2021 Declutter: July

Last time, we left off on 483 items decluttered. This is everything since then that I remembered to save for my declutter post. I did throw out a few things when I wasn’t sure whether I was going to blog ever again. I obviously have decided that I will continue to blog, but in my own way. I have a new planner coming in and a clothing haul coming up soon. There might not be a whole lot of content every month, but I am going to try to post weekly at the very least. I am going to hit 550 or 600 this post, which makes me excited. I know that I’ll hit 1K next year probably, but to be 2/3rds done would be very exciting!

41 articles of clothing

524 – I got rid of a GOOD CHUNK of my wardrobe. It doesn’t reflect the person that I am nor the person that I am becoming. I know that I am going to have to buy more clothes that I enjoy to wear to work, but I am okay with spending some money on some much needed new clothes. I am a very different person than the person everyone was trying to make me be.


555 – I went through a shit ton of stickers. I am probably going to go through a shit ton more. It is a problem. I bought SO MANY stickers and I still make my own. I am going to be working on using up my stash and only printing my own stickers before allowing myself to buy already made stickers, I think. I just have too many to justify buying more to hang around.


560 – I had a few clothes that were outgrown in my declutter bag.

561 – I am currently working on 2 deodorants on their last legs.

564 – I used up some nail polish, fake nails, and an eye shadow primer.

573 – I love Ink Joy Gel Pens for life.

579 – I used up a ton of skin care and even more products including makeup are in the works. Since my break, I have been taking better care of me when I feel up to it. I have a lot of mini products that I am trying to use up.

581 – I used up a purple shampoo and a wave spray. The BBW Wave Spray smells amazing! I am so sad that it is gone. I did replace it with the Amika Beach Spray, which smells nice. I still prefer the BBW for the scent, but they no longer make this.

Almost 100 items in a couple of months. I wonder how much more I can get rid of by the end of the year. The race is on.

With Love,

2 thoughts on “2021 Declutter: July”

    1. Thank you! I have been focused on using what I have and rarely bringing anything in anymore unless I need it. It’s hard but worth it. I know I have too much stuff. lol

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