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NYE Goals: Feb Check-In

I am back with my monthly check in on how my 2022 goals are going so far this year. February was a short month, but I was still able to accomplish a lot of goals/make progress on during the month! I am so excited to share how I have been doing. Did you make any goals? I’d love to hear how you are doing as well. Without further ado, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this update!

  1. Rediscover myself
    • Working on it.
  2. Increase my independence/sense of self/individualism
    • I’m driving to work by myself and building my night driving confidence.
  3. Get an apartment
    • Working on it.
  4. Get engaged
    • Working on it.
  5. Start wedding planning
    • Working on it.
  6. Take better care of myself:
    1. Continue therapy
      • Doing it.
    2. Continue seeing a psychiatrist
      • Doing it.
    3. Bathe regularly (depression sucks)
      • Trying to get back into the habit. I’m doing better at it.
    4. Get back into a regular day/night skincare routine
      • I am consistently doing this 5 days a week.
    5. Wear makeup 3x a week at least
      • I have been wearing it 5 to 6 days a week consistently.
    6. Start exercising regularly
      • Still working on this.
    7. Continue eating a healthy diet
      • Doing it.
  7. Take Dean out on more outings
    • Doing it. I’ve been taking him on weekend car rides to Dunks and playgrounds, weather permitting.
  8. Create more family adventures
    • We are planning a visit to see family.
  9. Take more pictures
    • I’ve been doing it.
  10. Reinvest in my blogging schedule
    • I have been doing it.
  11. Pursue a passion (I’m getting 2 Herbology diplomas this year to be a Herbologist!)
    • I went to my first class and love it. I just don’t love the homework. lol
  12. Start Youtube channel
    • I haven’t started this yet.
  13. Get a raise/promotion
    • I am working on this and my boss signed me up for a personal lines designation training.
  14. Go on vacation
    • Working on this.
  15. Always focus on being happy and present
    • I have been doing this with success.
  16. Continue to support and love my children
    • I am doing this. I am attending my step-daughter’s family therapy session.
  17. Be more sociable (I’m going to our company’s rescheduled Christmas party)
    • I was unable to go because of my boyfriend’s work schedule; however, I did go to a friend’s birthday party. This goal is completed. 🙂
  18. Take more time for myself
    • I have been doing this pretty consistently.
  19. Read 12 books
    • I have read 1 book so far. So, I am currently 1 book behind, but I am okay with that.

I am chugging away at my goals and I am very happy with my progress.

With Love,

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