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Inventory Finale

We have arrived at the finale of this mini series! We only have hair care and other items to go. So, I am writing this and it is Friday night. I’m just relaxing. I ate some chocolate ice cream and here I am at 10:30 PM writing this post. I have a few blog posts in the works right now. I have 10 drafts currently. I have been feeling so inspired lately. Tonight, I finished my college class a week early and I have a week break before my next online term. I have a 2 week break. I plan on reading 2 books during this time and tons of gaming. I also plan to blog as well. Usually, I have one post going up a week, but some weeks I have extra things to write about. I look forward to sharing these posts with you. I am thinking about sharing some look photos to review certain products in my collection.

Hair Care: 24 Items

Smoothing Cream: 1

I don’t really use smoothing cream as my hair is oily and adding a slick cream can accelerate the process where my hair looks greasy before it actually is. I will use this up, but it is not a product that I will buy again.

Hair Mousse: 4

I don’t need four. At most, I need a light and heavy hold. One is a halo glitter, so that is okay. I don’t need three things of the same thing though.

Shine Spray: 1

Again, this makes my hair look oily. I will use it up, but will not repurchase. I use these when going for a slick look or a nice ponytail.

Dry Shampoo: 4

I don’t need 4 dry shampoos either. LOL. 2 are minis though, so they should be out of the collection in no time. I do use dry shampoo a lot when I go out / go to work. I barely get dressed when I work from home.

Glitter Stick: 1

This is a super fun item. I would not buy this stick again, but glitter is always a repurchase.

Heat Spray: 2

I only really need one at a time, but I use these as they are usually detanglers as well. FITFABFUN always includes this type of product in my box or a conditioning item.

Hair Gel: 1

I always have one hair gel in my life for when my hair is being very unruly and I just want to slick everything down. Then, I layer smoothing cream or a shine spray.

Leave-In Conditioner: 2

I don’t need these really as my hair is on the oily side. I will use them up, but I don’t purchase these items. I am currently working on one of these tubes and I am hopeful in using it up in the next month or so.

Hair Oil: 3

Another one that I don’t need more than 1 of, but I do use these about once a month to give myself a deep repair. I douse my hair in oil, put a shower cap overnight, and rinse it out in the morning. It helps to strengthen and repair my hair. My hair is silky for a week after. It’s a nice treatment.

Shampoo: 3

I have one regular shampoo and two purple shampoos. One is on its last legs and will be used up. I am looking to go platinum, so purple shampoo is a must.

Conditioner: 2

I have 1 regular and 1 purple conditioner. I am okay with this amount as they are different from each other. Technically, a purple conditioner isn’t necessary, but I like to have matching sets.

I am happy with my amount of products in this category. I want to use up 3 categories and be done with them. I think that this amount is manageable and I’ll be able to cut this down by 5 or more by next year. We shall see if my predictions will be true.

Miscellaneous: 8 Items

Sample nail packets: 2

I have two packets of 2 sample nails. One set is for the toes. The other is for the nails. I don’t own any nail polish anymore as I gave all my bottles to my step daughter as I am no longer into painting my nails. I have a heat lamp, so I may try gel nails and see how I like that. I just don’t like the high maintenance of nail polish or going to the salon once a month paying 50 to 60 bucks with a tip for nails.

Nail packets: 4

These are 4 full sets and one of them is a child set to do with my daughter Jenna. This should motivate me to do my nails more. I’mma try to use all of these up this year before buying more of these. I bought these during a nail strip party.

Candles: 2

I need more candles. ALWAYS need more candles. Surprised that I don’t have 20 candles right now. I need to do a candle haul. lol. I love B&BW, but when the stores open again, I am hitting Marshalls for TONS of discounted candles.

With Love,



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