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The Empties Are Coming! The Empties Are Coming!

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It’s May 2nd and that time again. I went through quite a few things, but not as many as last month. I still think that 10 empties are a good amount though to get rid of in a month. It would have been more, but since I’ve been sick this past week or so, I didn’t have the energy to do all of the things that I usually do. As I type this, I am eating some pistachios, which are my favorite snack. I got some anti-nausea gum that works WONDERS. It is expensive though at 12 USD for 24 pieces. I’m usually fine during the day, but get sick at around 6-7pm. I go to the doctor’s on May 15th, so I should know more by then. Enough about me, let’s get to it!

Naturebox Jalapeno Cashews, 1 oz

Nature Box

Naturebox Sea Salt Sun-Crunch, 1 oz

Nature Box

Naturebox Parmesan Garlic Pop Pops, 1 oz

Nature box

Naturebox Strawberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels, 4 oz

Nature Box

Naturebox Cranberry Medley, 1 oz

Nature Box

Sharpie Pen in Black, fine tip 1 ct

Sharpie Pens

Naturaltech replumping Shampoo, 12 ml foil packet


Naturaltech Replumping Conditioner, 12 ml foil packet


Michael Todd True Organics Cranberry Antiox Hydrating Anti-Aging Toner, 1.7 fl oz


Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer, 4 fl oz


What are your empties for April?

With Love,



14 thoughts on “The Empties Are Coming! The Empties Are Coming!”

  1. I need to remember to keep empties so I can do a post like this as I enjoy reading your posts like this. Cetaphil is so good for a gentle cleanser, I think I’ve used the lotion too and thought it was good. I use Sharpies a lot too. those snacks look good! I did not know there was an anti-nausea gum, but glad you found that and that it works!

    1. Lol. They are fun to do! The snacks were delicious! I have another package coming and I have some coupon codes as well. The gum is ginger flavored but tastes more like cinnamon.

  2. I’ve been dealing with some nausea (it seems mostly anxiety based but who knows really,) and usually I just have a peppermint candy which helps some. Is the gum sold in walmart or something?

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