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College Essentials Haul

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so excited to have started online college at SNHU! It has been a hot minute since I have gone to college or to school for that matter. I thought that I would share with you my essentials for going back to college, specifically for online college. It really applies to any sort of school or if you are just looking for fun paper supplies. This is personal to me, so it may not suit you. These are the things that I know that I need to start the semester out right. I am interested to see how many of these things I don’t actually used. I think that I will use everything though. You never know. Sometimes, I just buy things because I think I will use them, but then never actually touch them. Until years later and I’m like Why do I have that?

These are my paper supplies. I have my favorite kind of pens: gel. Also, my favorite brand: PaperMate Ink Joy. I have never tried these pens, but my two favorite things? I think this might be my new favorite pens! I love to color code my notes, so I love having a rainbow supply. I have seen packs of just blue and black, so if I need a refill on the basics, I can get them. Note cards are a must for me. I need them to memorize formulas and key terms. Washi tape for when I have books, so I don’t mark up the pages. Not sure I will use them this semester, but you never know. Flags and sticky notes are basic necessities to page mark notes and quickly jot down information. I don’t have any physical books this semester, which limits my flag usage. I bought these two planner kits at Walmart and they are so cute! The flags, I know I will use and I hope that I find use for the other little stickies as well. My planner and notebooks will be so cute! Speaking of which…


These are my two Kate Spade (May she rest in peace) notebooks for my two official classes: Perspectives in History and Applied Social Science. These are super cute to tote around. Notice a theme here with all of the cute? The rose gold notebook goes with my office theme (Rose Gold) and my baby blue books goes with my room theme (Tiffany Blue and Silver). I am loving this style of notebook and that it is hard cover to survive in my bag. I feel so cool taking these out at work. They are my aesthetic through and through. I need to be on the lookout for an office meeting themed one. Kate Spade is my spirit animal and always will be.


A planner is a must for managing my busy life. I need to juggle my work from home days, college work, and home life in one planner. I considered getting one to separate school, but what would be the point? I need to balance out my whole life and see it in all together in order to manage it best. A phone to keep in touch. My Kindle Fire to do my work on when I am at work. I know I could use the computer, but some text books can only be downloaded to one device. I would chose my Kindle, so I can have it with me on the go to do my college work. I need to invest in a case for it though. I am pretty sure that this Kindle will be dying soon. My extended warranty is expiring in August and they usually don’t last much longer after that. I would get it in the same 7inch screen size. I really like it. Maybe with more room though. 8GB isn’t a ton.

Last but not least, because it is expensive. You need a good laptop. I have a HP here in Rose Gold that I paid $500 dollars on Amazon for and it is worth $1500. I love the rose design on the keyboard and yes, this was a limited edition. It seems to be selling for $700 now for the refurbished model, which is the one that I bought. I take care of my electronics, so I know that this will last me years like my 8 year old Dell. I love the backlit keyboard and the touchscreen screen. It has all the bells and whistles at a third of the price. I would keep an eye out on Amazon, because the prices are always influx. This is a beautiful laptop and worth every penny. They keyboard is a full size standard. I have a lot of comfortable wrist space and the 17 inch screen is perfection.

These are what I believe are online colleges essentials for me. I am looking forward to learning in all of my classes and chatting with my classmates. Not sure that I will do a whole lot of connecting on our school’s community (it’s like a private Facebook platform but not Facebook). I have a life and real friends to keep up with. Great if you are going to online school instead of traditional college and want to connect with other students. I’m just more of an in-person person instead of a virtual person.

With Love,


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Amazon Haul

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am sorry for skipping my July Favorites, but I didn’t really love anything that month and I was going to upload it. It became too late to do one, so I sincerely apologize to anyone that was looking forward to it. I decided to buy a planner to keep my hectic life organized, but I did not want to break the bank while doing so. Amazon is a great alternative from buying from the actual site. Their return policy is so much better ad they are faster for processing orders. Amazon gave me the shipping estimate as September 1 through the 19th, but after my order was process, they gave me the shipping estimate of August 11th to the 15th. I got the planner on August 13th by FedEx. They also offer free shipping, which you all know that shipping costs are my kryptonite. Am I spelling that right? Anyways, here is everything that I bought for a grand total of 52.19 USD.

Filofax 2015 A5 Organizer, Saffiano Raspberry, 39.94 USD

Filofax a5FilofaxFilofaxFilofaxFilofax


I absolutely love my Filofax! I know it is too early to rave about it, but I really love the look of it and the way the layout is. The leather is so plush like a little pillow. I love that it has pockets to slip little post-its in it or mini note pads and it even has a side pocket to slip a skinny notebook or larger items. The little pockets are supposed to be for credit cards, but I wouldn’t keep my cards with my Filofax. I like my wallet for that, plus it seems weird to keep them in there. I like that it came with a few surprises that wasn’t supposed to be in there like a 2014 spread, including 2015, and a 100 page notebook pad. I won’t go into detail online, but if you’re my friend, odds are that I will be showing you it.

Sharpie Pen Fine Point Pen, 4 Colored Pens, 4 USD

Sharpie PensSharpie PensSharpie Marker

These were a really great buy at 1 USD a pen. The pack also came with a bonus neon orange Sharpie, which is always nice to get stuff for free. I bought these pens, because they do not bleed or smudge. It will be perfect for color coding my planner, these pens that is. The Sharpie would probably bleed through the pages. I always really loved these pens in high school and I am just now coming back to it. It was definitely an oldie but a goodie. I don’t ever really see these in stores anymore.

AllyDrew Colorful Lines Japanese Washi Masking Tape, set of 3, 5.50 USD

Washi TapeWashi TapeWashi Tape


I bought the tape to decorate my planner and to symbolize certain events like vacation, holidays, and date nights. Plus, they are super cute and see through, so you can write over the tape or underneath in it. I like the versatility of using the tape.

So, that is everything that I bought! Have you hauled anything lately?

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo