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Dean’s EI Week

I am having fun playing around with our new camera, which I will be hauling soon along with our new phones! Ah! I feel like I am buying a lot of new stuff lately, but I haven’t bought anything in forever and nothing was too expensive either. I know that my next big purchase will be Black Friday. I will do a VS order and a B&BW order as well. Then, my next big haul will be Christmas hauls. After Christmas, I’ll be updating my beauty collection and start my 19 in 2019 project pan. So many good stuff coming very soon. I will be updating you on the gifts that I am buying Dean for Christmas along the way. I won’t be doing blogmas, but I will try to do my very best at my own version. I hope you tune in during December for our own version. I will be off most of the month, besides school to take care of my dad recovering from foot surgery. I might be able to blog everyday, but I don’t want to guarantee that if it doesn’t happen.

9/17/18 – Speech

No words have been heard for a while. Lots of sounds. Dean was seen after ABA session. He sat for two puzzles and pointed to what he wanted. Modeled names of puzzle pieces and animal sounds. Dean made lots of sounds, pointed to what he wanted, smiled and made nice eye contact. Discussed school needs and what we are looking for. Specifically a 1 to 1 for Dean.

  • Continue to model words and sounds with books and puzzles.

9/19/18 – OT

Hannah reported Dean did well this am. He was very active but engaged. He did so well today. He was interactive. Loved the bean bucket and only tried putting in his mouth a few times. He sat in seat and chose which activity he wanted to play. Puzzles he did excellent with. He was able to independently string small 1/4″ animal beads. Spoon feeding he did great. Scooping and bring to mouth with minimal assistance.

  • Continue to work on spoon feeding. He is doing great!

Dean has been doing great with all of his therapies. He is currently getting over the tail end of his first cold. Yes, you heard that right. He didn’t get his first cold until almost three years old. Breastfeeding and a good diet is what did it, but that is my own personal opinion. I even feel healthier after breastfeeding and haven’t gotten sick nearly as much as before I breastfed Dean. I have gotten so many health benefits from breastfeeding that I cannot advocate enough for it. If you are able to, make the sacrifice for your child and yourself. If you aren’t able to, I am so sorry. I know how much you must be hurting. Keep your chin up. A well-fed baby is a happy baby and you did everything you could. Some women just can’t do it and that’s okay. I have a problem when women don’t even try for selfish reasons. All I ask is for any women to try as long as they can do that medically. I know some women can’t breastfeed, because of medication and that is fine too. Your mental health benefits the baby.

With Love,



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