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Chapter Six: Forgotten History

Felix landed lightly on the ground with Jessica. He smiled darkly into her eyes as his lips touched hers with passion. He broke the kiss and wandered over near a rock to sit down. He sat down facing the ocean. The salty air hit his face, messing up his dark locks as a piece falls into his eyes, giving him a dark, youthful, rebel persona. He glanced at Jess and sighed deeply.

“I used to love being near the ocean, when I was younger. It was so deep and mysterious. It wasn’t traveled much and it was filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams.”

Looking at him, Jess smiled against his lips and kissed him back a moment, enjoying the compelling feeling she seemed to always have with him, before they separated once more. She followed him to the rock, watching the ocean splash against the shore and then slide back down a while and then turning her head to look at him, in time to see his hair fall into his eyes. She was tempted to reach out and brush it out of his face, but restrained as she listened to him speak. She nodded slightly, understanding this slightly. Except, for her, what she always went out to watch was the sky, because it seemed to cast off her emotions and yet be so peaceful all at once, something she never was.

“Ever find any of those treasures?”

She asked curiously. Felix gazed out to the sea as the blue of it reflected into his irises. He thought back on those times and shrugged his shoulders.

“I was always very vain. Unless you count seducing mermaids and sirens and redirecting pirates away from the loot of gold underfoot, then no, I never found any treasure, because there was nothing there of any real value. I’m timeless. Trinkets are useless, unless you either value them or have someone to give them to.”

Silent for a long while, Jess looked back over at the waves that moved simultaneously through the ocean. She nodded slowly, unsure how she felt about the whole seducing mermaids and sirens. Well, that was a twist, wasn’t it? Generally it was the mermaids and sirens who seduced the sailors or pirates, but apparently this was a whole new story she had no recognition of until now.

“Hmm. Interesting.”

She murmured, absentmindedly playing with the sand between her fingers. Felix smirked lightly at her.

“Although, you are so much finer than a fish, Sweetness.”

He lightly teased her, before getting serious.

“What era are you from, Jess? I never really asked you that and I just realized that I have never really asked you about your past or where you come from.”

He tilted his head to look at her better and wondered, if they have ever crossed paths back when she was only a mere mortal to be toyed and played with. His smirk turned into a thoughtful muteness of expression.

“Oh, well thanks.”

Jess replied with a roll of her eyes, before she glanced at him and hesitated.

“The age question? Love that one.”

Really, she did not. She got asked that way too much, but that was probably to be expected. Most people that asked her that, though, she had to lie and say the age she was before being changed into a vampire.

“1600’s. The dresses then were so fun.”

She mumbled sarcastically. Wearing dresses in the first place, period was something to dread, but wearing dresses from that era? Ten times worse. Noel laughed softly, before tucking a wayward strand of her hair away from her face.

“I would have loved to see that. I bet you were the belle of the ball.”

He winked at her, loving the lightness of the moment.