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EC Haul

Another haul from EC. Yes, I am obsessed, but my spending is gonna be slowing down as I am buying gifts for Christmas. I have a short list as there are only a few people in my life that I am close enough to for Christmas gifts. Like literally 7 people. My spending is always reasonable. Things will be tight due to the holidays though and my son’s birthday is the day after Christmas. As such, I am having fun and using up the stuff that I already own.

I love that I got a pink box this time around.

The presentation was sloppy and the box could have been smaller. Lots of empty space, so they must have ran out of the smaller EC boxes.

I love the laptop stand, but I need a smaller laptop to fit it. lol. My desk is very compatible so I am able to make it work as it is up against the upper shelf. It gets scrapes and nicks very easily, but I don’t mind. Wear and tear is a part of life. I just don’t want my items coming in all dinged up.

I love this acrylic block. It has the mantra that I am trying to live by. I just use it as a decorative piece, but when the weather starts to warm up again, I probably will be using it as a paperweight with the fans going.

I hate to get the last HK pen that I didn’t have. They are super adorable.

Yes, I have a pen addiction. lol. I haven’t even used these pens yet, but I love having a variety for my planner by using various kits. I always look forward to using my gel pens and other various pens. I love experimenting and trying new kinds now. There is nothing like using a brand new pen.

With Love,

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EC Haul

I am so excited to share another haul with all of you! This was my last order until the Black Friday sale. This post is Hello Kitty heavy, so if you aren’t a fan, you may want to skip this one. I am a huge fan! It isn’t just for kids.

This Hello Kitty pen organizer is adorable! It can also hold a ton of pens as well. I filled up the whole organizer and still had some leftover to put in my pink organizer. I have a very girly aesthetic and I’m not mad at it.

You can always use correction tape. Sometimes, I whiteout lines in my planner before I lay a sticker down if a sticker is see-through.

The glue type is nice to have to stick things in your planner or if your stickers lose their stickiness, so you can still use them.

These are old-school gel pens and I wish they had a HK design instead of mid-century circles, especially considering it is supposed to be HK themed.

These metallic marker pens are really fun to use. I also use them in my journals as well as in my planner. The white is good for black pages.

I bought some fine-tipped markers that act more like a pen. I really love pens and writing utensils! Can you tell? lol

Some floral washi type in the In Bloom theme.

An adorable HK pen.

This pop socket is SO me. I love purple/pink and planning, so it is perfect.

I really love the HK planner stand. I even use it to hold papers while reading. It is very versatile as I even use it to hold up my phone.

And a shit ton of stickers as always as well as a trio of planner metallic bands to keep them closed.

With Love,

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EC Summer Surprise Box 2022

Another day, another haul post. I decided to pick this up after my cousin also ordered it. I ordered this when it was 50% off plus a promo to get $10 off your order when you order the surprise box. It was a fantastic deal that I could not pass up. I paid $20 for the box and I definitely think that I got what I paid for based on what I am going to use. I wish that lifestyle items were not included as I got EC for planner supplies, not other things. I digress. Let me show you what came in the box.

I love the Banana Leaves design on the outside of the box. The inside of the box is a soft color blends theme with an adorable quote. I personally turned it inside out for the quote and color blends color. I tend to use these as gift boxes and I have a friend getting married that I thought this would be perfect for.

I love these card. Definitely keeping it to incorporate it into something.

These are metallic nail art stickers valued at $7.50 that is exclusive to the box. Not worth almost $8 in my opinion. I am giving these to my 12 year old daughter.

I love this metallic cover and I will definitely be using it on one of my discounted notebooks that I purchased with covers I didn’t care for. It will be so pretty for the summer! It is valued at $13 and is exclusive to this box. I wouldn’t have picked this out for myself and I generally don’t buy covers as I’d rather spend a few more bucks and get a notebook.

A reusable shopping bag that snaps back together is very nice to have. I own way too many of them to be honest. This is exclusive to the box and valued at $13. I think the price point is pretty typical for a pretty tote bag.

I kinda love this rose gold manicure set. I was already in the market for one, so this was a welcome surprise. It is exclusive to the box and valued at $15. It is rose gold with a metallic finish, so I would agree with the price point on this one.

This is a self care sticky notepad that I will be using weekly. It is great for making sure you follow through with habits and make time for yourself. I also love that it is in the color blends theme. It is my favorite theme so far that EC makes. It is valued at $8 and a sneak peek item. I think it is a bit high for only 20 sheets.

These are exclusive stickers valued at $5.50, which is a good deal I think with looking at the costs of full sheet of stickers on Etsy. I am not interested in them though, so I will be giving them to my daughter.

I’m excited about this one. It is exclusive to the box and valued at $12. It is a colorblends productivity journal and I look forward to using it.

This rainbow pen duo is AMAZING! It is a sneak peek valued at $8.50 and I hope that it comes in other duo color packs. I will be using them for the whole month of June in celebration of pride month. So stoked for these! I am a pen addict and these are amazing. It adds something a little special to my collection.

The included insert.

Overall, this was worth it to me. I got my $20 worth and the pens and notebook are amazing. They gave me the value of the box. Everything else was just extras. I would have been disappointed had I paid full price ($40) for this.

With Love,

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Etsy Haul: Peaches & Pines Studio

Continuing on the trend of paper goods, I am coming back to you with an Etsy Haul from @Peaches&PinesStudio. I will be back to making my own stickers with purchasing printables, but I wanted so easy stickers to start out with. Also, one week out of the month, I will be using my other stickers unrelated to any of the kits unless they are far and few inbetween leftovers. Let me show you the goodies that I got!

She included such a sweet handwritten card with the package.

She included a free metallic sticker.

She included a free sampler sheet that I can incorporate with my kits that I purchased. They are also seasonally appropriate, which is very much appreciated.

I purchased some foil butterfly dividers that I thought would add a nice touch to my spreads if I want to define anything in the white space of the columns.

I bought the Cabana add on glitter headers and and the kit came with the above bonus boxes, which is much appreciated.

I bought the full 8 page kit. I love the blush tones and pops of green.

I bought the Santorini Dreaming kit with the glitter headers.

I purchased the Boardwalk kit with the glitter headers and girls add on.

I purchased the Kalispera kit with the glitter headers and girls add on.

I purchased The Blush Edit with the glitter headers and girl add on.

I also purchased a monthly kit for July in a beach theme.

Have you purchased any stickers lately?

With Love,

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EC Haul: The Planner

I purchased another Erin Condrin planner. This time, I went back to the vertical layout and I will be stickering the weeks again. I am going to breakout the sticker maker and buy planner sticker kits again. I did buy some already made ones though too, because I am lazy. I am also in a middle of a move, so like I don’t know where the sticker paper is yet. I also have so many stickers already laying around to use up, so I will be incorporating a kit free week every month where I just use all of the random stickers that I own and any leftovers from other kits.

I went with the gold coil this year and the colorblends theme (and cover!). I have my name in gold foil on the bottom.

The above are the freebies that come with the planner.

The above was a free gift with purchase of a planner during launch week.

The above was the Turquoise gift during launch week. I kept the Important part and gave away the rest to my daughter as I wouldn’t really use these flags.

With Love,

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TJMax Haul

For my birthday, we went out to eat and had sushi! I also stopped at TJMAX to look around and pick up some birthday treats. Here’s what I picked up:

DearBoo Peach & Hibiscus Hydrogel, 30 ct $7.99 ($16.99)

We don’t have many eye patches yet and we love to use these to brighten up the eye area. It is also great when you want to mask, but you don’t want the commitment of a mask. These are also great to throw on at lunch when I am working from home.

Beauty Concepts Cleansing Facial Wipes, $4 ($14.99)

This is a restock, since I only have a packet left from the last order.

Onyx Bathhouse Foaming Body Scrub, $5.99 ($22)

I love the scent of this body scrub and I love having a backup. I have been flying through my scrubs since I have been self tanning. I took a break because of the move, but I am getting back on the self-tan train. I am sure that this will appear in an empties post in the coming months.

AMNH Unicorn Dream Sugar Polish, $7.99 ($20)

This smells delicious like cotton candy or sugar floss! It has a very sweet scent that I do enjoy. It is a scrub and I plan on using this one in my shower next. It is definitely worth the hype and I think this is the knock off brand of Truley. The price point was well worth it for me and I love how pretty it looks!

AMNH Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter, $8.99 ($20)

It has the same great sweet scent that is part of the Unicorn Dreams line. The color of the body butter isn’t as bright or as vivid as the scrub, but that is okay. This will be a fun body butter to use once I have finished up a couple of minis.

AMNH Peach Booty Butt Butter, $8.99 ($20)

I will be using this after I finish up my tightening boob cream. I just use these types of products where I want to see a tightening effect, if it even is that effective. Who knows? I love the scent of peach and this smells like a fresh, juicy, ripe peach. I am not going to lie. I went into the store looking for a peach scent and I am super hyped that I found one.

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel, $13 ($44)

I thought this water gel would be nice to use after I use up the in shower self tanner that I have from the same brand. I am really into self-tan and experimenting with new looks and different types of makeup to try to find out the look that I enjoy the most. I definitely like a sunkissed look on my skin and that’s all that I am looking for in a self-tanner. I don’t mind just having a healthy glow from the sun.

I spent $56.95, but I could have spent upwards of $157.98 if I bought everything full price. That is 3x the amount approximately that I have spent on this haul.

With Love,

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BoxyCharm Haul

Another haul and you can expect a few more as I indulged for my birthday. We also have some excited news, so we are making some purchases for that as well. It is an exciting time with a whole bunch of new content in the works. One of my favorite products showed up on the popup shop. My fiancé wanted a couple of things as well, so we made a haul out of it. Our budget will be tighter starting with May, until he is able to get his job situated as he is currently between positions.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Duo Mascara + Gel Eyeliner, $9 ($35)

My fiancé wanted this one. I hope he likes it.

Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color in Pink, $6 ($19)

My fiancé wanted this one as well.

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Mist Setting Spray, $9 ($23)

As you know, I am obsessed with setting sprays and primers. I am happy to add another setting spray to my collection. I really love the variety and having a hydrating and matte spray open at once for options. It has a natural finish, so I would categorize this more on the matte side until I start to use it and can give a more informed option.

OleHenriksen Phat Glow Facial Mask, $12 ($52)

I didn’t realize that this retailed for so much. I just liked the sound of this product and wanted to try it out. We love face masks and are always trying new ones! I do like that this one comes in a pump for ease of use.

Korres Wild Rose Vit C Brightening Sleeping Facial, $12 ($48)

This is a repurchase. I love this sleeping mask SO MUCH. My skin always looks good with this in the routine. I went without it for a few months and missed it in my routine. That is when I knew that I needed it and enjoyed it.

Bite Yaysayer Plumping Lip Gloss in Lavender Cookie, $7 ($25)

This had to be cranked a lot before the product started to come out of the tip. I think this will be a pretty easy lip product to use up. The shade is bright and fun for Spring and Summer. I am looking forward to wearing this shade, especially now that you don’t have to wear masks as much anymore. My lip products are going to be used again!

I paid $55 for these products that are worth $202 full price. I love all the items that I got, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them. They peaked my interest and hopefully, I love the mask when I do try it!

With Love,

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1K Declutter: Jan ’22 Continued: Year 3

I think May might be the last month before I reach 1K items decluttered. There are only 40 more items left to go. I want to say I’ll be done in March, but I feel like that might be too soon. Not every month will be a good one full of progress. As always, we shall see in the next update how much closer we get to the 1K mark. This project is almost to an end and it feels bittersweet. It has been going on for years, but I’m happy and sad to see the end of it in sight. I’ll definitely need a break from this series for at least a year.

#911 – 933 – I got rid of quite a few clothing items from my son’s closet that were either too small or too worn. The good clothes will be donated to his school. I did a huge donation bag last year and I already have another bag to donate this year. It is amazing how fast they outgrow clothes!

#934 – 936 – My hairbrush got too grody, so I replaced it. We used up a can of dry shampoo and I used up a bottle of detangler from Pureology. I really love the brand, but the scent of this didn’t always sit well with my stomach.

#937 – 939 – I used up the pore strip from a project pan, a serum stick by Olay, and a clay mask stick by Milk. I REALLY didn’t like the Milk product. The mask never stuck on my nose or in the crevices of my face. You couldn’t layer it either. It was just no good.

#940 – 941 – I used up an antiperspirant deodorant and an organic bath bomb from a local apothecary shop. The bath bomb smelled like coconuts and sunscreen. It left my skin feeling moisturized. I would go back for more.

#942 – 955 – I declutterd this moldy thermos and I used up so many stickers. I am doing a scrapbooking project, so I love printing out the pictures into sticker form.

#956 – 960 – The lys bronzer will be donated as it was not used and it is too deep of a shade. The Pink Rose eye shadow stick and the Lip liner are going to my best friend to see if she wants to try them. The contour stick and the chapstick are both used up. It took a long time for both items, so I am super proud of myself. 5 makeup items in a month is REALLY surprising to me. I used up 2, cannot use 1, and don’t love the other 2 and want to let someone else give them a try while they are still really new.

With Love,

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Another BeWitching Haul

I am back with another witchy haul! I wanted a few more things and I had 2 coupons to use by the end of January or lose. Between the 2 coupons and the 50% off sale going on, I was able to grab quite a few items without spending all that much on them. Again, this is the same shop called Wetch Betch and I shopped from her website. I do not get anything from anyone clicking on the provided link. It is not a referral and I do not have any referral codes for the store. This might be my last haul of these items for a while as I want to work through what I have now. I also want to move out so I have more space to store all of my stuff and get a better inventory system going of how much more I can buy based on what my needs are. I also do intention magic for others as well.

Free samples. I haven’t burned the Sweet Betch incense sample yet, but it does smell amazing! I highly recommend her incense sticks, even though they are a bit pricey. I would use them along with intention magic work.

Witches Brew Cauldron Candle for $16

I got to choose the tag on the cauldron. Also, how cute is that cauldron? I will be keeping this for sure once I have burned the candle. I’ll be able to use it as a smudge stick holder and burner for practical reasons, but it is also cute for decorate reasons as well. I could also fill it with black ritual salt to ward of evil and negative energy. The candle smells super sweet and a bit like bubble tape. I absolutely love it! It is so pretty! It is for sure my aesthetic. It has some bits and bobs that can be used when I make my own candles or to use in my own spell work, such as the pentacle charm. The candle is charged to ward off and absorb negative energy.

Glass Tea Light Holder for $2.25

I got my tea light holder in frosted glass instead of the clear as it is more my style. It fits her tealights perfectly and I don’t think she sells them for a bad price.

Ritual Bath Soak in Purge Betch for $13

I bought this bath soak, because a little sachet of this came with my shadow book to do my shadow work for healing. I wanted a full size so I could continue to ground myself after using inner spell work on myself. This bath soak is made for protection, purification spells, and to detox your body. The scent is a lemony lavender floral infused with salt. This soak is made with empaths in mind. I might not break into this until after we move. I don’t know. I’m not finding my current space inspiring for me to do my intention work consistently. A calm, smoothing space is very important for me and my magic work.

Karma’s A Bitch But So Am I Tea Light for $2

I bought a second one of these tea lights for my own cord cutting with a person who used to abuse me. This candle is made of Black Soy and dressed with black obsidian crystals, ritual black salt and protective herbs and florals. It is unscented. This candle is made to use in protection spells, reversals, banishings, and cord cuttings. I love her saying of “Do no harm but take no shit”.

F#ck the Fans Protective Shield Spell Candle for $11

This is a protection candle and is made of soy and dressed with corresponding crystals, herbs & flowers. It has a light scent and is charged with the intent of shielding and protecting your energy from “fans” that want no good for you. These can be frenemies, people you’ve cut ties from, those who cast the evil eye and intentionally send you bad vibes. This candle has a strong mix of protective herbs, hot foot powder, a coffin nail, black obsidian and snowflake obsidian tumble. It is perfect for protection magic and for general energy protection and psychic attack protection. I plan on lighting this any time I feel negative energy either coming from myself or others.

Betch Be Mine! Spell Candle for $11

This candle is also super sweet and smells like bubble tape, except it smells like that stronger than the other candle does. It is scented with the signature sweet bitch fragrance that smells like sugary candy. It is dressed with a wax heart embed that reads kiss me. A rose quartz tumbled stone and garnet chips also adorn this beauty as well as some rose petals, jasmine and hibiscus. It also has an included tiny love spell jar. Garnet is a gem at enhancing the laws of attraction. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace, calming and reassuring. I lit mine on Valentine’s Day and I intend on lighting mine every time I need a little self-love or if I want to do intention work and send some love someone else’s way.

Chime Candles for $1.25 Each

I needed some candles for my spell work and I don’t have any chime spell candles that are clean of someone else’s energy. I purchased a few of them. Each color holds a different purpose. I purchased light blue which is for strength and healing, peace, tranquility, and serenity. Orange encourages positive outcomes, job success, wish fulfillment, change and transformation. White is good to work with for purification, clarity, truth, and strength. Purple is for psychic powers, wisdom, intuition, hidden knowledge, and ambition. Pink is for friendship, unity, harmony, self love, romance, love, beauty, and emotional healing. Red is good for health, vitality, sexuality, passion, attraction, sensuality, desire, virility and strength.

DIY Spell Bottles for Healing for $14

I wanted to make my own spell bottle for healing and I thought that this would be a great way to do it, until I have my own space where I can buy ingredients in bulk and be able to create them as I please. I plan on buying more little spell jars to hold my smaller gem stones so I can add them to spell jars. I really love the apothecary aesthetic for my own spell work. It is very natural and grounding. I love finding my own bird feathers to add to my spell work as well.

With Love,

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Journal Haul

I was going to get another tattoo this year, but the artist left the studio a couple of weeks before the appointment. My deposit was refunded to me and I was sitting on cash that I didn’t have before. I had been looking at really expensive, but beautiful handmade journals. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase two of them. One she relisted just for me as she only had enough material for one book. Her Etsy shop is AfterLightDesign. They are extremely pricy from $90 to $155 a pop. It is super worth it in my opinion based on the quality.

This is the Dark Alice Journal. I think I am going to make this a personal journey for memory keeping of any story or event that I want to immortalize about my life. They don’t have to be long entries. They can be just short blurbs. I am going to get creative with this and fully enjoy using this gorgeous journal. I am thinking about calling it “The Book of Life”.

It is super thick and hard backed. It does stay closed right now without the ribbon, but the ribbon is a nice touch to keep it closed if it ever needs it. I love the frilly dailies.

I love these coffee stained pages. They are even crinkly and crunch, so no doubt that they are homemade and gorgeous! Hands down one of my favorite pages in these journals.

I love the themed pages in these journals. You can totally tell that it is a Wonderland inspired journal. I might not write on some of the decorate pages, or I just might do a quote on elaborate ones like these.

I bought the more expensive versions of these books that have many pockets, surprises, and extra cards/pages to write in. I love that this is sealed! I can wiggle the string off the page and write in it. I can decide to keep it in the journal or use it as a letter to give to a friend. I love the versatility.

These are some of the card extras that come with the book with all of the goodies in them. They have blank or less decorate backs, so you can write on them as well. They are freaking beautiful and clearly fit the theme. #sheunderstoodtheassignment

I mean, look at how beautiful this is. It is one of my favorite pages in the journal. Alice is a book character that I relate to the most. My favorite movie is Alice the mini series that aired in 2009 on the Syfi channel. Luckily, you can watch it on YouTube here:

This is my Nevermore journal that is Edgar Allen Poe inspired and it is gorgeous as well! I really like the spooky cover on this one. I plan on using this one to discover and write down my beliefs. I lean towards paganism and practice healing with crystals.

I love a good thick spine.

I love the pops of purple throughout this one. It makes the journal a bit more feminine, which I quite enjoy. This pocket also contains more cards, this time with an envelope.

I really love the letters with the seal, where I can write my own.

More little pockets with stickers in there.

Every journal comes with an envelope full of goodies. I also really love the mock library book style with the little card. It is really the little details with me.

It couldn’t be a Nevermore journal without featuring The Raven.

These journals are beautiful and so lovely. I’ll need to invest in a silver sharpie pen and a gold one to write on some of these pages to really pop out the text. These are only glimpses into the journals. They are filled with so much more and are even more impressive in person. She is the only person I will purchase journals from moving forward of a personal nature like this. I am sure I will be patronizing her shop next year, when I fill these pages up.

With Love,