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I Can See Clairol Now The Rain Is Gone

For Clairol Expert Collection AgeDefy Pantene Pro-V ColorSeal Conditioning Therapy

This was a weekly conditioning treatment to help seal in healthy-looking color and add intense shine. It is a thick, white creme that is a bit whipped (light, airy). It smells like summer with hint of coconut, ocean salt, and sweet florals. It may have a hint of almond oil as well. It smells almost identical to Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration (in the blue bottle) with coconut and orchids. It feels like it really coats your strands in the shower. This makes my hair silky soft after conditioning. It makes me want to buy Hello Hydration (I used it all senior year of high school) for the familiar scent and how soft and silky my hair always was. This conditioner is very similar to that collection. I highly recommend both. I received this in a hair coloring box from a long time ago and I just never used it, because I always had conditioner and hair masks around. I cannot say if it makes color last longer, but it does make my hair shinier.

With Love ❤


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