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ECLP: Week #1

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was so excited today that I was able to plan my first official week in my Erin Condren Life Planner! I used a ton of stickers, which is just the way that I like to plan. I am looking forward to ordering a small 20 USD haul from Erin Condren to get more stickers. I really like the Do-It-All Dots and the blank event stickers. I might buy the sticker book, but I am not sure that it is actually worth it. You know? Or should I go with an Etsy haul for 20 USD and save the Erin coupon for later (it doesn’t expire)? Let me know your thoughts. I have a hard time deciding.

week 1week 1

Okay, so I will go from the left to the right. I covered up the “Thankful Thoughts” and put in important reminders of the week like my doctor appointment and Danielle coming over. Underneath that I decided to do meal┬átracking for the week like all of the suppers that I am making. I didn’t really decide for the week yet. I usually go buy what I feel that day and what we have on hand. I also decorated underneath the boxes and down the side to separate the week from the extra space to write. I just love washi. I have the week’s work scheduled and a little to do list for after work for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For Friday, I have my blog list out. I only know one post that I’m doing. I’ll just write the rest in as I go along. I’m trying to stay ahead of ┬áJulamorous. I already have the first week completed, so I am working on the second and third. There are five weeks in the month this year. I then have my little chores like exercising, laundry, and taking care of my pets. In the last box, I have the shows I want to watch, getting in some reading time, and watching the Fireworks. They always start at a different time!

For Saturday, I just decorated it for spending the day with my best friend at my place. It is pretty low key. We gossip, eat lunch, and watch a movie. We don’t really care what we do as long as we are together. We get so little time! Our schedules are so busy, but since Dani is out of school, we might be able to squeeze in more visits with each other. And you better visit me at home Dani after the baby is born! It would be nice to have you come over while I’m stuck on bedrest.

Sunday is a busier day for me, because I have a lot to do. I go grocery shopping early in the morning and I like to walk the dogs after lunch. I have to do my workout that is pregnancy safe. Basically, I can do almost any workout as long as I do a short one (20 minutes) and cut down the amount of reps to 5-10. I cannot get out of breath or really sweat. That would be overdoing it. I also do my blogging on Sunday and like Friday, I will add more posts as I get the ideas for them. I also plan for the following week on Sunday and make a special meal and dessert. I also make sure to have at least two pamper night a week. Making special time for me is very important in pregnancy.

Well, that is it until Wednesday, the start of Julamorous! I have a Happy rest of your Sunday and a Good Monday!

With Love,