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1K Declutter: August

To recap from last month, we left off at 200/1,000, which is 1/5 done with the project. I am hoping to have another 50 out of the way, but I believe that would be a stretch. I really need to get back into using my products, but I haven’t had a strict routine to follow since the pandemic started. It is hard to get me motivated and keep me motivated. I might have to put up a weekly tracker to make sure that I am using my products as I would like to use up/declutter 5 products a week. This might be an October project to keep myself motivated and accountable. Let’s see how much I used up this month!


I was able to use up 6 sticker sheets. 2 were decorative sheets and 4 were the monthly stickers from previous months that were still hanging around. I made it a point to use them up. For September, I am focusing on a few mostly empty sheets to keep the progress going on my stickers, because I have purchased quite a bit this past week.


I used up a bit of skincare this month. I used up a sheet mask, when I wanted to relax. I used up a multiuse clay mask pod that had 5 or 6 uses in it. I used up the last pack of makeup/face wipes that I own. Once I used up the wipes, I focused on my cleanser and managed to use it up as well. I am currently using PIXI Melting Balm for washing my face morning and night. I’d like to buy something better to use during the day though.


I used up a sample toothpaste that my mom gave me and a bottle of Dean’s CBD. He really doesn’t use it that often anymore as he is getting much better and I cannot help but think that this has positive lasting effects on my child.


The never ending body gel is finally used up. I really love this stuff and it lasts a very long time. I would purchase this in a set or during a sale, because I did love it as a daily body cream. I still cycled in my own exfoliators during the week, but this lasted longer than I ever expected it to. That is a very good thing.


I am getting rid of these two cat related items. The top one came broken and it isn’t worth the effort to return to Amazon. We tried super glue and it didn’t work. We don’t know any wielders either who might be able to fix it. I am writing it off as a loss. The WoLover stickers are too strong for my kitten. He doesn’t like the smell. I am giving it to my fiance’s mom, because her cats are older and might enjoy them.


Dean chewed up the images on two of his paw patrol shirts. The above is just an example. I might be buying new clothes for him to wear when he goes back to school.


My mom gave me this candle holder and I am giving it to a friend. I don’t like it and it isn’t my style.


This is my old house sweater. I have a new house sweater, so I am getting rid of this old one. It is very tattered and old. It will be trashed rather than given away.

I am finishing August with 219/1,000 used up/decluttered in 2020. I am good with that number. I would have liked to have gotten 25 instead of 19, but beggars cannot be choosers. I will just try extra hard in September and October to use up and downsize better than I have for the past few months.

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  1. I agree, that shower gel goes forever. I have been using mine since the beginning of January consistently and while it’s ALMOST gone now, I will be able to keep using it at least through this month. I know it’s expensive, but I, too, would purchase in a set because of the long period of time it takes to use. Nice job on all your using up and decluttering!

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