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NYE Goals: May Check-In

  1. Start wedding planning
    • I still need to do the invites, but the date and time changed due to a family emergency. Now, I have to butcher our cards unfortunately.
  2. Take better care of myself:
    • Bathe regularly (depression sucks) – Off/On
    • Get back into a regular day/night skincare routine – Slacking on night routine
    • Start exercising regularly – Inconsistent
    • Continue eating a healthy diet – The last two weeks of May haven’t been that healthy.
    • Take Dean out on more outings – He has gone to the park, swimming, to Marshalls, grocery shopping, etc.
  3. Create more family adventures – We went swimming as a family.
  4. Reinvest in my blogging schedule
    • I have been pretty dedicated to this one.
  5. Pursue a passion (I’m getting 2 Herbology diplomas this year to be a Herbologist!)
    • I am a bit behind in the homework due to the move and the family emergency.
  6. Start Youtube channel
    • No progress this month.
  7. Get a raise/promotion
    • Reviews are at the end of the summer.
  8. Go on vacation
    • Maybe????
  9. Always focus on being happy and present
    1. Doing it consistently, so I’m marking this good.
  10. Continue to support and love my children
    • Doing it now more than other. This is marked good.
  11. Read 12 books
    • I’m probably 3 books behind currently. The move and the family emergency really affected this goal. I’m going to start putting some dedicated time aside to read every week.

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