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Chapter Six: Forgotten History (Part 2)

His eyes glanced at his crystal and were surprised to find it a murky purple color. It had never carried that color before and as his feelings turned more purple, the color in the crystal turned clearer and brighter, until the whole thing sparkled like an amethyst, the stone of hope. His eyes met hers with a wry grin.

“I think my feelings have changed. Wait, rewind that. I think I possess feelings now…with you.”

Jess could not help but laugh a little at this. Belle of the ball? More like the one who felt like the dress was suffocating and she could not wait to get out of that horrid party.

“Nah, I was the one who complained about it most of the time.”

She said jokingly. As she saw him glance over at his crystal, her eyes also trailed over to it, before returning to meet his gaze. The stone was different than it used to be, was it not? It appeared to be…clearer…pure. A smile smoothly slid onto her lips and she added.

“Oh, really?”

She was still sort of in awe of the change of the crystal.


She said good, because she felt the same way, that she was having more feelings for him the more time she spent with him.

“You’re misunderstanding me.”

Felix said a bit agitated by the difference in the stone.

“It’s purple. It’s never purple. Purple symbolizes hope. I am experiencing hope.”

He looked up at her, eyes brimming with…golden liquid. Could it be tears?

“Hope that we will be able to be together. I have never hoped before, because I thought it was futile. Fate controls everything, but falling in love with you, has changed some of my core beliefs. Now, I question Fate. I question Fate, because of you.”

He smiled and ducked his head a little to look at the stone. The positivity that radiated from him was a positive sign that he was happy with the change. Jess was not sure what to say. So, perhaps, their fate could change after all? Felix had hope now, and Jess believed that things could work out a little more than she did before. Maybe, it was just being in his presence and getting to know him, and realizing she did not want to lose him. Ever. Her eyes fell to the stone once more, as she thought of something to say, but did not say it. She wanted to believe that they would always be together, that things would work out, but she still was not completely sure. Although she desperately wanted this, she wondered if fate could really change.

“I wish I could convince you about us, but I cannot. I may not know the future, Jessica or what it has in store for us. All I know is that I have never loved another person more than how I love you now. Our love will get us through this of that I am sure.”

Felix smiled stiffly at her, trying to convey a confidence which he did not feel. He could not force the spirit or attitude to go with the words in which he had spoken. He had hope, but hope could not guarantee them a life together. It only gave them temporary satisfaction and the push to try to change their reality. He gazed at the ocean once more, noticing how that storm had died off suddenly out of nowhere. It was probably caused by some paranormal creature, he thought. Felix returned his attention back to Jess, wondering not for the first time, if she regretted getting involved with complicated.

Jess nodded, knowing this. Nobody really knew what their future would be, who it would be with, or how it could be guaranteed an option for them to change it. And even if people could change it, what if their fate was of one they regretted? What if their fragile hopes were twisted and configured into some opposite fragment which could never be opposed again? Shaking these worries off, Jess sighed softly.

“It will.”

She said, also hoping their love would get them through this. She had never loved anybody before, as well, and as long as she was with him, she was more secure about what their future might hold.

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Chapter Five: The Makeup (Part 5)

Jess raised her eyebrows at this, surprised as he dips her backwards and kissed her, gently at first as though a brief taste, but soon, changing into something more passionate and loving as their lips moved in sync together. This time feels short as they both pull away from the kiss, but still remain close together. Absentmindedly, Jess wondered what it was about Felix that was so… intoxicating? No, it was not that. It was something stronger than that, what she felt for him was not lust that was clear. As she listened to his words, snapping out of her vivid daydream, she still did not think that she was beautiful at all. She wanted to reply to this, but decided against it. Instead, she smirked and asked.


That was definitely a foreign word to describe Jess. Felix pulled her upright, still holding her close.

“Oh, you know what I mean. You taste like sugar and spice and everything nice. Although you do have a fiery kick with the attitude, Missy.”

He teased her easily, as if he had always been passionate and caring like it was not foreign to feel feelings whatsoever. His lopsided smile appeared as he glanced down at her.

“I might have to tickle the spice out of you.”

Without warning, they were suddenly soaring through the air as his black feathers tickled her cheek lightly. If she was observing anything about his wings, she would have noticed that they were not as pitch black anymore. Although they were still black, they seem lighter than the shadows flying with them, clinging to Felix’s body like a second skin, although invisible to most paranormals and humans alike. Only species like vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and Sith could see them as bright as day.

“Where do you want to go today, Sweetness?”

Jess raised her eyebrows once more at this. Well that was true, actually, but she was still getting used to all of this. For example, him being all nice to her. She remembered the first time she met him; they were both extremely rude to each other. Not sweet at all. And now, he was as sweet as candy, besides the tickling part. Her eyes widened as he suddenly grabbed her and took her into the air with him, but they soon fell due to his wings. Was it just her, or did they look somewhat different? They seemed…lighter? Or perhaps she was just seeing that. At his question, she turned her attention back to him and shrugged slightly.

“Hmm… I don’t know. Where do you want to go?”

She returned with a question of her own. But if they were keeping their relationship a secret, the place probably should not have too many people around. Felix’s smile took a wicked turn as he carried her higher into the sky.

“How about the….cove? There should not be many people around, plus there looks to be a storm brewing on the beach. There will not be much people venturing out in the storm. A perfect time for us to be alone to…talk.”

Felix arches an eyebrow at her suggestively as he swerved around in the sky. He would not land without her assent, so they hovered in the sky until she decided. The ends of her mouth twitched slightly as Jess restrained from smiling at that. The cove, huh? Oh, yeah. The best place for talking, she thought to herself, her gaze not leaving his even though the atmosphere around them really was brilliant.

“Well we do have much to talk about…”

She trailed off, seeing the suggestiveness in his expression and finally smiling faintly.

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Update Thursday

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Okay, so a quick life update for all of my readers. My beauty buying ban is still underway and I have decided to only splurge on one non-beauty item for my birthday. I have decided that I will be in the market for buying clip in hair extensions for fullness. I don’t know what brand or anything yet, so if you know of any good ones, let me know in the comments. I will of course pop into Lush for one of their fresh face masks, go to the movies, and go out to dinner for my birthday. Don’t worry! You will be spending the day with me [post goes up after the fact]. Shadow’s results can back from the blood test. Her counts are lower, but the vet wants to see them even lower. Her kidney indicators are still high. Her blood will be retaken in four months to see if that changes. The vet says that so far so good and to keep up with just feeding her her Prescription Diet wet and dry food. My toe still looks beaten, but there is no more pain. I cannot trim the nail though, so it is crazy long. It hurts if I finagle with it.

I also wanted to give you all an update on what I am doing in regards to writing. Most of you probably do not know, that I am a published author under an assumed name, a nom de plume if you will. I am working on writing a second installment of poetry and short stories under the name of Selena Hannah. It will be a short collection of poems from the first book [which I am considering pulling from the market but I’ll probably leave it as is for now], a selection of new poetry, and a collections of excerpts from the four novels that I am currently working on. Would you guys like to know more about this, along with status updates? I’m not trying to plug in my goods [I never even told you the name of the published book]. I’m just to share more of what I love, which is writing.

With Love,


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Rude Beginnings: Part 3


She sighed softly.

“Can I ask you something?”

Not waiting for a response, she inquired.

“You seem to think you’re dangerous. Why’s that?”

Yeah, he himself was seemingly dangerous, but why did he think he was? Who was he, really, anyway? Seemingly endless questions rang through her head. Felix cupped her face in his hand in a heartbeat so to say. His inhumane speed should seem disturbing and it was to most. But it was not to a diamond and its many facets and seemingly not to Jess. But Felix could feel her fear and he did not need to hear an erratic human heartbeat to know it. He pondered her question a moment, flexing his wings behind him looking like they came from an E. A. Poe story. His black bottomless eyes held no trace of color or held any answers. They were mirrors reflecting her reflection in a distorted way.

“You see what I can do. What more proof do you need? How many more answers do you seek? Answers can be just as dangerous if not more than questions, my Diamond.”

Jess debated this a silent moment, glancing back at his black wings before searching his face again. Yes, it admittedly did frighten her a bit, but she could deal with freaky things. But dealing with things, in her way, meant fighting or deleting them from her life. But something was strange—she found herself not wanting to do these things, the simple things she had grown accustomed to over the years. She knew he was fast, but she was too; she also knew that he could be scary, but then again, she could be pretty scary at times, too. Which was what pushed people away usually.

“I know.”

She sighed, her voice a breath of a whisper when she spoke. Felix’s lips were a whisper away from hers, when his breath caressed the cheek which he held surprisingly tender enough.

“You know nothing and everything. I am nothing and everything. This is why you are dangerous. This is why I am dangerous. This is why we are dangerous, my Diamond.”

A flicker of an eye lash and he stood an arm’s reach away from her and his warm hand gone from her cheek.

“You know nothing of me, yet you still linger. Why is that?”

He asked her a question of his own making, observing her as a prey would watch its quarry. Jess thought a moment before she responded.

“I…don’t know.”

She finally said, and it was true. She was confused as to why she wanted to stay with him. Why she wasn’t afraid of him anymore, even though she should be. Even though, she was probably completely oblivious to so many things about him, too many to count most likely, and why she was not leaving like she would usually do at this point. He made her confused. He was unlike anyone she had ever met before. He smirked, bringing lightness back into the situation.

“I’m that irresistible huh?”

His wings folded onto his back and with a foreign word, disappeared from view altogether after a light shimmer is seen in the air. His presence radiated warmth, but not as much as before and the darkness of his shadow on the ground fluctuated. It seemed to move of its own accord, mocking her every move. Felix offered her his arm, like in olden days gone past which gives one an inkling about how old he truly was or where about the true answer lies. Jess raised an eyebrow at his question, smirking slightly.

“Yes. Yes, you are.”

She replied jokingly, as she looked at his arm a moment before taking his arm, which she was a little surprised about. She wondered if he was older than she thought, maybe even older than her, but who knew? Were they going somewhere, she thought. His face revealed a true smile, before it was hidden beneath his common smirk as he walked her along the beach. His mind fought with him to be extremely rude with her, but for some reason, he did not want to be an a-hole right at this moment.

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Chapter One: Rude Beginnings

Felix turned around and walked back towards her, rejoining her.

“That’s all you say back? You need to study up on your comebacks, Vamp.”

He smirked a little and brushed his shoulder against her. He was inhumanly warm, but direct contact with him resulted in the fine hairs on one’s arms to standup on end. There was something dark about him. Darker than how he appeared now in his good spirits.

“You should really consider it. It would make my life a whole lot more interesting. Everyone here is so…boring.”

He spit it out like it was a disgusting word.

“I would hate to say that of a pretty girl like you…well pretty in spite of all that pale going on.”

Jess raised an eyebrow.

“Right. Despite the paleness. And don’t call me that.”

She said, as if she had heard that before.

“You think everyone here is boring? I think I’d choose different words for the people here.”

Peculiar, rude, difficult and irritating, she thought. Well, the people she had met before were like that. But then again, she was probably all those things herself.

“Though you seem pretty interesting, don’t you?”

She smirked slightly, almost mocking him. Felix brightened up significantly.

“You noticed that huh? Guess I underestimated you in the slightest.”

He does not see the hint of mockery or if he did, he chose to ignore it. The fact is he was of a heartless variety himself and found a bit of comrade with this bloodless girl. She seemed to be missing a lot of coldness however, and he decided that not all vampires are calculating bloodsuckers. Somehow, this disappointed him and turned his pleasant mood foul as his smile dropped from his features, replaced by something terrifying…nothingness…perfectly without expression. Jess stared at him, raising an eyebrow.

“I learned over the years not to underestimate people. And by the way, I was using sarcasm. Maybe you should learn some of it.”

She noticed he appeared a bit self-centered, and she did not like that about people. He did not reply to her, but gave into his brooding mood. Darkness seemed to follow him without any of the coldness that usually follows such secret torment. In fact, the temperature around him seemed to be increasing slowly. He suddenly looked at her blankly.

“I know what sarcasm is since I’m fond of using it myself.”

“Really? I don’t see it.”

She said calmly, and smirked slightly. She debated whether to just leave now as it was getting slowly warmer here anyway. She did not like the warmth, which was understandable. Since, as a general fact, she was cold all the time. She looked at him, sensing a foul mood coming from him.

“Who expects you to feel anything?”

He snapped back at her and sent a heat wave over her with his brewing anger. He turned away from her and shut his eyes. He breathed deeply through his nose and clenched and unclenched his fists rapidly. He tried to reign in the summer inside of him and release more of the shadows that blackened his heart. She sent a death glare at his back, clenching her fists. Her nails started to dig into her skin.

“Nobody. But you don’t know anything about me, so shut up.”

She seethed at his back. He turned rapidly and clutched her slender throat in his hand. His face was two inches from hers seething with suppressed rage and darkness. His unique blue eyes turned as black as his heart as he breathed heavily in her face. His breath smelled of sunshine and sulfurs, a heady combination. He squeezed her neck lightly.

“Never tell an angry person to shut up. You’ll learn to regret it.”

Jess panicked slightly, but was getting sick of people doing this to her. So, she kicked him hard in the leg. When she fell out of his grasp, she glared at him and replied with anger seeping from her words.

“Well don’t tell me what to do. You’ll learn to regret that.”

Raven feathered wings ripped out of Felix’s back as he mumbled in a weird language, after she kicked him. When his eyes met hers, they looked murderous. He literally flew at her and he was on top of her on the ground in a matter of seconds.

“I say it as a warning, my Diamond. You need to be forewarned.”

His hands encircled her wrists as he pinned her to the ground. There was nothing erotic or romantic about it…okay…maybe a little. Her eyes widened when he did this, staring at his wings before his face. He looked absolutely frightening, and she was kind of freaked out right now, not that she would admit that out loud. She forced her voice to sound calm and steady, the complete opposite of how she felt, as she swallowed hard.

“Get off me.”

Felix helped her to her feet and shoved his hands in his pockets with a grim expression.

“Now you see how ugly I am.”

He did not look at her as he said this, but got a faraway look in his eyes before his black eyes focused on the soft curves of her face.

“You would stay away from me if you want to stay undead. Hanging around me will result in worse than a second death, my Diamond.”

The endearment seemed strange and foreign. Diamond? Jess was a diamond? It seemed right to him though. Jess blinked, watching him carefully. She was silent a moment, absentmindedly wondering why he chose the name ‘diamond’ to describe her, when she asked him a question that popped into her mind.

“Wait, so are you telling me who to hang out with or that I should go away?”

Since when did she leave danger? But, why would he be dangerous?

“I’m not telling you to do anything. The choice is always yours. I am merely stating the obvious.”

His wings flapped slightly in the breeze as he watched her process his words. He did not feel time the way most mortals did. He only saw forever, never today or the here and now. Always looking to the future. That was who he was and who he had become.