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Rainforest Mist

For Secret Body Spray Rainforest Mist Brazil

Shadow and Serena

I thought this was deodorant, since they sell it with the deodorant. It is actually just a body spray, so no wonder why it never worked for my B.O. I will not repurchase. What is the point of this body spray? If I want a body spray, I will use my perfume sprays from Victoria Secret, not this brand. A totally pointless product for me. I do not recommend this at all. The scent isn’t even all that great anyway. It is a “refresh” spray that literally does nothing for B.O. My first fail at an all natural deodorant try on. I need to move towards more natural deodorant. I want to try the La Fresh from Sephora and give it a try. A full size is like $10 to $14, but I want to try one of the mini kits if it is worth it for the price. Otherwise, I’ll just buy one full size.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


4 thoughts on “Rainforest Mist”

  1. I would try a sample size first to see how your skin reacts. I guess a lot of natural deodorants have baking soda in them which can cause rashes. That’s what happened when i was using the Toms brand.

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