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The End Of Pan That Palette

I only had time for a quick post today, so I decided to come on here to say that I am calling it quits on this project. Going through my collection on my blog showed me that I have a ton of eye products that are older than my eye shadow palette just sitting in my collection. I decided to end this series and to start a monthly makeup bag one, where I chose 5 products to focus on every month. This way, I rotate through my collection more and find out products that I love again and others that I can part with. I have no problem parting with items in my collection if I hate them or if they have gone bad.

I realized that I have SO many eye shadows just collecting figurative dust. I used my glitter eye gloss the other day and fell in love with it. I cannot wait for the weekends to wear them every day. I already hit pan on the eye shadow, because I have been digging deep into the pan to get a little more gloss than glitter. I like a little sparkle, but it has a VERY glittery spray over on the top layer.

I guess, I just didn’t enjoy limiting myself to just that one palette. I’m sure I’ll bring it in throughout next year a few times, but I want to use up my singles and quads next year. I like the convenience of a palette, but I still want variety. Once I use up my singles and stuff, I’ll let myself buy a couple of eye shadow palettes. Definitely the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette and/or Smashbox cover shot palette. I like the little ones along with the big bulky ones.

I just wanted to explain why I was ending my project pan that palette. I look forward to using up more of my collection before the end of the year without the added pressure. I’ve felt a lot less pressured about my makeup this month, since I started the new series. I don’t have to use anything up and when I do, it is going to be so much more rewarding. I’m also starting a 200 pan next year for all of my beauty related products. I go through about 20 beauty products a month on average. It should be an achievable goal for me. I know most people do a 100 pan, but I think I would be done with that too soon in the year. I might do 250 pan to make it a real challenge. We shall see!

With Love,



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