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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean has been misbehaving this past week and the notes from his ABA therapists are proof of it. he has been really irritable, moody, and clingy with lots of crying. I am going to bring him to the doctors in case it is an ear infection, which I hope it isn’t. He’s been having a temperature off and on and playing in only one of his ears. I can’t tell if he has an infection or not. There is a little bit of blood that has me concerned that it might be an infection from him scratching inside of his ear. I got to rule out that before I can positively say that he is turning into a terrible two. šŸ™‚

8/6/18 – Ann

Dean had a good morning. More focused on programs. Jen here for last 15 minutes. Putting many items in his mouth.

8/7/18 – Joyce

Some “off” behaviors. Teeth? Still, did very well, making it known more likes/dislikes, wants.

8/7/18 – Ann

Did well with structured work activities. Refused snack. Pointing better when given more of a delay.

8/7/18 – Deb

Dean had a little trouble with transitioning between trials and activities. Did better at end of session.

8/9/18 – Deb

Dean did well. Some behaviors flopping and mouthing. Did well with trials. Went over programs and behaviors with Joyce. Great eye contact. Enjoyed bubbles.

8/10/18 – Ann

Dean sat well in my lap for toy play. Prompted pointing. Not interested in snack. Discussed increasing hours with Lisa. Available to do paperwork at evaluation.

Dean is usually a very good, well behaved boy, so I am concerned about him. He also is hating being on his back all of a sudden and I’ve heard that is a sign as well. It could be nothing, but I’d rather be safe than be sorry later for letting an infection fester in his ear. On a brighter note, I am house hunting again. My situation has changed and I am now on the hunt. I found two possibilities. The only drawback is that they have septic tanks, but the houses are beautiful (they need a little work, but I want to make it my own anyways) and the land ranges from 0.5 to 2 acres. I really wanted at least 0.5 acres to have a nice lawn and garden. One is a bit pricier than the other and it isn’t the 2 acre one.

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