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Chapter Four: The Fallout (Part 3)

“I just…”

He searched internally for the right words.

“don’t want you to get hurt unnecessarily, is all. I feel strongly for you, Jessica.”

It was the first time that he said her real full name and he leans against the bookcase with ease. His forehead is smooth and clear of any wrinkles, as if he was not worried that she would go against him and speak to Gunner. Jess stared at him as he said this, then sighed softly and crossed her arms. Nobody got hurt unnecessarily in her opinion. She pushed away the side of her that wanted to feel happy that he worried about her, and instead she responded.

“You shouldn’t worry about me that much.”

I’m not worth it, she silently added. Even though, it seemed to her that he was not really worried at all. Heck, maybe he just said that to all the girls he apparently hung out with. Noel smirked lightly at her comment.

“And why shouldn’t I? Give me one good reason why I should not worry about you.”

His eyes studied her face, silently challenging her to come up with something to set himself free of her, but his personal feelings were that she would not find something solid to get him to stop worrying about her. He felt too young for her and felt a few worry lines would make him feel older. Worrying had not killed anyone yet, but since he does not breathe, that was not a problem for him either. Jess did not respond for a minute, a little surprised that he did not know why he did not really have a reason to worry about her.

“Because, although it’s obvious you haven’t noticed, I can handle myself.”

She replied simply, staring at him. She did not like how people—those who did not know what she was, or even did—always looked at her like she was weak. She thought this was how he was looking at her. Felix blinked. Hurt flashed quickly across his features before resuming its default mode: a slight smirk. He felt hurt…wounded…he had never cared for someone before and having his love get smacked right back in his face felt like hell. Like it was not worth s#$t. His eyes lost their warmth as coldness like shadows slid across his features, making that carefree nature just shadow-like it was just a disguise that he was now shedding. He clapped softly at first, then louder.

“Bravo my dear because frankly I don’t give a damn.”

With that, he raised his hand as the shadows swirl around him enveloping him completely, before he disappeared into nothingness. Then faintly, very faintly his last words reach her.

“I cannot believe I actually love her.”

Jess stared at him, gaping a little as he left. She did not really mean to make it sound the way it came out, but that was always the way she lost people, why they always abandoned her. It was her fault she could never connect with anybody. Her fault, that she always pushed them away. It always ended this way, she thought. She stared at the ground forlornly, the sadness that she never showed burning a hole in her, as well as the guilt that she hurt him. Shoving the book back in the bookshelf, she shook her head, mostly at herself. Okay, so he was angry. A part of her wanted to believe that he would probably get over it. But, still… She felt certain that he might have loved her for some reason, but now she knew for certain that he did not love her anymore.

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Chapter Four: The Fallout (Part 2)

“He’s heeeere.”

She whispered, in the voice from a horror movie she once watched long ago. Felix slipped between the bookcases, taking Jess with him laughing slightly under his breath as if this was all a game. He placed a finger over Jess’s lips as if to shush her.

“I know. No need to say it like that. He’s not a murderer.”

He looked at her reprovingly, then smirked ruining the effect of disapproval. He glanced around the shelf, as if searching for Gunner but seeing no one.

“Hiding from me are we.”

A deep voice issued quietly from behind Felix as he whirls around taking in the sight of Gunner and his rumpled appearance.

“Someone slept in their clothes.”

Noel smirked at Gunner, who flexed his jaw which issued a crackling sound into the silent library. Jess smirked slightly and merely shrugged when he said this. Alright, so if he was not a murderer, how the heck was he dangerous? And why was he even basically stalking him just to figure out some answer? She held in a sigh, staring at Gunner, who looked a bit intimidating, but not enough for her to feel frightened. She dealt with people like this before, so what was the difference? Not that she was really planning on fighting him or anything, but still. Felix laughed out loud, breaking the tension.

“Real intimidating.”

Gunner shrugged in a bored-like fashion.

“Who’s the woman? Another one of your lady companions?”

His voice brimmed with sarcasm and boredom. Felix’s eyes narrowed on Gunner.

“These are not the drones you are looking for.”

Gunner rolled his eyes.

“Wanted to let you know that I found it. No thanks to you. So…bye.”

Gunner turned around and walked away. Felix’s fists clenched at his sides as he watched Gunner’s back retreat. Jess raised her eyebrows when Gunner asked if she was another one of Felix’s lady companions. What, so apparently he had a lot? Was she just some game or something? She tried not to show what she was thinking about and feeling, and said once Gunner was gone.

“Well. Isn’t he just the life of the party?”

She walked back over to the other bookcase and sighed, pretending to be interested in the rows of books. Felix still watched Gunner, until Gunner exited the library. He turned to look at Jess and discovered that her emotions seemed to be spiking with jealousy. It tastes so delicious…and wrong, he thought.

“Just stay away from him, okay? He’s fond of games.”

Felix picked out a book and headed to a nearby table to leaf through some of the pages.

“Oh, really? Because I was definitely planning to be his best friend.”

She mumbled sarcastically, rolling her eyes and sighing softly as she went over to the section labeled mystery. She looked over the books, before pulling one out and opening it, looking through it. Felix narrowed his eyes at her.

“This is a serious matter. You shouldn’t be so flippant about it.”

He slammed the book shut with a decided snap and checked it out at the self-serve computer scanners before returning back to Jess’s side.

“I’m serious, Jess. Gunner’s not a nice guy, even for human standards.”

“I get it, okay?”

Jess muttered, not looking up from her book. She was not exactly going to go chat with Gunner any time soon, but he seemed a bit overprotective. She thought did he not know she could handle herself? She frowned slightly. Felix murmured something unintelligent, watching her face closely trying to decipher the feelings that she flickered through so rapidly. It was enough to make anyone’s head spin, but somehow she seemed composed and normal. It had to be a human thing, to be so composed while feeling so much. Jess was still feeling his eyes on her, which for some reason, made her feel a bit uncomfortable. So much so that she had to read the same paragraph several times and still did not fully understand it. Sighing, she closed the book and finally looked at him.


She asked an edge of annoyance in her tone. She had no idea what he said, and was not sure she wanted to.


He said a little too quickly, as he raked a hand through his already messy waves.

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Chapter Four: The Fallout

Walking in with Jess at his side, he said.

“Where to begin?”

He glanced around the place. Jess shrugged, her eyes skimming across the rows of shelves full of books.

“I don’t know… Over there?”

She pointed to the left side of the library, on the shelf labeled fiction.

Felix started to walk towards that way, when his phone beeped off. He flipped it open, scanning the text message and grumbled something about a mad student coming to the academy. Jess followed over there and heard him say this, although she was not sure what he was talking about.


She asked hesitantly, raising an eyebrow slightly. He handed her the phone, trying to hide the burns on his hands as he did so. His text read: Gunner is now on campus. He’s looking for you……and out for blood. He ran his hand through his hair messing it up.

“It’s from a friend or foe. Someone’s messing with me. There is no way that Gunner would be here of all places.”

She saw the burn on his hands, but did not think he would want her to comment on it. Looking down at the phone, her eyes scanned the text. She did not like the sound of this and did not know who this Gunner was, but apparently, he was a bad guy.

“Uh, who’s Gunner?”

She asked, and then paused slightly.

“It doesn’t sound like he likes you very much, if he wants your blood.”

Felix chuckled and shoved his hands in his front pockets.

“He does not want my blood. He wants the answer to life’s question…actually to his own personal question and let’s just say that I’ve led him on a wild goose chase. Now that he knows I’m back on the earth plane, I knew he would find me to get those answers, but he should really just ask the right question. Sith cannot lie but we can omit parts of the truth if you leave enough wiggle room. Gunner hasn’t learned that yet…nor would I call him dangerous but he is…in his own way.”

“Hm. Interesting. So basically he’s chasing you around with a question? And he couldn’t bother anyone else, why?”

Jess asked, raising an eyebrow. She was not really sure how Gunner was dangerous in his own way, but she was not sure if she wanted to find out; although she probably would end him spotting him sometime since he was on campus now. She could not help smirking a little when he said a Sith cannot lie.

“So… Can’t lie? Well that could be fun.”

She added jokingly. Felix ran his fingers along the old spines in the library. The corner of his mouth tilted up in amusement as he listens to Jess chatter about truths and lies. Her humor was refreshing, especially since he has not felt true emotion in all of his life.

“Well, essentially yes and he cannot bother anyone else. No one else knows the answer…but I do and I intend to keep that to myself. No, I cannot lie outright…what is the fun in that?”

He asked her with humor in his tone. Jess nodded slightly, walking to the other shelf and looking through the books lining across it. There were so many of them, so many magical tales just waiting to be opened so they could play through them again.

“Nobody, huh? Guess you’re just the one who knows all the answers.”

She mused, smirking a little. She shrugged to his last comment.

“It probably wouldn’t be very fun…”

“No seriously.”

Felix turned to her and took her slender hand in his larger one.

“What is it like to lie? How was it to eat? The things that you are capable of…were capable of doing, fascinates me. Seeing as how I can never do those things…ever.”

He smiled slightly down at her, as if it were painful to do so as the library door banged open and strutted in the manliest man that one has ever seen. Gunner walks in leisurely taking his time, flicking the brim of his hat lightly not looking up at anyone, but seemed just as well to beg others of their attention. Jess hesitated slightly before she opened her mouth to respond, but immediately closed it again wordlessly, as the door opened and in came the guy she guessed was Gunner. She almost gaped a little at seeing him for herself. Speak of the devil, she thought, and then looked back at Felix.