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To celebrate my new job as a paraprofessional in the school system, I purchased two teacher sticker books to spiffy up my planner. I know that I will be purchasing more stickers on Black Friday, but after that, I will be good until January to order Feb’s monthly sticker kit. I just love stickers, but right now, I am fully stocked for the next few months. I am so happy to have found another hobby: Memory Keeping Planner. I was feeling so lost before. This planner has brought everything back into focus for me and I have been the better for it. I have never been as organized as I have been since getting this planner!

I purchased the Cool For School Sticker Book Edition 3.

I wish these were all quote boxes, but I do love the ones where you can write your own notes in.

I love the pens to use as icons to indicate writing a paper or grading. I am a fan of the full boxes and I do like the almost full box flags as well. I tend to use the colors that match the monthly spread.

November is halfway over, so I will start using these markers next month.

I intend on using the apple stickers for the next school year. I do love these headers though!

I am sure to use up these stickers, but unfortunately, it might be awhile before those Field Trip ones get used due to COVID.

Again, very functional. I am sure these will go fast.

These days of the week stickers will be gone before I know it.

Not sure what I am using these for yet. I think the next school year, I might use these to mark half-days, pay periods, vacations, etc. on the mini calendars.

I am looking forward to using these at the bottom of my planner, especially on the difficult weeks to brighten my day.

These meeting stickers will not last long. I just had a meeting today and we have them pretty regularly at our school in the Pre-K department.

I am looking forward to using these icons. I am sure that I will come up with an idea on how to use them.

I love how colorful these stickers are. They are also very functional as well.

The other book that I purchased was the A+ Style Sticker Pad. It does have some repeat pages that came in the previous book.

I love the colors and all of the icons.

Headers are always welcome!

Can never have too many flags!

But 2 pages of flags may have been overkill. I wish they added other stickers in here.

Another sheet of meeting stickers.

A sheet of lines full boxes.

A page of full boxes that are blank or mostly blank.

An awesome quote page with full boxes, flags, and inspirational flower stickers.

I loves these on the bottom of the planner to jazz up the spread, but I might try these as a header as well.

I always enjoy using stickers like these to mark important or unusual events or tasks.

I am sure that these will be gone within a few weeks as well.

Another duplicate page, but icons do go fast. I am glad to have these.

I will use up these sheets for sure as I like to keep track of my son’s goals. I can also use these as accents once I use up all the ones that I need to spell my son’s name and the word goals. I will be sharing how I use my planner in an upcoming post and an overview of the month of October. I am definitely going to be switching things up once this planner expires in September of 2021. I am more interested in the Daily Duo (just purchasing 1/2 of the Duo or a Duo that runs from July 2021 to August 2022) as I have been keeping a seperate daily to-do list that I could just incorporate into the Daily Duo in the planner itself. I don’t have room in this planner to do so.

With Love,


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