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Dean’s ABA Week

My mound of products to review is getting bigger. I am making it a priority this week to review four items out of my basket everyday. I hand write all of my reviews and then, I write them into my blog and schedule them to go up on the weekend or a write them up throughout the week at lunch. The point is I need to get this crazy back stock of reviews under control. When I have a good empties month, it really fills up my to review basket. I need to get reviewing before I forget how I feel about them.

3/14/18 – Deb

Dean was getting frustrated today with a few toys. Did well with toys, brought out a few new ones. Enjoyed bubbles, did well with pictures during snack. Needed more prompting when pointing than usual. Lots of running. Dean said “More” at the end of the session when finishing his snack. Lots of sounds at the end.

3/14/18 – Ann

Dean was active. Some crying at start and throughout session. Not interested in books. Sat well for puzzles and potato heads. Liked bubbles.

3/15/18 – Ann

Dean did better this morning. Some crying when he didn’t want the toy I presented. Liked new Easter eggs with toys inside. Good independent pointing to bubbles.

3/16/18 – Ann

Dean had a good morning with me. Sat well for all activities. A few times flop to floor and cry when he wanted a different toy. Did well choosing cracker picture during snack.

Dean cried a lot during the last week of sessions when he didn’t get what he wanted. I have been seeing a lot more crying as well and I think it is just him getting into the terrible two stage. He also has his second year molars coming in that causes him to be irritable and cranky. He has been reading a lot lately when he has been getting frustrated and by reading I mean flipping through his many books.

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