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EC Haul

I love a haul just as much as the next person. I needed a few things from the Erin Condren website, so I decided to capitalize during a sale and use a coupon. I was able to get all of this at a very affordable price. Also, a life update as I keep putting my life update aside. I got my driver’s license and I have a job interview on Monday for a Data Scientist position, which would utilize the degree that I earned at the end of August. I’m friends with my boyfriend’s sister-in-law again and brother. We talked for hours about how everything went down, apologies were made, and then we ate lunch at UNOs.

I needed a file organizer for our important paperwork. This will be going to good use.

I bought a lap desk to be able to write and use my laptop in bed instead of always sitting at my desk.

You can never have too many pens and I wanted some special/professional looking ones. I am an avid pen collector and I do use them all. I used to buy a lot of pens, because of college. Now, I have enough to last the rest of my life time as long as I don’t go back for a Masters degree. lol

With Love,


2 thoughts on “EC Haul”

    1. Thank you!! Me too. It’s a good way to hold documents until we get our own place. It looks like that is happening this spring too. I’m super excited but don’t want to jinx myself.

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