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Manicure Monday

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Happy Tuesday! I know, I know! I am so bad at posting things online, but I started a new job and really have less time for blogging on the weekdays. So, look for more weekend posts. I am going to try to at least post up two a week. I usually write about five a week on average, less or more depending on my creative juices. I will always post at least twice a week, though. I promise.


I love OPI Liquid Sand in NLM4713024 (purple). I love the results that I get with this polish. I like the transition into more Fall appropriate colors and I chose a polish that would last a week without chips for sure. I finally grew my nails out to a long length and they are beautiful. I cannot wait to share my weekly update with all of you about my job and what I have been up to recently.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo