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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has been frustrated lately, because I have been starting to more vigorously discourage him putting any toy in his mouth. I have been redirecting him to mouth his chew tube instead. Dean will no longer be having two OT sessions a week, not because he doesn’t need it. His OT finally admitted that she can only commit to once a week. She has a lot of personal stuff going on in her life right now and I wish her the best. She will no longer be coming on Mondays, so this frees up Monday mornings for ABA to start another session and to run the full week Monday through Friday. This way, Dean gets more service hours with the group that I think has been making such a big difference in his life and I credit them with helping him learn to talk just as much as us.

6/7/18 – OT

Dean was a little more tired than typical. Mike reported he had gotten up earlier than typical. He is drooling more and isn’t allowing tooth brushing as easy, so he probably is getting some molars. Dean did excellent. He has loved working with manipulatives. Puzzles are his favorite. He sat for about 40 minutes working through a variety of toys. He placed 2 beads on string independently today and all other beads he only needed minimal help. Could not do pictures for snack time, because he did not want a snack. Will try to print pictures of toys/TV, so he needs to use those to ask for things.

6/8/18 – Speech

Mom reports – He is answering some yes/no questions, “Good night, Good boy”, “I love you”, “yes”, “no”, “nuh-uh”, “I don’t want it”, “Have it”, “Gimmie”, and “mom”. Dean was seen at home with his family and ABA team. He had a nice attention span to books and shape sorter. He is allowing hand over hand for help sign. He continues to point on his own. Using more vocalizations with intonation. “See” and “pick me up”.

  • LEA referral with Hannah on 6/18/18

I am very proud of Dean’s accomplishments and look forward to spending my Sundays and days off with him. He is a big part of my life and happiness. With college starting around the corner, I want to cram in as much Dean time as I can. Later today, we are going to go in the pool and have a swim. I hope the life jacket fits better this year and I can at least have my hands free. I would love to show him how to paddle. Even just sitting in the pool with him is fun. I love watching him grow and turn into a little boy. He has changed so much other these past few months.

With Love,


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