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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has been really fantastic this week! I have been working at home (except on Tuesdays when I have to come in) and he has been good about not seeing me all the time. He has been taking a nap in his crib, which is putting him in a great habit. My dad can use that when Dean gets tired and needs a nap. He has never napped in his crib before. This is a new great accomplishment. I don’t have to lay down with him anymore. I can actually get stuff done during his nap time. He usually naps from an hour to two hours at the most. I like for him to get a decent amount of sleep, especially if I know that he will be staying up later than his usual bedtime. I am more likely to give him two hours then. Most days, I would say he gets about an hour to an hour and a half of sleep during a nap. I try to count the time from when he actually falls asleep and settles down not the time when I place him in the crib. It can take him up to twenty minutes to fall asleep on his own and sometimes, even longer.

4/9/18 – Speech

Pointing all weekend with no prompting. Dean was seen with Mike today. He came over to this therapist and smiled. He sat for a puzzle and shape sorter. Using his right hand, he pointed for every piece he wanted. Modeled “I want ____” and praised the pointing. He calmed in swing and then jumped on trampoline. Modeled “jump” sign while he jumped.

  • Continue to model jump sign, drink sign, eat sign

This was the week that he only had his Speech therapy. His Occupational Therapist had a personal issue and couldn’t come at all that week. I should have two of these EI updates coming up next week. I might be able to get another one this weekend, but I am not holding myself to it. I try to post as much as I can for you guys, because I love it. It is also very therapeutic for me to write blog posts. I cannot believe college is just a couple of months away! So nervous!

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