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Birthday Hauling: Etsy

If you have seen my previous post on my new vintage obsession, then it should come as no surprise that I picked one up. The shop that I bought from ended up being 3 days late on shipping it out to me, so they included a gift that was on my list as well. So, I got 2 for the price of one, which I am very happy about. It’s nice of the shop to have included it, but they also must have a ton of them laying around. Both of my items are new old stock, meaning that they are old from the 1960s and 1930s, but never opened or used. I had plans on using one to store my face powder, but it is quite large as you will see and filled with perfumed powder. I haven’t decided if I will use the powder, keep it intact, or dump it out and fill it with my own or with other things. I know it isn’t recommended to use, but it is only perfumed powder used on the body. Either way, they are lovely display pieces.

As you can see this, pretty piece is actually quite large. It is from the 1960s and I just love the design and color of it. It is made of heavy duty plastic but appears to be glass upon looking at it. It is an elegant piece. As I develop my collection, I might decide to give away pieces of my collection. I can see this staying with the aesthetic that I am going for. I am very happy with my purchase and it was really inexpensive as well for this piece.

I love this cute little box and had it in my cart, but did not buy it. It was included because of the delayed shipping as a gift. A paperboard box will not sit in my collection, but it is a pretty piece. It is from the 1930s and I am keeping it for now. If I find someone else interested in vintage pieces, I might give them this one. It isn’t going to stay in my collection long term. I want real weighted pieces, so cardboard doesn’t fit in with that. It is VERY pretty though and happy that I have it. I guess perfumed powder was just very popular back then instead of liquid perfume.

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Not Your Average Wishlist

So, my tastes are ever evolving and changing. I develop new hobbies and likes as often as the sun sets and the moon rises. I am going to share a few of the things that I am into now, since my birthday is around the corner. I will eventually buy these things for myself if they are still on my radar when I have the cash. I do like to indulge myself every once in a while and by that, I mean a lot lately. It will simmer down soon enough, especially since I will be paying out of pocket for daycare at least two days a week until I am off the waiting list for a child care voucher. Enough of that though, let’s look at the things that I’ve been side eyeing lately….. all on Etsy. It’s all a vintage trend. Been feeling it lately and I am loving the aesthetic.

Baby Blue Typewriter. Working Remington Vintage Typewriter. Retro writer’s tool. Working Typewriter with case.

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Leather journal

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Du Barry Richard Hudnut dance compact Chatelaine Original box

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Marcella Borghese Eye Shadow – Platinum Oro Tone – New Old Stock

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Vintage Gold Revlon Makeup Compact with Mirror Vintage Revlon Love Pats Cream Beige Powder Compact

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Elegant makeup mirror with powder, vintage unused

At this point, I decided to start adding items to my cart for my birthday, since I am really passionate about collecting vintage makeup that mean a lot to me. When I buy a house and have an office, I want to have a vintage vanity and my vintage makeup decorated on it as a show piece. It makes me so happy and I just want to collect it all. I really don’t need any new makeup, skincare, or anything. Instead of doing hauls for my birthday that I had planned, I ended up filling a cart full of Esty items. I am looking for very particular vintage makeup items. Basically, I am looking for new-old stock, which is old vintage pieces that have never been opened or used. Not going to lie, I plan on opening them to see what they look like and the texture of the products. Since everything is sealed, they are probably safe to use, but I don’t think I’d be that brave to use them.

I also plan on buying a vintage vanity, chair, tray, hairbrush, and other antique holding trays. There are lipstick holders and makeup cases. I am just starting out small with the vintage makeup and I already have a vintage hand held mirror plated in real sterling silver. This is just something that has always interested me, but I just didn’t know you could buy some on Etsy. I plan on putting a ton in my save for later and in my cart for when I have the money to purchase pieces of interest. I have a blast just window shopping at all of it. I am excited to have a new hobby: vintage makeup collector. Also, believe it or not, but not all of these pieces are super expensive. I do have my eye on some very pricey items, but all in due time.

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I went thrift shopping at a local consignment shop and walked away with thirty dollars worth of stuff. I love this certain consignment shop. They always have unique finds and it’s never busy. It has a nice laid back attitude and I spent an hour easily in the store. The ladies who own the place coo and ahhed over Dean keeping him happy while I shopped and tried on a bunch of clothes. I’m never rushed there and I tried on way more than I bought. There are so many styles and I love trying on clothes. I even tried on a cute evening gown just to see how I’d look. lol. I am most definitely going back to take a closer look at their jewelry and nick knacks.

Vintage Sterling Silver Plated Mirror from Hong Kong

The tag on this said $3.99, but they gave it to me for $3. It needs to be polished for sure, but it is going to be a beautiful piece on my desk. I don’t have a vanity, since I don’t have a big enough room for one. My desk is a two-for-one. lol. I use it to display my vanity pieces, but also as a desk. This mirror is really heavy, so it feels nice and solid in your hand. It has a nice clear mirror, so I will be using this to help with makeup application, even if it is just for reapplying my lip balm.


This is the Style&Co brand in a size large. I don’t know what it’s called, but it is like a sweater trench coat style. I really love it and it is very warm. I like layering this over a summer top. It is a heavy knit so it keeps you warm. If I get too warm, I can take it off. I cannot wear this over something warm in case I get too warm. A summer top ensures that I can wear this through a while work day. I am wearing this my first day back for sure. This is the piece that I am most excited to wear.


Jordache Super Skinny Jeans in size 14

I just searched this brand now and saw these jeans for $108. I got a good deal on these! These are super skinny, so even though I am a size 12 now, I needed to get a 14 in order for my ass not to look HUGE in these. I am super happy with these. Finally! I have pants that fit my body super well. No more baggy pants! I used to be a hourglass shape and now, I’m more like a pear with a small waist and big butt and thighs. I need to find cuts that fit with my new shape. It is so hard to find pants that fit at the waist but also have room for larger thighs. I don’t feel like a sausage in these skinnies either. I’m slowly consigning and fading out clothes that no longer fit my shape and never will. It’s hard to let go of clothes….at least for me.


Anne Taylor in size 8

Good news! I am back into fitting size 8 dresses again, which was my pre-pregnancy dress size. I love this dress and the best part is that it is very work appropriate. I can wear it to meetings and interviews. I don’t like to wear dresses often, but it is nice in the warmer weather to have other options but pants. This dress goes over $100 as well and still has the tags on it. I feel beautiful in it. It’s been a while since I haven’t felt “fat” in my clothing. I think it was from wearing bigger clothes, because I’ve been dropping the weight faster all of a sudden.


The Great American Sweater Company Concepts in Medium

This sweater is so nice and comfy. It is a nice house sweater, since I’m sure it is too comfy to wear around the office. Maybe if I style it right, I can get away with it. I love the baby pink color and it reminds me a lot of a light blue robe that I used to have as a kid. I cannot use the tie belt, but I still love it open and snuggling into it. I wish there would have been a large, but this was the only one of its kind.

This was part of my Christmas present from my dad. He gave me $100 to spend and I spent $30 at the consignment shop. I’m going to share the other things that I got from Walmart and Sephora in a separate post. Also, my new hair is coming soon. I’m still deciding on a dye. Not many cruelty free options available at the drug store.

With Love,