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Beauty Ban WK #5

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Yep, I went another week without buying anything for myself beauty or otherwise. I want to talk about something personal that just happened today. As I type this, tears are flowing freely out of my eyes and my throat hurts with the grief that time is not on my side. I took my cat Shadow to the vet. Cue picture montage.

ShadowShadowShadow 3Shadow and SerenaShadow 2ShadowConditionerHaulShadow

The very first picture on my blog was in fact Shadow herself. I love her. She has been with me for 13 years so far. Ever since I was ten years old. Since two years ago, she has dropped from 9 to 6.25 pounds. She is so underweight that she has no body fat AT ALL. She has a heart murmur because of how skinny she is. She is at the risk of having a stroke and dying or worse, being paralyzed for the rest of her life. I repeat, I LOVE my cat. It’s the reason why I brought her to the vet. I didn’t THINK she was that bad though. She has always been skinny her whole life, but never this much and she is throwing up every day. I spent 62 dollars at the vet today to get her seen and to have her rabies shot (the only shot she was do for since her distemper lasts for three years and the rabies had just expired). The vet thinks that she has hyperthyroidism or diabetes. Her weight loss isn’t my fault, yet I feel so responsible. She’s my BABY, for crying out loud. I’m supposed to protect her! I’m supposed to KNOW when something is wrong and yet, I didn’t until now.

She is still crazy and running around. I have to make her take it slow. Her condition makes her much more wild than normal. It actually increases activity in cats. Her blood work to confirm in 160 USD. I don’t have that kind of money right now. I spent the money I saved on visits for all three animals. I should have done Shadow first, but I didn’t know. I thought that it was just a diet thing and that they would recommend better food for her, maybe some supplements. I have to wait the couple of weeks for my tax money to come in and she will get that blood work done and the medication that she needs to survive. I’m just worried about her. She could have a stroke at any time. I need this money to come in faster. The vet says that she will put a rush on the results, because time is critical. I just love her so much. I cannot imagine life without her.

With Love,