would be, because they both died?”

She did not think this was what he meant.

“Yes and no. Do you believe in fate, destiny, love at first sight, and star-crossed lovers?”

Felix peered over at her in curiosity. He had not asked someone this question in a while and he forgot how conversing with humans…er…once humans, could be like talking to his own kind…and how so different. It was confusing and endearing…but also something else that he could not quite put his finger on. She blinked.

“What an odd question to ask someone you just met.”

She mumbled, and then was silent for a moment as she thought about it.

“Love at first sight? No. Star-crossed lovers? Yes. Destiny? Isn’t that the same as fate?”

She asked, looking at him.

“But sure, I guess.”

She shrugged. Felix smiled and shakes his head.

“No. Fate and Destiny is not the same thing. They are entirely different. Fate is something unavoidable that befalls you. Destiny, however, is the power that determines the course of certain events. So, Destiny rules Fate and Fate is determined by Destiny.”

He stared at the sparkling sun shining over the horizon for a moment.

“I ask, because my people believe in both Destiny and Fate. But love will destroy you if you let it happen.”

Jess considered this for a moment before responding.

“Ah. Okay. I guess that makes sense.”

She murmured, even though it still confused her a bit but she was not going to ask any more about it and risk sounding like a complete idiot. She nodded slowly, looking at the water.


Felix felt silence fill in the void of speech. It did not feel uncomfortable to him, but peaceful and serene. Two things he had not had in a long, long time. Jess looked at the ocean, playing with the salty water in her hand. She enjoyed the breeze blowing lightly through her hair and the waves lapping at her legs, all silent but the whispering waters. Felix felt the first tickling signs of hunger and moaned slightly lowly. He placed a hand to his mouth to cover it up. He turned towards the shore and called over his shoulder.

“Let’s get something to eat. I’m beginning to starve.”

His smile slipped off his lips as the pain grew. I am so stupid, he thought. He should have known that this much time away from humans was stupid and reckless…but he enjoyed being a rebel, and someday it will come at a high price that he will not be able to pay. Jess raised an eyebrow when she heard his stomach growl loudly, looking over at him. Surely, he knew she did not normally eat human food. It was not exactly tasty. Well, that was technically a lie, since she could eat human food without it being disgusting. It was just bland had no flavor whatsoever. But she shrugged and walked to the shore and out of the water.

“Yeah, okay. Where?”

“What place would be jammed full of humans with teen angst?”

Felix asked this question in all seriousness. He needed to be in contact with humans in order to feed with the most sustaining energy, but she did not need to know that that is how he feed off of the emotional energy of humans. He drained them of their intense feelings, leaving them nothing but hollowed, empty shells for a period of time. It was not permanent. So what, he thought, so they would feel a bit emotionless for a day or two. It was not a big deal. Jess thought a moment, thinking at first he was only joking, but then seeing the seriousness on his face.

“Uhm… The pizza place?”

She suggested. Usually there were teens there, and where there were teens, that is usually where angst is. They were so emotional, she thought. Annoyed by this fact, she looked at him and wondered why he wanted to know this.

“Then let us feed…er…Eat.” He led her to the place.

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Rude Beginnings: Part 4

“Where should we be off to, my Diamond?”

His shadow accosted hers and touched her shadow fondly…a little too fondly, if you catch my drift. Jess smiled slightly, thinking about where they could go.

“Uhm… We could go swimming. If you do that.”

She added, glancing at him. She reminded herself to ask him later why he called her that, since she was still wondering about that for some reason. But she decided she liked his real smile, seeing it before it had been covered by his usual smirk. His face mirrored a mock insulted look.

“I will readily inform you that I can indeed swim…without my wings present, if that is what you are alluding to. Do you see any wings? I don’t.”

Felix realized that he might have sounded a little bit a-holish then, so he quickly amended it.

“Do you swim? You don’t appear to get out much and not because of your skin coloring either. What I mean is you don’t appear very social.”

Becoming irritated with himself, realizing that he himself lacks the manners common amongst humans, he decided to stop speaking for a moment…

“What I mean is you should be better suited than I to blend in with mere mortals…so why aren’t you?”

Jess frowned when he said this. Of course she was not extremely social, since it was a general fact that humans have short-tempers, a general lack of patience, and did not like her much because of her attitude. But she was not going to say why she was called an outcast, so she simply said matter-of-factly.

“I don’t socialize much because most people are stupid and annoying. Why don’t you socialize?”

Felix took off his shirt, revealing tight muscles but no drool worthy six pack abs before answering lightly.

“I do not usually socialize with humans. When I do, it is mostly for entertainment and they are a good food source, but you know that. I mostly interact with my own kind and since we lack manners, it is a miracle how, generally, most of them find me more charming than arrogant. A real oxymoron, if you wish.”

He shrugged his shoulders and flexed them.

“Hmm. Your kind must have different opinions of you then.”

Jess mumbled, glancing at the water and ignoring when he said that she would know that humans are a good food source. She did not want to get into that argument, where she would explain she hardly feeds off humans and usually only drinks animal blood. But there was no use in mentioning that, since she doubted he really cared anyway. Felix nodded and let the water lap his toes.

“Aye. They do. They also don’t care much for me anyway. If I cannot be used as a tool, I am worthless. And the worthless charming fool seems to be my title back home, which is why I left it.”

He had not meant to say so much so soon about himself, so he wadded further into the water and dived in gracefully. Jess frowned, hearing this. Well, that sounded much different than the idea she had of his past in her head.

“Oh. I didn’t know that…”

She mumbled, as she walked a little out into the waves before swimming a bit in it. Her clothes were quickly drenched and were clingy, but oh well, she did not really care. Felix whipped his wet hair out of his eyes.

“What? Expecting some dark brooding tale? Aye…There is one…I don’t like talking about it though. I was told by a mortal once that that version garners more sympathy and is less cruel and dark. So I went with it. Why are you here at this school anyway?”

He floated on his back looking up at the sky lazily. Jess wanted to hear more about his past, but did not press the topic. Instead, she shrugged and tried not to show what she was thinking. She hated talking about her past, because she was forced to go into basically vampire school, except apparently it was an assassin academy her parents had tossed her in, so many years ago she lost count. But that was where…an issue occurred; she was kicked out and sent here.

“No reason.”

She mumbled, and swam underwater, so he could not ask her more about it. Felix, deep into one of his thoughtful moods, thought nothing of Jess’s evasion of his question.

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Rude Beginnings: Part 3


She sighed softly.

“Can I ask you something?”

Not waiting for a response, she inquired.

“You seem to think you’re dangerous. Why’s that?”

Yeah, he himself was seemingly dangerous, but why did he think he was? Who was he, really, anyway? Seemingly endless questions rang through her head. Felix cupped her face in his hand in a heartbeat so to say. His inhumane speed should seem disturbing and it was to most. But it was not to a diamond and its many facets and seemingly not to Jess. But Felix could feel her fear and he did not need to hear an erratic human heartbeat to know it. He pondered her question a moment, flexing his wings behind him looking like they came from an E. A. Poe story. His black bottomless eyes held no trace of color or held any answers. They were mirrors reflecting her reflection in a distorted way.

“You see what I can do. What more proof do you need? How many more answers do you seek? Answers can be just as dangerous if not more than questions, my Diamond.”

Jess debated this a silent moment, glancing back at his black wings before searching his face again. Yes, it admittedly did frighten her a bit, but she could deal with freaky things. But dealing with things, in her way, meant fighting or deleting them from her life. But something was strange—she found herself not wanting to do these things, the simple things she had grown accustomed to over the years. She knew he was fast, but she was too; she also knew that he could be scary, but then again, she could be pretty scary at times, too. Which was what pushed people away usually.

“I know.”

She sighed, her voice a breath of a whisper when she spoke. Felix’s lips were a whisper away from hers, when his breath caressed the cheek which he held surprisingly tender enough.

“You know nothing and everything. I am nothing and everything. This is why you are dangerous. This is why I am dangerous. This is why we are dangerous, my Diamond.”

A flicker of an eye lash and he stood an arm’s reach away from her and his warm hand gone from her cheek.

“You know nothing of me, yet you still linger. Why is that?”

He asked her a question of his own making, observing her as a prey would watch its quarry. Jess thought a moment before she responded.

“I…don’t know.”

She finally said, and it was true. She was confused as to why she wanted to stay with him. Why she wasn’t afraid of him anymore, even though she should be. Even though, she was probably completely oblivious to so many things about him, too many to count most likely, and why she was not leaving like she would usually do at this point. He made her confused. He was unlike anyone she had ever met before. He smirked, bringing lightness back into the situation.

“I’m that irresistible huh?”

His wings folded onto his back and with a foreign word, disappeared from view altogether after a light shimmer is seen in the air. His presence radiated warmth, but not as much as before and the darkness of his shadow on the ground fluctuated. It seemed to move of its own accord, mocking her every move. Felix offered her his arm, like in olden days gone past which gives one an inkling about how old he truly was or where about the true answer lies. Jess raised an eyebrow at his question, smirking slightly.

“Yes. Yes, you are.”

She replied jokingly, as she looked at his arm a moment before taking his arm, which she was a little surprised about. She wondered if he was older than she thought, maybe even older than her, but who knew? Were they going somewhere, she thought. His face revealed a true smile, before it was hidden beneath his common smirk as he walked her along the beach. His mind fought with him to be extremely rude with her, but for some reason, he did not want to be an a-hole right at this moment.

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Chapter One: Rude Beginnings

Felix turned around and walked back towards her, rejoining her.

“That’s all you say back? You need to study up on your comebacks, Vamp.”

He smirked a little and brushed his shoulder against her. He was inhumanly warm, but direct contact with him resulted in the fine hairs on one’s arms to standup on end. There was something dark about him. Darker than how he appeared now in his good spirits.

“You should really consider it. It would make my life a whole lot more interesting. Everyone here is so…boring.”

He spit it out like it was a disgusting word.

“I would hate to say that of a pretty girl like you…well pretty in spite of all that pale going on.”

Jess raised an eyebrow.

“Right. Despite the paleness. And don’t call me that.”

She said, as if she had heard that before.

“You think everyone here is boring? I think I’d choose different words for the people here.”

Peculiar, rude, difficult and irritating, she thought. Well, the people she had met before were like that. But then again, she was probably all those things herself.

“Though you seem pretty interesting, don’t you?”

She smirked slightly, almost mocking him. Felix brightened up significantly.

“You noticed that huh? Guess I underestimated you in the slightest.”

He does not see the hint of mockery or if he did, he chose to ignore it. The fact is he was of a heartless variety himself and found a bit of comrade with this bloodless girl. She seemed to be missing a lot of coldness however, and he decided that not all vampires are calculating bloodsuckers. Somehow, this disappointed him and turned his pleasant mood foul as his smile dropped from his features, replaced by something terrifying…nothingness…perfectly without expression. Jess stared at him, raising an eyebrow.

“I learned over the years not to underestimate people. And by the way, I was using sarcasm. Maybe you should learn some of it.”

She noticed he appeared a bit self-centered, and she did not like that about people. He did not reply to her, but gave into his brooding mood. Darkness seemed to follow him without any of the coldness that usually follows such secret torment. In fact, the temperature around him seemed to be increasing slowly. He suddenly looked at her blankly.

“I know what sarcasm is since I’m fond of using it myself.”

“Really? I don’t see it.”

She said calmly, and smirked slightly. She debated whether to just leave now as it was getting slowly warmer here anyway. She did not like the warmth, which was understandable. Since, as a general fact, she was cold all the time. She looked at him, sensing a foul mood coming from him.

“Who expects you to feel anything?”

He snapped back at her and sent a heat wave over her with his brewing anger. He turned away from her and shut his eyes. He breathed deeply through his nose and clenched and unclenched his fists rapidly. He tried to reign in the summer inside of him and release more of the shadows that blackened his heart. She sent a death glare at his back, clenching her fists. Her nails started to dig into her skin.

“Nobody. But you don’t know anything about me, so shut up.”

She seethed at his back. He turned rapidly and clutched her slender throat in his hand. His face was two inches from hers seething with suppressed rage and darkness. His unique blue eyes turned as black as his heart as he breathed heavily in her face. His breath smelled of sunshine and sulfurs, a heady combination. He squeezed her neck lightly.

“Never tell an angry person to shut up. You’ll learn to regret it.”

Jess panicked slightly, but was getting sick of people doing this to her. So, she kicked him hard in the leg. When she fell out of his grasp, she glared at him and replied with anger seeping from her words.

“Well don’t tell me what to do. You’ll learn to regret that.”

Raven feathered wings ripped out of Felix’s back as he mumbled in a weird language, after she kicked him. When his eyes met hers, they looked murderous. He literally flew at her and he was on top of her on the ground in a matter of seconds.

“I say it as a warning, my Diamond. You need to be forewarned.”

His hands encircled her wrists as he pinned her to the ground. There was nothing erotic or romantic about it…okay…maybe a little. Her eyes widened when he did this, staring at his wings before his face. He looked absolutely frightening, and she was kind of freaked out right now, not that she would admit that out loud. She forced her voice to sound calm and steady, the complete opposite of how she felt, as she swallowed hard.

“Get off me.”

Felix helped her to her feet and shoved his hands in his pockets with a grim expression.

“Now you see how ugly I am.”

He did not look at her as he said this, but got a faraway look in his eyes before his black eyes focused on the soft curves of her face.

“You would stay away from me if you want to stay undead. Hanging around me will result in worse than a second death, my Diamond.”

The endearment seemed strange and foreign. Diamond? Jess was a diamond? It seemed right to him though. Jess blinked, watching him carefully. She was silent a moment, absentmindedly wondering why he chose the name ‘diamond’ to describe her, when she asked him a question that popped into her mind.

“Wait, so are you telling me who to hang out with or that I should go away?”

Since when did she leave danger? But, why would he be dangerous?

“I’m not telling you to do anything. The choice is always yours. I am merely stating the obvious.”

His wings flapped slightly in the breeze as he watched her process his words. He did not feel time the way most mortals did. He only saw forever, never today or the here and now. Always looking to the future. That was who he was and who he had become.