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Dean’s ABA Week

ABA is moving away from the daily summaries and being totally online. I was told that they are going to stop writing down the summaries, but the online platform isn’t ready for me to access it yet. So, I asked why that was right? How can they deny me summaries that are only a few sentences long when I am not here for the sessions? I was told that they would make an exception for me, but I don’t think that’s right. You can’t stop doing something, if the other part isn’t ready for me to view yet. When I asked for weekly printouts, I was told that they can’t do it, because they are paperless. That’s when she made the exception once she knew that I wouldn’t back down. I like to know how my son is doing, especially if he bites someone or is acting up. That’s helpful to know, so that I can deal with it as a parent.

7/31/18 – Ann

Dean had great eye contact. Lots of jumping and moving around, going down on belly while looking at books. Some good back and forth with ball play. Hasn’t lost any skills over the past week for sure! Doing great!

7/31/18 – Joyce

Dean had a ton of energy. New behaviors on belly, placing fist to head. Eager to play, very nice ball play. Testing with much eye contact.

7/31/18 – Deb

Dean had lots of energy today, some flopping. Great eye contact and pointing. Did want pressure on belly.

8/2/18 – Ann

Dean was very active. Putting toys in his mouth that I don’t usually see him mouth. Liked new books. Rolled on belly on big ball. Only wanted chips for snack.

8/2/18 – Deb

Dean was not himself, lots of crying not interested in snack, toys. He just wanted to be held today. Did well on programs. More teeth?

8/3/18 – Ann

Dean was a little active today, but more focused than yesterday. Did well with all toys. Likes new flash cards.

8/3/18 – Deb

Dean did better this afternoon. He started flopping when I would take the book away. He did well towards the end of the session. Dean bit me 1x today during a hug. He independently did pop up toy door 1x.

As of this week, there are no more pages in the book. I’m hoping the platform is ready, but if not, I better have my summaries. I like marking his progress on this blog and seeing how far he goes. I’d love to copy paste from a website instead of hand typing it. But there will be hell to pay if I don’t get my summaries. I don’t mind if I’m there to not get anything because of the going paperless thing. But HMEA needs to get there shit together and not expect parents to be okay with not getting any of the information that they are writing about our kids. It would be like denying a parent a written progress report, because the login isn’t ready yet so you can’t know how your kid is doing. Stupid.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “Dean’s ABA Week”

  1. Good for you for sticking up for yourself!! 💪🏼 I may not always comment and more often than not even forget to like your posts but I truly do enjoy reading deans weekly updates! It’s so much fun seeing how much he changes and the new things he’s learning!

    1. Thank you! I live for those summaries. My dad never remembers exact details and usually just comments with good or he was moody. Don’t worry about! I know by the stats that you are visiting. lol. It really is! HE learns so differently and every new thing is something to celebrate about. He is learning how to swim in the pool. He spreads out length wise and kicks with his legs. I just cannot wait for coloring time. I truly enjoyed that as a kid. Right now, he is licking everything, so no crayons.

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