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Decluttered 15 To Jessie

So, I am adding 15 items to my project 200 pan. That brings me up to 115/200 not including the September empties which have not been blogged about as of yet. I have a friend named Jessie who I give Dean’s handmedowns to. Jessie has an almost 1 year old now and I have been giving her clothes and toys that Dean has outgrown. I also have been stuffing in the bag a few things for her as well. This will be the first time that I am giving her a care package for herself of all unused/sealed makeup items (with a few jars of baby food that I found that are still perfectly good. I guess, Dean didn’t like squash). These are all makeup items that I found sitting unused in my collection. Now, some of these things I was really excited to try, but never got around in doing so. If I want to try them, I will buy them. Jessie also has a 4 year old son and she just recently got a part time job. She’s a single mom and we have to take care of each other. I wanted her to feel special and these things were just wasting away…


Most of the stuff is all high end and I do remember swatching the Stila but it was too dark for my eyes. The rest of this stuff is untouched. Jessie doesn’t mind lightly used items, but I’d rather give her brand new items and I don’t count swatching the eye glitter once as really used. All in all, I am giving her a Clinique liquid liner, MUFE gel eye liner, Marcelle and Well People mascara, Supergoop! Setting Spray, Smashbox primer, Benefit Wats Up highlighter, Cover FX  Highlighter drops, Nars lip pencil, Tarte Lip Paint, Sephora lipstick, Bite lipstick, VS lipgloss, Stilla Glitter Eye shadow, and Cailyn eye polish.

It feels really good to give and I am not going to miss these items. If I will, I should have at least tried them, but I didn’t. I have told Jessie that I got these mostly in subscription boxes or in giftsets. I have made it really clear to her that I didn’t go out and buy it and could return it. These are all things that I haven’t gotten around to and I’d like to give it to a good home. The only thing she needs to complete a full face is concealer and foundation. I have a bit more room in my drawers and with Christmas releases around the corner…..I could use it.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Decluttered 15 To Jessie”

  1. That feeling when you give someone something that you’re not using or even interested in and to see their faces light up is the best feeling ever! And it also brought you closer to your goal of downsizing your collection which is awesome. I can’t wait to see what you choose to get from the holiday collections. We don’t get many of those in my country, but it’s always nice to see what others get.

    1. I love giving, especially when I know it is going to a good home to someone who doesn’t have much. I gave her an anti-aging serum that I never got around to using and she was so excited. I love bringing happiness, especially this time of year. Makes me realize how lucky I am that I am able to buy myself some things like these Holiday Collections. lol. I’m simplifying my skin care, so I might buy a Farmacy giftset. I’m eyeing the Hourglass palette, the pink one. I have the 2016 one that was marble and I love it. I haven’t hit any pan on it though. I bought my makeup at Marshalls last time and I might just do a Marshalls buy instead of Sephora. But Sephora has great gift sets. I’m also looking at their lip kits…..Ohh……I’m making this into a post of things that I currently want at Sephora.

      1. Hahaha, yes, those Sephora wishlists can get lengthy. You should totally write a post about it sometime soon. I keep seeing the Hourglass palettes every year, and so far not even one Hourglass product has reached my country. 😦 Also I’m really into skin care at the moment and have been eyeing so many skin care sets. Aahh, I think this holiday season my wallet will suffer a lot. Oopsie.

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