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Cafe Vienna

For Maxwell House International Cafe Cafe Vienna


What it is: A naturally and artificially flavored cafe-style beverage mix.

Key Ingredients: sugar, nondairy creamer, instant coffee, cinnamon oil. 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

How it smells/tastes/looks: It smells like chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee. It looks like coffee (lol) with foam on top. It tastes incredible once it has time to cool off a bit. I find that the taste intensifies, when it has the time to sit and develop.

Why I like it: I really love these international cafe instant coffees, because they are a real treat for me and they don’t take much effort to make. I just add two round tablespoons (of a regular spoon) and mix with hot water. It already has milk and is sweetened as well. Honestly, I could add cinnamon, creamer, sugar, and chocolate to my own cup of regular coffee, but that is just too much effort for me and figuring things out.

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