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2023 Project Pan: February Update

The monetary value of the items I have used up this month is $245.98 bringing the year total to $325.64. I have used up or decluttered 2 makeup wipe packets, 1 setting spray, 1 primer, 1 chapstick, 1 makeup palette, 1 serum, 1 set of lashes, 1 candle, 1 deodorant, 1 cleaning concentrate, 1 hair mask, 5 face masks, and 1 toner. That is 19 items that were used up or decluttered this month. I am ecstatic that I was able to use or get rid of these many items. I used up 3 makeup items this month. I have 9 more items to use up this year for me to be happy with how much of my collection I have used up this year. I have made a care package for a friend who lost her father recently to cancer. I’m well known by my friends to give care packages to those in need.

With Love,

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Wetch Betch Candle Sub: October 2022

I am back to show you the candle of the month for last October. I look forward to getting this candle at the beginning of every month. It is always here by the 10th at the latest, usually anywhere from the 5th to the 8th of the month on average. The amount of burn time, the scents, the energy, the crystals, and bits and bobs in the candles; this is all worth the $18.50 for me. October is spooky season, and the candle’s name, Bat Spirit, is fitting. Burn this candle to welcome rebirth and renewal.

As always, the candle is gorgeous, and I will reuse all the trinkets inside for my own spellwork.

I had technical difficulties removing the tarot card.

My tarot card means justice, which is fitting as this was the month that I started seeking justice for myself against all of the men that have harmed me in my life. I refer to them as the three horsemen.

I love the letter that always come with the candles that give me a deeper understanding of the Pagan world that I live in. I love learning more about my culture and my spiritual beliefs. I am anything but traditional.

With Love,

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Wetch Betch Candle: July 2022

This was my first purchase of the candle subscription from the Wetch Betch shop, where I get all of my witchy supplies. She has her own website and a shop on Etsy. Each platform has a different inventory, so check out both if you consider purchasing. Use the code HocusPocus for 20% off your purchase. The candle subscription is $12/month for one candle, but with shipping comes to $18.50. I requested to start my subscription with this candle as I have been dieing to get my hands on it.

Being a sea witch, I totally align with this candle. I am saving it for a really special occasion. I love this subscription and have many more months to show you all to catch up on! I love the letters that come with the candles; that enriches my knowledge of the candle and crystals. I highly recommend this subscription. The candles are beautiful, and hand poured. Lots of love goes into these candles, so their magic is strong.

With Love,

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2023 Project Pan: January Update

The monetary value of the items that I have used up this month is $79.66. I have used up 1 makeup wipe packet, 1 moisturizer, 1 dry shampoo, 1 hair oil, and 2 bath bombs. That is 6 items that were used up this month. I am happy with both of these numbers so far. I used makeup 5 times a week every week in January except for the one time I wore it 6 times. I had a date night on NYE. As a result, I already have a makeup empty for February. At the end of January, I had mostly removed the BECCA embossing on the finishing powder I purchased at Marshall’s. My liquid blush is getting down there, and I may have to crack open a couple of new setting sprays soon. I have been enjoying trying on my makeup and rediscovering my collection. Unfortunately, I know that rediscovering some of my items will lead to declutters, but that is okay. It is just taking up space if I am never going to use it. I’m hoping to use up 10 makeup products this year. I am really hoping that I can do it. So far, I have 0 makeup products used up. I already know I will have 1 in February, so I am looking at 9 more. I’m hoping one can be a lip product. Using up 2 lip products would be nice, but I don’t want to push the envelope too much.

How much did you use up?

I use these packets as my morning cleanse. The moisturizer was nice and lightweight.

I love a good dry shampoo, and despite having oily hair, putting oil in my hair once a week keeps it soft and manageable.

I love my baths, and the charms were sooo cute inside them.

With Love,

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Blendjet Lisa Frank Design

My cousin Mel peer-pressured me into getting this blender, and I absolutely love it. I have been getting into making protein and immune-boosting smoothies lately for in the morning as a breakfast substitute. I was getting tired of bringing out the big blender as it was so loud and such a pain to clean. Mel suggested this blender because she uses it too. We both agreed on the Lisa Frank one as it is very “me” to those that truly know me and the style that I like. It is super portable, lightweight, and fits 16 oz, and the best part is it is self-cleaning with just a drop of soap with some water. It is perfect for the mornings as it isn’t as loud, so it doesn’t wake up my son. There is so much to love about it, and it is one of my regularly used kitchen appliances.

I also use fresh fruits and veggies, not just frozen or pre-packaged frozen mixes. I am dairy sensitive, so I use oat milk in my smoothies. I am so in love with oat milk. I find that the brand I buy mirrors milk really well without the heaviness. It matches the flavor nicely. I love it in my coffee and cereal as well. I use it for anything that calls for dairy or cream within reason.

With Love,

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2022 Empties Recap

These are the last empties of the year for me. Let’s recap!


I was happy to have used up 4 full sizes and one mini. It feels good to see my collection shrink.

I used up a moisturizer and a packet of acne dots, since I have been breaking out more lately.


Since I’m dating, I’m going through more shaving products. LOL. The deodorant didn’t work for me. I’m sad that my little bumbum cream is gone. lol. Plus, two bags of body scrub because, like I said, more frequent shaving is necessary. lol

Bath Care:

I used up a bag of bath salts and three bath bombs. I’ve been enjoying the colder weather and taking more frequent relaxing baths.


I used up a hell of a lot of stickers and one pen.


I used up mascara, brow gel, and lip gloss. It was a good last two months for makeup.


I used up a hair spray, my beach spray got busted, a hair oil, and a hair mask. I am surprised by the amount of hair products I have been using up tbh.


Lastly, I used up two incense sticks from Wetch Betch Creations. I love the Sweet Betch scent.

21 items used up and gone. I like those numbers! Now, onto 2023!

With Love,

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Empties: October 2022

Another month has come and gone. My life has taken so many terms, but everything is on the up and up now. I’m even casually seeing someone without involving my son. We just instantly clicked and hit it off. I wasn’t even looking for anything. It just kinda found me. But you know what they say, when you let go of what is not meant for you, you allow what is meant for you into your life. Now, let’s ger on to what I was able to finish off in the month of October.

3 sheets of stickers, a set of covers for my EC, and 5 individual stickers. That is pretty good. I did take off 2 weeks from stickering because my life got crazy for a bit.

3 Hair care products: Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, and Scalp Scrub. I wouldn’t repurchase any of it. The Matrix I wouldn’t because I now have extensions. It was a very good conditioner. I bought a different set made for extensions from Matrix.

Miscellaneous: Mouthwash, Room Spray, Candle, Deodorant. Still on the hunt for an all-natural deodorant that doesn’t irritate my arms after a while.

Skincare: 2 packages of makeup/face wipes and 1 lip mask. It was a lazy month. lol

Oh, and this mini moisturizer. It was minty.

Makeup: Primer and Blush didn’t work out for me. The primer has glitter and the blush doesn’t blend well. Lashes – I’m giving to J to use. The lip gloss and eye shadow are being trashed bc I caught Dean sticking them up his nose. lol

These are products that I decluttered to J as I can no longer use these on my hair as I need special shampoo and conditioner. The foundation is tooooo light for me and it didn’t appear it from the bottle.

Well, that wraps up this month! What did ya’ll finish up?

With Love,

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22 in 2022: September Update

In August, I was about to use up 8/22. By the end of September, I was able to raise that up 3 more. Now, we are at 11/22. We are halfway there with only 3 months left. lol. The Farsali primer/setting spray smelled like vinegar. I was glad to use it up. I am using another primer/setting spray from Too Faced to replace this one. The Too Faced is too sticky to be a setting spray for my preferences. I hit pan on two eyeshadows because my son dug out the eyeshadow while watching me apply it with my fingers.

11/22 is not a bad way to end this update. I’m just getting over being sick, so I’ll be able to wear makeup again soon. I never wear it when I am sick to not contaminate it. I’m looking forward to wearing more of my collection and using up more stuff. Every time I think it is the last use, it isn’t. Makeup takes FOREVER to use up it seems. lol.

With Love,

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Empties: April/May

Two months worth of empties and decluttered items. There are 39 items that would be counted towards my beauty balance. We can certainly get into the meat of this post and I can give a bit more details on the items that I have used up from the beginning of April to the end of May.

This was a self-care basket that I gave to my future sister-in-law who was going through some rough times with a loss within her family.

I forgot to include this in the above photo.

The above was a care package for my daughter, when we were still not seeing each other.

This care package was for my son’s special education teacher. She is expecting soon.

Over the past 2 months, I have used up 10 sticker sheets, which is really good for me.

I was able to use up 8 skin care products in two months, which is impressive for me.

I change out my hair brushes often, probably once every three months. I use a fair amount of product that it does gunk up, even with washing it with some mild soap. The scalp scrub broke in the shower. The Bed Head, I’ve had FOREVER and it went bad. Dry Shampoo is a staple and makes a monthly appearance.

I am so proud of myself that I was able to finish off two makeup products in 2 months. I am still behind, but I am almost finished with 2 more products. I think they will be done in the month of June. We shall see.

With Love,

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Empties Analysis: March 2022

Empty Items:

  • Serum: 1
  • Face Mask: 2
  • Sheet Mask: 2
  • Lip Mask: 5
  • Eye Mask: 4
  • Nose Strip: 1
  • Face Wipes: 2
  • Facial Cleanser: 1
  • Bar Soap: 1
  • Body Lotion: 4
  • Body Scrub: 1
  • Hand Cream: 2
  • Dry Shampoo: 2
  • Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 2
  • Hair Mousse: 2
  • Shampoo Bar: 1
  • Lip Liner: 1
  • Bronzer: 1
  • Blush: 1
  • Cream Eye Shadow Stick: 1
  • Liquid Eyeliner: 2
  • Mascara: 1
  • Lip Balm: 1
  • Liquid Lipstick: 3
  • Cream Contour Stick: 1
  • Setting Spray: 1
  • Primer: 1
  • Concealer/Foundation: 1

Number Of Empties:

  • 48

Current Amount Used Up:

  • $840.17

Items Purchases:

  • Perfume: 1
  • Dry Shampoo: 1
  • Facial Wipes: 4
  • Hair Leave-In / Detangler: 1
  • Pressed Powder: 1
  • Primer: 3
  • Brush Set: 2
  • Bronzer: 1
  • Lip Scrub: 1
  • Serum: 1
  • Facial Moisturizer: 2
  • Lip Liner: 1
  • Nail Items: 8
  • Samples: 2
  • Eye Cream: 1
  • Liquid Eye liner: 2
  • Mascara: 1
  • Body Balm: 1
  • Setting Spray: 1
  • Bath Salts: 1
  • Foot Mask: 1
  • Body Mask: 1
  • Tanning Lotion: 1
  • Scalp Scrub: 1
  • Highlighter: 1
  • Face Mask: 1
  • Toner: 1
  • Liquid Lipstick: 1

Number Of Items Purchased:

  • 44

Current Amount Spent:

  • $459.12

Current Beauty Balance:

  • -4 Items Added To Collection (I’ve used up 4 more items than what I have brought in. My collection is 4 items less than it used to be).
  • -$381.05 (More product $ used up than purchased)

I am loving where my balance is at this month. I have less products in my collection and I have used up more than I have spent so far this year. I cannot believe that right now that the amount of products that I have brought in haven’t increased my collection size. But also, that despite spending $459.12 so far this year, I have already used up that amount of product (and then so), which totally justifies my purchases to myself. I am dreading April, because I did a birthday haul for the Sephora Spring Event. lol

With Love,